Ideal cutie is gaping tight muff in close range and having orgasm stretching pleasuring

Ideal cutie is gaping tight muff in close range and having orgasm stretching pleasuring
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"We better call my mom," Heather called to Tammi as she caught up with her in the hall. The call was made, and they disappeared into Tammi's room. Tammi and Heather laughed and talked about their evening. Tammi was still hot and asked Heather if they could take a shower together so she could wash the dog come out. "I almost forgot about Cooper, what was it like?" Heather asked.

"It was hot and dirty," answered Tammi, "nothing like doing it yourself. He just humped and humped." "I don't think I'll try it though, Cooper was already sniffing and tearing at my panties, what if all he ever does now is poke his dick out and want to mount me?" "Yes I see your point, your mom might start to wonder. If you want to be fucked why don't you let Gary do it." Tammi said. "I don't want to risk getting pregnant.

That's why it'll be fun with you.

We can get together and have fun with no complications." With that the girls walked to the shower. Tammi now had Heather all to herself and stood back to admire Heather's body. Heather and Tammi kissed, stripped and got into the warm shower together. It was such a beautiful sensation to have someone soaping your tits. It was wonderful to dahlia sky masturbates with her sex toy slippery breasts and nipples against your own, but the best by far was having another girl wash your pussy.

They washed and dried each other enjoying each other in silence. Soon they disappeared into Tammi's room. The rest of the evening they ate, perfumed each other, tried on different clothes and underwear and finished up naked in bed together watching the Friday night movie on Tammi's television. "Did you like me sucking your tits Heath?" "Loved it, but you know whose tits I'd like to see?" Heather said. "Oh I love secrets, have you been fantasising about this long?" "No I don't think so, but they're so large and they move about, how could I not be curious?" Tammi guessed "Jenny in our art class, you're right though how could you not wonder what they're like.

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mom hand tbasen son help I think most of the boys at school and the teachers notice them. If it wasn't for the strict dress code I'm sure we would see more of them already." "I bet she has really milf boss fucked on her office desk nipples. I bet they're so large she'd choke a baby with them.

How can we get to see them, we hardly talk to her?" "What you want a threesome now do you, I'm not enough for you?" Tammi said in a mock hurt voice. "You silly bitch, that's what boys would say. We said we were going to have some uncomplicated fun so I think we should have lots of fun." "Well not to change the subject entirely, but Paul and I have been having some fun in the stables." "You and your brother - but you said you were a virgin!" "No not that.

I let Paul have a bit of fun with Dancer." "What?" Heather asked not too sure what was going on. "I'll show you tomorrow, now about Jenny's tits, do you want to initiate her into our little twosome?" "Yes please, I don't think I'm queer for her but I've been curious about those tits all year." "Heather if she makes you horny just say so, its alright.

I'd hoped that I make you horny too." "Oh Tammi you do now, but I didn't feel anything sexy with you until today when you were looking at my pussy, throwing all those difficult shots so I would leap in the air - it made me horny and wet." With that the girls kissed, groped each other and made their plans to have Jenny.

Tammi and Heather spent the night together. They weren't disturbed by Tammi's older brother, he didn't come home for ages so they missed out on spying on him and his girlfriend as they planned. All their sexy activity had tired them out and they awoke still nude in each others arms.

Tammi told her brother that she and Heather were going riding that morning and he and Gary should come and tend to the horses after. She made it known to him that it wasn't a request he was to be there or else. Paul didn't argue. Why would he, his sister hadn't seen him wrong since they had started their new games, and Gary liked what happened last night as well.

Perhaps he and Gary will now fuck the horse together of perhaps they might see Heather's gash again! Tammi's parents were happy their younger children were getting along so well. They didn't worry about their daughter like some parents had to. She wasn't going out with older boys, sitting in cars. She was happy enjoying healthy exercise with her friend and younger brother.

Why would it worry her that Heather slept over, young girls do. Heather and Tammi's ride turned out to be quite an adventure. Heather had not realised just how horny riding a horse can be with the big but friend let me smash again frame of mind and partner. The rubbed themselves on the saddles as the horses gently walked along.

They left Dancer to eat while the two of them rode Heather's horse, Eric. Tammi was tempted to strip off her pants to rub against Heather's ass as well as Eric's broad rump, but as Heather pointed out the place was too public but promised if they wore skirts next time they could.

The ride ended too soon for Heather who didn't know what was planned next. Gary also didn't know what was next. He came to the stable on full sex stories porn xxxx storys insistence of Paul. He hoped to play with his dick or ass fuck him while they were waiting for the girls, but Paul insisted on waiting.

The girls and their horses arrived in due course. Tammi greeted Paul and Gary giving them both a friendly squeeze as she led Dancer in and tied him up.

Paul took Dancer and gave instruction to Gary on grooming and washing Eric. The girls stood arm in arm caressing each others butt while they watched the boys tend to the horses.

Tammi said "Are you ready for your surprise Heath?" she asked. "I had an idea while I was riding one day. I was so horny from riding but felt I was cheating Dancer cause she missed out." Tammi moved over behind Dancer now. "One day I watched Eric and Dancer licking each other." "What do you mean licking each other?" asked Heather. Tammi now lifted Dancer's tail and exposed the huge horse cunt "Eric was licking Dancer's pussy and then Dancer licked his ass.

I knew then it wasn't fair that I enjoyed my ride and Dancer missed out." As Tammi said this her other hand started to massage the horses full cunt lips.

They were wet and two of Tammi's fingers slipped inside the hot horse cunt. Heather looked. She understood what Tammi was saying. She still felt her hot cunt lips from the ride and knew what it was like to have an itch that needed to be scratched.

Gary was rubbing down Eric and didn't see the exchange, but Paul who never got tired of seeing Tammi play with cunt of any sort watched quietly. Tammi put her other hand on Heather's crotch and rubbed her cunt. "Paul," she said as she led Heather back, get the crate and fuck Dancer for us please." Gary now looked over and saw Paul drop his pants and stand behind the horse.

Tammi took Paul's erect cock and glided it into Dancer's meaty cunt. Gary and Heather came to watch. Paul started to pump his cock. "You said that Eric seemed to like Dancer licking his ass hole, do you think he would like Gary fuck him?" Heather said.

You got to love her, the girl caught on quickly! "Gary?" Tammi asked. Paul called to his friend "Gary you got to try this. It's not as tight as mine. Ass fucking a horse is great." Gary hesitated but Tammi pulled over another crate behind Eric and Heather pulled Gary's pants down to his ankles.

She helped him up on the crate. Tammi lifted Eric's tail and spat on her hand.

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She grabbed Gary's cock rubbing it to make it slippery and paused. "I think this one is yours Heath" she said and motioned to Heather to take control of Gary's cock. Once again in a bold move Gary said "I will if I can suck Heather's nipple at the same time" Heather looked angelica heart wants it one more time Gary.

"You'd have to be a contortionist. Suck it after." Heather said "How about if Tammi sucked it instead while I did the horse." "You drive a hard bargain" Tammi quickly said and took Heather's hand leading her between the horses so both Paul and Gary could see.

Gary watched as Heather took her top and bra off exposing those beautiful tits that Gary had thought of constantly. He had wanted so badly to suck them and was jealous of Paul for having got it last night, but to watch Tammi suck them now as he put his pole into Eric horse ass hole was compensation enough. Tammi was more than happy to suck Heather's tit. She only started tit sucking the day before but wondered where it had been all her life.

She took the nipple in her mouth and rolled it around over her tongue and teeth. She remembered planning how to get to Jenny's jugs and hoped her nipples were in fact large enough to choke a baby. Gary now poked his cock head into the horses ass hole. It was big and full. He felt Eric's ring tighten.

It wasn't slippery enough to go in easily. He pulled back and the horse farted. "This is disgusting." Gary said as the others laughed.

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Paul came over to his friend. "Your dicks just to dry. Come and stick it in Dancer instead, I'll do Eric." Gary looked over to Heather who was having her tits massaged by Tammi.

"Come and have a suck and you'll feel better." Gary came over as Heather offered him her tit. Tammi smiled at Gary and sucked on the left breast while Gary took the right. "Mommy's little baby happy?" Heather toyed.

"Ready to fuck that big nasty horse now." Paul was now inside Eric's ass as the gelding whinnied. Heather took Gary's cock in hand, the first boys she ever touched and masturbated him. "Come on Gary." and took him into position behind Dancer. She glided the boys cock into the horses cunt. Gary pumped immediately. The girls walked around watching as the two young boys fucked the police man fuck a mia khalifa. As they came between the horses they saw Eric's big horse cock start to come out of its sheath.

"Heath look at that. Eric must like a bit of ass fucking." Tammi got down on her knees to be level with the horse cock. Heather walked around the other side of Eric to get a better view.

"I wonder how far it will come out. It's about two foot long you know." Heather said. "I know I saw it when Dancer was licking his ass.

It's a pity he not a stallion or we could see what it does." Tammi said. "If he was a stallion we'd all be in trouble. He'd be on Dancer in a second and we'd be in the way.

I saw it once on a documentary. Its so large and long so it can get in the female. I only saw the first foot go in the rest of it was just to get it there." Heather told Tammi. Tammi pointed and touched the cock. Gary stopped pumping and looked over. Tammi was now running her finger up and down the length of the massive cock. "Paul, keep it nice tits ebony rides white married cock elisse. I want Eric's cock to stay out." Eric's cock was now fully out and gave a couple of flicks as it stiffened.

Heather and Tammi jumped and giggled. Heather now took hold of the dick. Her fingers wouldn't even wrap half way around it. Tammi held it as well so their fingers intertwined. They had four hands around the cock and their was still plenty to spare. It twitched again. Gary groaned as he shot is come in Dancer.

Tammi and Heather slowly started to masturbate to cock. They felt it get harder. "What are you doing down there, his ass hole is pulsating. I feel like its sucking me off." Paul then moaned as he too blew his load.

Eric twitched once again and went soft. Before Heather and Tammi knew it the horse dick retreated in their hands and disappeared entirely.

Tammi looked at Heather and said "After Jenny we got to find a stallion!" Three Girls.