Sexy petite aubrey sinclair fucks a bigcock in the couch

Sexy petite aubrey sinclair fucks a bigcock in the couch
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Joyce and her three best girlfriends sat around the large wrought iron table on the back patio of her six bedroom, 4500 square foot custom home that sat on an acre lot with a view over the infinity edge swimming pool to the Pacific Ocean. Her home was one of about twenty similar custom homes in this hilly subdivision north of San Francisco. She and her friends Donna, Sue and Paula sipped their Manhattans and talked about the monthly get together that would happen that night.

The four women and their well off husbands were all in their forties and all in pretty good shape. Joyce had one daughter, Debbie.

Sue had no children. Donna had three kids and Paula one daughter. There was one thing that bound the little group together. It was their love for sex with men other than their husbands. This had led to the forming of the One For All Club because the husbands were as much up for it as the wives. The All For One Club was a wife swapping club that formed a little over a year before when a cocktail party with the four couples at Sue's home turned into an orgy.

The guys did not know that it was planned by the wives in advance. Now they got together once a new 2019 saxi story xxx for wife swapping, gangbangs and orgies. They all looked forward to the second Friday night of each month. Somehow that afternoon's conversation came around to big black cocks. None of the women had ever been with a black man or a guy with a really big cock but they talked about ones they had seen in porn videos and the ones that danced at the male strip club that they sometimes visited.

Eventually they came to an agreement that if it could be arranged, someday they would invite a big cocked black guy to one of their homes for an afternoon of mutual enjoyment but no-one was to tell her husband. Joyce said that for a while Debbie had dated a black guy and she could tell from the bulge in his pants that he was very well equipped.

He and Debbie had split up but she knew how to get in touch with him. She said that she would drop a hint and see if he might enjoy a little mature female company. That evening's get-together went well but all the women were thinking about that afternoon's conversation. A couple days later, Joyce downed a couple of drinks and picked up the phone. "Hi Derrick, this is Debbie's mother Joyce. I had been thinking that we had not seen you for a while. I thought you might like to stop by the house for a visit." "Well Mrs.

Franklin, when Debbie and I broke up it didn't go very well and we haven't seen each other after that." "Actually, Debbie won't even be home. You and I had some good talks and I kind of miss them.

I have an idea. You always liked my Mercedes convertible. How about I pick you up and we could take a skinny blond amateur webcam blue yellow drive along the coast. You can drive." That was all it took. "That sounds like fun. Sure, let's do it." It was a sunny afternoon with a temperature in the low 70's as the bright red Mercedes 450sl drove across the Golden Gate Bridge with its top down.

Joyce was wearing a short red skirt and a white blouse that showed a lot of cleavage between her 34-C breasts that were pushed together by the bra that she had chosen. She could feel that her pussy was soaking wet from thinking about what she was about to attempt to do. She drove into a lower middle class neighborhood just on the south side of the bridge and pulled up in front of the address she had been given. Derrick was tony pony forcing sex with asian tourist in hostel the porch.

He was wearing cut off shorts and a tee shirt. He stood up when he saw her pull up. Derrick was nineteen, six foot two inches tall and very well built. He had short curly black hair and skin that could not have been much darker.

He walked down to the car, smiled and said Hi. He reached for the handle on the passenger's side door. "No Derrick, I told you that you could drive." Joyce got out and Derrick got behind the wheel. "Drive North along US-1. That's a pretty drive." As they husband not interested in wife sex, they made small talk.

After about fifty minutes, Joyce told Derrick to turn down a side road that they had come to. "I have a friend that owns an ocean front lot here.

He hasn't gotten around to building yet but it has a great view off the bluff." They pulled up to the bluff and parked. "This is nice. I miss coming to your house and spending time with Debbie.

Would she like to see me again? Is that what this is about?" "Debbie actually has a new boyfriend. It is me that misses seeing you. I enjoyed having you visit. Actually I was hoping that you missed seeing me." Then Joyce reached over and rested her hand on Derrick's crotch. At first, Derrick flinched and pulled back a little. "Mrs. Franklin?" "I know that you and Debbie broke up because she didn't want to have sex with anybody yet. She wanted to wait till she found her forever guy and she was not yet sure that it was you.

On the other hand I always enjoyed looking at the big package that was between your legs and wondering what it would be like to have it to pleasure and be pleasured by." As she said that, Joyce gave his hardening prick a squeeze and started unzipping his shorts.

Derrick reached down and slid the seat all the way back and leaned back. Joyce worked hard to get the rapidly growing dick out but she finally succeeded. Her hand wrapped around it without being able to get fully around it. It was almost as big around as a soda pop can. She bent over and her lips worked at getting over it. They stretched wide lesbians fucking double dildo in fake taxi slid over the bulbous head.

Her hand slid up and down the length of the black shaft as her tongue licked around the head. She tasted a drop of pre-cum that had already seeped from the tip. Derrick leaned his head back and closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Joyce's mouth and hand worshipping his black member. Joyce was not the first grown white woman that had enjoyed his big black cock. There had been several and he enjoyed each of them.

He put his hand behind her head and gently encouraged her to take more of him. Joyce's jaw almost hurt as it stretched over Derrick's rock hard nine inches but gradually she managed to take more than half of it into her mouth. Now her hand was squeezing his balls and her head was rapidly bobbing up and down and she gave Derrick her best blowjob as his hand became more and more demanding.

Derrick used both hands to firmly pull this horny white bitch's head to him. Her nose went into his hair and pressed firmly against his pubic bone as his cock entered her throat.

He felt the walls of her throat tightly rub the edges of his cockhead and felt her throat muscles constrict like she was trying to swallow him. Joyce pushed against him and pulled her head back. She gagged and coughed and caught her breath. Joyce had done deepthroat many times before but never with a monster cock like this. Derrick grabbed her hair and pulled her back down the full length of his meat. If she was going to blow him, she was going to do it the way he wanted. Joyce's throat started to adjust and she timed her breathing as he rapidly pulled her up and down, fucking himself full depth with her face.

While he did, he dug out Joyce's tits and squeezed them and pinched her nipples hard. Joyce moaned in pain and pleasure around his prick. Joyce's jaw started to ach and her throat started to hurt.

She started to wonder if he was ever going to stop. She thought about pulling away and sislovesme sharing a hot girl with my step sis up. It had been several minutes of hard fast face fucking when Derrick finally held her still with just his cockhead in her mouth and blasted more cum into her mouth that any two man ever had. She swallowed but there was more cum than she could control and some leaked out around couple invite shemale for threesome shaft and ran down onto his balls.

After what seemed like he had fed her a gallon of jiz, Derrick released Joyce and told her to lick him clean which she promptly did. Joyce licked her lips and smiled at Derrick, "Wow, I've never experienced anything like that." "I'm glad you liked it. So did I. We had better head back now." Derrick stuffed his softening but still large manhood back in his pants, started the Mercedes and pulled back onto the main road and headed South. On the way back, Joyce told Derrick about her three friends and how they would like to have him come spend some hot fucking and sucking time with them.

She told him that they were all attractive and all looking forward to spending some hot time with him. Derrick knew that it was a racial thing, that they all were just looking to experience having a big black cock in them but that was OK with him. He got a lot of white pussy and face because of that very reason.

Derrick made it sound like he did not have much interest but he was actually getting hard again thinking about four older white women servicing and worshiping his fuck stick. He said he would think about it and that Joyce should call him later. They returned to Derrick's house. Joyce gave his prick one more squeeze before he got out of the bright red 450sl. Derrick's mother was sitting on the porch. She didn't look very happy. The next day Joyce called. She told Derrick how much she had enjoyed sucking his cock and asked if he had decided about getting together with the four women some time.

"I guess that might be fun. I'm up with it but remember that once we start, I'm the one fully in control. You will all do just what I say." "Great, I'll tell the girls.

How about next Thursday afternoon at my place?" "OK" Derrick rang the doorbell and Joyce yelled for him to come in. As he walked into the large living room, Derrick saw the four forty plus women standing in front of him in skimpy little negligees.

Derrick thought for a minute and then said. "Just stand there quietly while I rip those off of each of you like opening Christmas presents." Some of the negligees cost over a hundred dollars but each of the women stood there quietly as Derrick reached out and ripped the fabric till all three women were naked. They were all excited and their nipples had hardened.

He could see that they all had freshly shaved pubes. "I don't want to know your names." He pointed at Sue, "You, come over here and take off my shoes." Sue did as she was told. "Now get back in line." He pointed at Joyce, "You come over and take off my shirt." Joyce did it and then got back in the line. All the women admired the young man's muscular chest and flat stomach.

Paula took off his pants and finally Donna removed his under shorts allowing his erect manhood to spring out and point straight at the four excited women.

From the three that had not yet seen Derrick's massive rod, comments like "Wow." "Oh my God." And "That thing is huge." were heard. "Get on your knees", Derrick firmly said. When they did, he stepped up in front of them. Excitedly, Sue said, "Me, Me first." Derrick stood close in front of her and she wrapped her hand around his shaft and pushed her lips over his prick head. She got about three inches in before pausing. Sue held his shaft tightly and stroked it, making the loose outer skin slide up and down on the rock hard inner tube.

Derrick soon pulled away. "You've gotta share. Don't worry, you'll get more. I promise." For the next several minutes, Derrick moved up and down the row getting his cock sucked by each of the four older but attractive and very enthusiastic women. Joyce was the only one that could throat his massive rod. Finally he told them to put all their faces close together. He stood in front of them and gave his cock the final few strokes.

"Open your mouths." The women looked like baby birds waiting to be fed. Like a fire hose, cum poured out of the end of his black prick. Some went in their open mouths but even more coated their faces and covered their eyes. Derrick aimed his dick up and back along the row of white sluts waiting for his gift.

When he finally stopped gushing, they were all covered in sticky thick white cum. Some hung off chins like cumcicles. "Lick each other clean." Soon there was chastity lynn and india summer lez it out together more cum to be seen. Joyce said, "Shower time," and they headed to the master bathroom. The home had a huge glass shower and there was no trouble getting all five of them in it.

They soaped up and rubbed their bodies together. Derrick finger fucked each of them and brought Donna to an orgasm without even really trying. By the time they got out, Derrick was hard again. "To the pool, bitches." Once they were at the pool Derrick said he had a game to play.

"We are going to play "blind horseback fighting".

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The horse is on the bottom and the rider is on the horse's shoulders facing backwards. The person on top will try to fight the other top person off and while that is happening, the person on the bottom will be licking pussy." The women had never been much for being bi but they followed instructions.

They played rock, paper, scissors to see who got to be Derrick's partner first. Paula won and mounted her black stallion. She fought hard not to get pulled off but did not try very hard to pull the other woman off as she did not want Derrick to stop licking her pussy.

Finally Sue almost fell off without being touched even though she was enjoying having Donna licking her. They switched around till everyone had a turn riding on Derrick's shoulders with her pussy pressed against his face. Finally everyone was tired and happy and the game ended. They all sat three busty pornstars shared a big cock in the bedroom the pool having drinks and resting for about a half hour till finally Joyce said that it was time for the main event.

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"Derrick, you have four hot white cunts here that are just waiting to have your big black cock pound the shit out of them. Come on, stretch us wide and make us come all over your massive prick." They headed for the king sized bed in the master bedroom. Derrick took Donna by the hand and told her to get on the bed on her back with her ass at the edge and her legs spread and her knees pulled up. Donna quickly assumed the position.

"You others get on the floor and daisy chain. I want your cunts hot and wet when I am ready for you. When they hesitated, he reminded them that they had agreed that he was the boss and they were to do as instructed. "If you want to feel my cock fucking you, you will do as I say.

Now get at it." The three of them got on the floor and assumed the face to pussy daisy chain position. Derrick stepped between Donna's legs. With his right hand he inserted two fingers in Donna's pussy and started finger fucking her. With his other hand he rapidly rubbed her clit. Donna moaned and humped back at his fingers. A third finger was added and pushed as deep and they could go. Donna got wetter. Derrick removed his hand and shifted his position, slid his cock between her pussy lips and rubbed it against her clit.

"Oh fuck yes. Put it in me and fuck me hard with that huge thing. Pleeeeease !" Taking his cock in his hand, Derrick lined it up with Donna's fuck hole and pushed. He knew that none of them had ever had a cock his size, so even though they had a lot of years of fucking, they would be tight for his cock. A long steady push and he was in almost to his full depth when he felt his cock head bottom out against her cervix. Donna was bighting her lip and grabbing the sheets, "Oh my God I'm so full.

Do it. Fuck me." Derrick pulled back and then shoved in again harder and faster than the first time. Donna grunted. Derrick grabbed her hips. Each thrust was harder and faster till he was slamming her cunt, making her moan and groan and roll her head from side to side with each thrust.

From the floor he heard the first of the other three have a loud orgasm. He smiled. After several minutes he felt the cum building in his balls and his nut sack tighten. He pulled out and told Donna to switch places with someone on the floor and anissa kate donna bell shalina devine in the pleasure provider episode will make sure that she came.

Donna was disappointed but she did as she was told. The next woman assumed the same position and he went thru the same routine, finger fucking, clit rubbing and then shoving his prick into her cunt.

She was already wet and well opened from the oral sex he had the women giving each other but this one was even tighter than Donna.

"Oh, it hurts. Take it easy. Take it slow. Fuck." Derrick did not change his steady push to bury himself in her cunt. She again said that it hurt but Derrick pulled back and readied himself to start fucking. He watched his prick disappear up into her white cunt. He thought, she must not get out in the sun much or at least she wore a lot of sun block because her skin was she was close to snow white.

Derrick watched and admired the contrast of his ebony cock burying itself in her pale Caucasian body. He loved mihirtaniguchi 20 nama pemain wanita film pornjepang yang terkenal it looked when he fucked a white girl or woman.

After just a few strokes her moans changed from sounding painful to sounding wanton. She started encouraging him. "Oh yes, fuck me. Shove that wonderful big black cock in me. Do it. Fuck me. Fuck me hard." This one turned out to be the first one that could take the full length of him up her fuck hole. He felt his balls slapping against her ass each time he slammed into her. Again Derrick fucked till he felt an impending orgasm and then he stopped and called for a switch.

He rested long enough between fucks that he could hold of coming. Joyce was last and she was the first one that he kissed as he fucked into her hot pussy.

Feeling his cum building again he told Joyce to turn around and hang her head over the side of the bed. When she did he put his cock to her lips. Joyce quickly opened her mouth and without hesitation, Derrick pushed forward and rammed his ready to explode nine inch prick fully down her throat and held her head in place. Time after time his cock pulsed and shot masses of cum straight down Joyce's throat into her belly. She would never even taste it. He held her there till Joyce panicked when she needed to breath but couldn't.

She pushed on him and then pounded with her fist. Derrick held her there with his cock down her throat. Just as she felt herself starting to pass out, Derrick pulled out. She lay there breathing hard till she finally caught her breath.

Joyce gave Derrick a dirty look but did not say anything. Joyce actually felt like she had just eaten a large meal, her stomach was so full of Derrick's spunk. Everyone was well satisfied and Derrick dressed and left for home. Derrick had fucked four adult women. It was the first time he had been with more than one at a time. The four women had all had multiple orgasms both from Derrick and by eating each other as he had instructed them to do. None of them had ever been involved is so much woman on woman action.

The next day Joyce called Derrick's cell phone. They talked about the previous afternoon and both said that a great time was had. Joyce told him about their little club and said that the girls would like to have him come back again for the meetings but they had to think about the husbands also.

She asked if he knew of a young black girl that would like to come with him. With only a couple seconds of thought he told Joyce, "My kid sister, Tanika is a real knock out and she is also a slut. She just turned eighteen. She really likes to fuck and I know that she likes older white guys because she has let enchanting beauty evilyn fierce hardcore and blowjob of them take her on cruises.

I bet she would like to come but I know she would expect the guys to treat her special, if you know what I mean." "Joyce interrupted him with a question. "Have you ever fucked your sister, Derrick?" He answered, "Yeah, a few times but we don't make a habit of it.

We each have our own group that we hang with. Derrick called Joyce back in about two hours and said that he and Tanika would be coming to the next meeting of the One For All Club. Part two is now published as 'Derrick and Tanika come to party".