Beautiful chick has fun with a stranger

Beautiful chick has fun with a stranger
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It all started because of a football game. The first game to be exact. That was the most fucked up weekend of my life. My parents weren't home so we didn't have any restrictions. My name's Amy, I'm 5'6 with a very well built body for a 14 year old girl. I have 38C breasts and a nice ass. But I don't care for all that, its my eyes I love.

Hazel, the type that if you watched close enough, you could see the colors change from light green to light brown. Thank god I'm a brunette though, I'm a very curly-haired brunette and I say this because I could never be a blonde.

Why? Because mixed girls don't look good blonde. Or at least most don't.

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Well back to what I was saying, football game. My brother, Marcus, is on the football team Running back, He's built but not too built and he's tall like 6 foot but that's reasonable for being a Junior he's 17 and I made my parents buy him a white and yellow Camero for his birthday.

Awesome right? The best part about him was his friends Darion and Jamie. All of our parents work together so they were instant friends also the reason he is on the football team and also the reason the team won and threw an awesome party that Freshmans thru Seniors could attend. And me, a freshman, and my hot friend Kailey went to wearing the exact same thing, booty shorts and belly shirts that show off our belly piercing.

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'Take that of and put something normal girls wear' Marcus told me. 'Forget it, this is what we're wearing you don't see me saying anything about your clothes'. 'Whatever get in the car Runt' he said laughing. Marcus and I get along great but he is a teaser and always has nicknames, mine being Runt.

'Did I tell you that I'm the one who got mom and dad to get you this?' I said jokingly. 'You remind me every time we get near my car'. 'Only because I like to remind you what an awesome little sister you have.' I said smiling as I got in the passenger seat with Kailey in the back.

'No drinking when we get there Lish, that goes for you too Kay.' He calls Kailey, Kay. We got to the party and Marcus handed me the keys and ditched me and Kailey. He gives me the keys so he doesnt loose them.

Some big bro huh? Kailey and I always split up at parties but meet up almost every hour. I went and searched for the only two boys I wanted to see, Darion and Jamie. They were like brothers to me and they looked similar to each other. Both 5'11, blonde hair and very pretty blue eyes and I love blue eyes. I always have my main man ,Erik, find them for me first though. Erik's 5'8 and he's my best friend, he's a month younger than me, smarter than me but still in all my classes and he is a technology wiz and a soccer freak.

So I texted him, he got me an iPhone for my birthday an I got him iTunes cards and a soccer ball case for his birthday because he already had an iPhone. But anyways he texted me and said they were by the pool.

So I headed to the pool and there they were. 'Darion! Jamie!' I shouted over to them. They looked up and smiled at me, wavinging me over. I walked over to them and gave them a big hug. 'That was a great game guys, you both did great' I said smiling. 'Thanks Runt' Darion said laughing. Did I mention my brothers nickname sticks with his friends too?

They do. 'You're still a total ass Darion.' I laughed when I said it and so did he because he knows I'm joking. We talked only for a little bit then the question I was dying to hear popped up. 'Wanna get out of here for sensual fur pie rubbing blowjob and amateur little bit?' Jamie asked. And of course I said yes. I texted Erik and told him its finally going to happen and that I would repay him. I got to the car with Jamie and Darion and we went to the football field.

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'Why are we here?' I asked. 'Because we're gonna show you how its done and we're gonna make it fun.' Jaime said laughing. 'Let me guess, you're going to make me run and hide and you guys are gonna try and find me then chase me down until I'm tagged and then fuck me?'. 'That's not what brutally fisting her teen twat in bondage thought but that is a great idea, its fun too, haha' Darion started laughing.

'Go hide, we're only counting to 35.' I ran and hid in the ticket booth, the only place I knew I could run from easily if they got close to finding me.

'Ready or not here we come!' They shouted. It was about 5 minutes until I heard them come close to where I was. 'I'm serious this is so much harder than I thought it would be, its hide and seek it should be easy for us.' Jamie said. 'Come one we still got the bathrooms to check' Darion said laughing a little. When I finally heard them pass me and center the bathrooms, I ran to the field and sat right in the middle of it.

I wanted to fuck them really bad and this damn hide and seek game was not going to ruin it for me. I lay down so it would seem like I didn't see them coming so they could tag me.

It only took a minute till the came running towards me laughing and screaming 'You're fucked Runt.' By the time I lifted my head the were feet away from me then "tackeld" me. Out of no where Darion kissed me while nasty old dude fucks young mouth hardcore blowjob was still laughing, which made me laugh too.

He lifted me up and stopped kissing me and started pulling off my top. I decide to wear my custom made Black Ops bra with the matching MW3 Thong because they're my favorite set of lingirie. That made Darion laugh which made me laugh again. 'I like gamers ya know' I said. Jamie pulled me over to him and kissed me while squeezing my ass.

Those booty shorts only covered so much of my ass and let the rest show. Soon he yanked those off and unhooked my bra, still kisssing me. I loved it. I was wet sunny leone hot rape scenes I wanted someones cock. Darion must've known because when he got me back he was naked and his big 8 inch cock was waiting for me. I licked the head of it tasting the precum until I just put 5 inches in my mouth.

Darion put his hands on the back of my head and made me deep throat. I could tell he loved it because he was grunting or said 'oh fuck' occaionaly.

Darion came in my mouth and I swallowed 4 big loads then he pulled out of my mmouth. Jamie lifted me up so my ass was sticking out then I felt the tip of his dick right by my pussy. ' I'm gonna fuck the shit out of your pussy Amy. I'm gonna make you scream.' He rammed his dick into my tight pussy and fucked my pussy, slamming his balls onto my ass.

'Ohh fuck Jaime oh you're gonna make me cum doing that'. 'Im gonna make you cum alright,' he said he put his thumb on my clit a and rubbed furiously. 'Ahh fuck I'm cumming Jaime!' 'That's right you little slut, cum' he said laughing. 'I'm gonna cum in your tight pussy, ahh fuck yeah, I'm cumming in your tight little pussy.' It felt so good when he came in me that I came again.

'Darion take her' Jaime said pulling out of my pussy. Darion rubbed his dick inside my pussy lips lubrication it. 'This is gonna hurt Runt.' Before I could say anything he shoved his dick in my ass. 'Darionnn! Ahhh Fuck!'. It hurt so bad but it felt so good I couldn't help but moan.

Then he did the weirdest thing and layed on his back with me on his chest with his dick still in my ass. He grabbed my thighs making me hold my legs up so you could see my wet pussy. 'Hey Jaime come help a brother out.' I couldn't help but think of how it would feel for two cocks to be in me at once and as soon as it was in I realized that it felt so much better.

'Damn youre both in me! Ahh fuck I'm gonna cum, it feels so fucking good!' 'Yeah how do you like it you little slut?' Jaime said. 'I love it. Ahh Fucck your best friends little sister, fuck my pussy you fucking perverts!' They were fucking me and I came at least 2 more times they came 3 times. 'I'm gonna eat that pussy' Jaime said. They both pulled out and Jamie sat me on his face and bent me over so I could suck his cock while he fucking with sexual arse pinches pornstar hardcore my pussy.

I made him cum in a minute but as soon as he started sucking my clit I couldn't help but cum. I rolled off Jamie's chest and said 'Darion I want your big cock in my pussy right now'. I had my eyes closed but I could tell it was Darion's cock ramming into my little pussy. 'Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me' I said begging him. He was ramming his cock into my pussy and he started sucking my nipples.

He made me cum again and I made him cum again. I have never came so hard so many times in my life before. I was so tired out that Jamie had to pick me up and help me get dressed and then carry me to his Mustang and lay me in the back seat.

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'Can you take me home?' I asked. 'Sure can' he said.

'Thanks and when you get back too the party give Marcus back his keys for me'. 'Will do'. He said. The 5 minute drive to my house felt like seconds and I still couldn't get up so Jamie and Darion carried me in to my house and into my bedroom.

They also helped me get into some stretchy shorts and a tank top and put me in my bed. Sweet boys. Before they left I said 'Looks like you two played and won two games on that field tonight.' They both laughed and walked out of the room and back to the car and left. 'What a fucking night' I thought. My phone did the funny bell sound it makes when I get a ttext so I checked it and it was Erik and it said "You owe me big time ;)"