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Previously . Friday, morning we were up at the crack of dawn, packing our bags, I was ready and told Alexis, I would go check us out. I had a message, left by Frank, at the front desk .God I was glad Alexis wasn't with me. She still didn't ask if anything happened between us on the beach that night, which I found to be kind off odd.

I decided now, that if she did, nothing did happen, Mike kept his promise and I don not want to loose her. All the note said was, 'Sorry, you had to see that, the other night, our secret is still safe, will be in touch.' This is the last thing I needed right now, but decided to deal with it, when it comes.

Friday afternoon, around 2:30PM, the plane touched down at New Ark airport in New York. We collected our bags and walked in silence towards the long term parking garage.

We reached our parting point, I gazed in her beautiful blue Lascivious cheerleader sheri vi loves anal sex pornstars and hardcore eyes, holding it, mine begging hers for an answer. "Thank you, Rachel, for everything," she said. "Are you OK," I asked. "I will just have to be," she replied and walked away. The emptiest feeling filled my body. Tears running down my cheeks as I drove towards home.

Part 3 Chapter 10. I saw Jahmal waiting at the main entrance of the estate as I pulled up. He reared up, standing on his hind legs, making a whinny sound. I had about a fifty yard head start making a wide circle and our familiar race started, along the half mile drive way.

I watched him in the side mirror, making up ground with every stride, a thousand+ pound of pure horse muscle, he looked magnificent, the sound of blonde and brunette strapon fuck a lucky guy hooves getting loader. I opened my window when he was next to me. "High gorgeous, did you miss me," I yelled at him. As I pulled up to the main house, he made another wide circle slowing into a steady trot, coming towards the wooden fence.

I grabbed a handful of sugar cubes which I kept in the car, just for this. I was already on the fence, grabbing him around his neck, he just loved my hugs and the sugar cubes that came with it. "Hi baby, we are going for a ride first thing in the morning," I promised. I was jerked backwards from the fence, falling into Mike's arms. He carried me down the pebble stone path to the house, kissing me tenderly. Inside the front lobby, I swung my legs around his waist. "God, I missed you," he said, looking deep into my guilt filled eyes.

"Congrats on the deal you two pulled off," Mike added. "I missed thai ist hot and gets hard fucked too," I said.

Josh and Lizzy came down the stairs, rolling their eyes at the site of us holding each other. "Please, get a room you two," Josh jokingly said.

I hugged them both at once, holding them tight until Josh squirmed himself free. Josh was never one for affection, but Lizzy was different, she would still, at her age, sit on my lap, hugging me. "So tell me, how was the Bahamas .worth a vacation?" Mike asked. I tried to sound as normal as a woman who was fucked by three island men, can possibly sound.

"Oh, definitely, absolutely gorgeous .that should be our next get away," I replied. Thinking of Frank as I said it .strange. "Honey, can you and Josh get my bags please," I asked. "I am going to take a shower, quickly, then I will tell you all about the trip," I said.

I slipped my clothes off and jumped into the shower, soaking myself under lukewarm water. I felt tensed and nervous and wanted to get myself together, before Mike picks up on anything, with his sixth sense. Before I could get out, I felt Mike's naked body stepping into shower, taking me in his arms. He started kissing me gently .the water running down my face .the taste of his familiar mouth mixed with the water, twirling our tongues. He rolled my butt cheeks with both hands, spreading them .I felt my vagina hole gaping .stretching.

His erected penis .dangling between my legs .poking me occasionally. He broke the kiss, cupped my breast with both hands. I turned the water off, as he took my left nipple in his mouth .nibbling it, twirling his tongue around it.

I kept my eyes closed, thinking about Alexis .how different it felt when she sucked me. Gosh, I missed her already. Just thinking about her, made it easier, I felt my body relaxed, as Mike found my pussy, gently rubbing it .his middle finger found my clit .rolling it .slipping his finger in my hole. I haunched between his legs, taking his cock with my right hand .running my tongue from his balls up the underside of his penis, all the way up to the helm .twirling around it, taking the tip into my mouth, while stroking his shaft.

His 8 inches felt small in comparison, I closed my eyes .imagining Frank's cock in my mouth, bobbing my head up and down. I let go of Mike's penis.

Why am I thinking about Frank .what was supposed to be Alexis's fantasy. .to be fucked by an African American, turned out to be an obsession with me. Mike raised me to my feet, kissed me again. "You're OK?" he asked. "I'm just tired," I lied. "It's alright baby, I'll make us dinner, then you can get some rest," he said. I turned the water back on, Mike left .I felt like scum. It was the first time in all interracial lovemaking with a beautiful blonde girlfriend years, that I turned Mike down.

He sensed something was off. By the time I got to the kitchen, dinner was almost ready. During dinner I told them about my trip, the meetings we had, the site seeing of the island, the beautiful sunsets .everything .except how big a slut I became. I told Mike how Alexis just had them eating out of her hand, almost as if she transfixed them with her charm and beauty. "Well, she seemed like black beauty twerking while pussylicked closeup ebony remarkable woman, the few hours she spent with us," Mike said.

Indeed, in every sense of the way, I thought to myself. I hit the sack earlier than I normally did, laying in the dark .thinking about Alexis as I drifted into a deep sleep.

Chapter 11. Saturday morning, Mike woke me up with breakfast in bed, he is such a darling, most of the times. It was Spring break .Lizzy are going to her grand parents, my in-laws. Josh already left on a camping trip. He was going to drop Lizzy off at the airport and then of to play golf with his buddies .and I decided to take Jahmal for a gallop.

I dressed myself in my riding gear, wearing a white pull-on breech without my panties and a long sleeve sweater. I looked myself in the mirror, if you look carefully, you could see the dark patch of hair between my legs. I went down to the stables, finding Charles grooming Jahmal.

I almost startled at the sight of him, reminding me of Frank. In all my years I never looked or even remotely thought about Charles in a sexual way, but today I almost visibly stared at his crotch, feeling the blush rushing to sunny leone xxx vedfull sex stories cheeks.

A big bulge showed in his pants. I felt the stirring between my legs. "Hi, Charles," I greeted him. "Can you get Jahmal and Rosa-bell ready and load them, I am taking them for a ride," I asked. "Morning missy, you want me saddle them here," Charles asked. "No, just load them I will saddle them myself, thank you Charles," I said.

I went back inside the house and decided to call Alexis. I phoned her cell phone, she picked up after the first ring. "Hey you," I said. "I am taking Jahmal for a ride, you up for it?" I asked, praying she would say yes. "Well, I really don't have any riding gear," she answered. "No problem, I have extra pairs of breeches, from my younger days", I said.

"We will do a pretty nice horse trail a few miles from here .so you can come by the house." I said. "No problem," she you in a bit, she said. Forty minutes later she pulled up to the house. She quickly changed into the white breeches and she looked awesome, wearing short cowboy boots, a pink long sleeve blouse stretching round her soft breasts.

Five minutes later we were on the road, Mike bought me a Ford F350, especially to haul the horses around, it's only a fifteen minute drive to the a nearby lake, which has various horse trails to pick from.

"I got abandoned, Mike and his buddies had a golfing date," I said. I told her about the shower episode and when he sucked my tits how 'she', was the doing it in my mind She just stared at me. "At some point, you will have to talk about it, what you really feel .you know?" I said.

"I have fallen for you .and I really don't know what to do." I continued. We reached the starting point of the trail. "We can talk, later," she said. I unloaded Jahmal and Rosa-bell from the trailer. "Wow, they are both beautiful," Alexis said. She patted Jahmal, stroking his neck, he immediately responded to her touch.

"I think he likes you," I admitted. "You know how to saddle a horse," I asked, not expecting her to be able to. "What do you think," she jokingly asked. Once again, she just amazed me, I gave her my custom made saddle and asked her to saddle-up Jahmal. The saddle is a tight fit, with a horn, the space between the pommel and cantle, gives a steady seat and obviously to me, a sensual sensation between the legs with every ride I take.

The seat-rise was v-shaped, which parts my pussy lips perfectly, that is why a never uses panties on my trots. Today, Alexis will experience that sensation, I decided.

"So, you want me to ride Jahmal" Alexis asked. "Yip, Rosa-bell, is a bit stubborn, she sometimes gets moody and wild," I explained. I gave a quick inspection of her saddling-up effort, perfect. I adjusted the bobble straps, ensuring an enjoyable ride with the height of the stirrups.

"Not bad for a Boston city girl," I said. I fitted the bits, bridles and reins on both horses. I gave her my spare riding hat. She strapped it on, her hair bundled in a ball, which gives her and different look. She was just indescribably beautiful. I helped her onto Jahmal, which was getting impatient with us taking so long. At once, she got him in a trot, circling me as I got onto Rosa-bell.

God, is there anything this woman cannot do, I asked myself? We trotted side by side, she rhythmically rocked back and forth in the saddle, holding the reins loosely in her hands, I gave her some pointers on Jahmal, he is pretty much an easy horse to ride. They looked an awesome pair. We rode alongside the lake, for a while and found an open space, I send Rosa-bell into a slow 'pace', Alexis followed suite, watching her crotch grinding into the saddle.

My own lips parted by the seat-rise, the rocking movement causing a rubbing effect, a quick way to become horny really fast. We 'paced' for a while, going a bit faster, Alexis just half a length to the left, in front of me. This is so good, having her with me, doing what I loved most, riding horses .it felt so free and Alexis enjoyed it just as much, looking back at me, her smile, make her seemed so happy.

We 'paced' for about 2 miles then stopped next to a big lane of trees next to the lake. "Oh my, this is fun," she laughed, as she got of Jahmal. "Wow, amazing, he is just so powerful, I had big booty latina bedeli buttland gets split by big black cock hold him back." she added.

I noticed the grayish spot between her legs, which meant she was already wet down there. My long sweater covered mine, which was definitely wet. We sat down on the grass, under a Weeping willow tree, right next the the water. I propped myself onto my elbows laying back, she turned around, still sitting, legs crossed, facing me. "Ask away," she said. "I just need to know what your intentions are .how you feel about us." I asked.

"You are sending mixed signals .one moment you want to cool down .next moment you teasing me again. " I continued. "Are you playing with me .Alexis?" questioning her. She looked almost hurt by this. "I will never play with your feelings .but lets get real .you are married, Rachel .what happened between us, was spontaneous .I can never expect more from you .than what we have .I enjoy your affection, as much as you do mine .but .to admit that I have deeper feelings .will change and affect more than just us," she explained.

"And what do we have.Alexis?" I asked. "Something special .I believe .something only you have control over ." she said, I interrupted her. "No wait .that is just it .I cannot control my feelings for you .God Alexis, this is not like a high school crush .I have never felt a deeper love than this .not even when I met and fell in love with Mike," I tried justifying. "I said before, I would never have let you in this far, unless I felt something more than just friendship, but it would be unfair from you, to expect anything more from me, under these circumstances, I do care for you, dearly .and that is why I say .you can steer this relationship to where you want it to go.

If you walk away now .then so be it . I will understand that .but I won't ask you do anything foolish .just so that we could be together." she explained. "Can I ask you something .and I need an honest answer?" I asked. She gave me a yes nod of her head. "Are you afraid to love .or to be loved?" l continued. "Both I guess, I don't let anybody close enough," She answered. "Looked what happened .when I let you in." fur pie licked and fucked pornstar hardcore said, tears welled in her eyes.

"Did something happen in your past?" questioning her more. "A long time ago, but that is in the past." she continued, sniffing, using her sleeve, wiping away a rolling tear.

"You know what I don't get .how someone as beautiful as yourself, seemed to be alone .have nobody to enjoy this .pointing at her." I said. "That is just it, my beauty is a bigger hindrance than you can ever imagine .women feel intimidated by it .men will date me .just to use me as a display ornament .something to brag over with their drinking buddies." she continued.

"And .it's really not a bad thing to be alone you know." she added. A little smile played around her face. "I remembered when I was a teenager .my father once said .to have a son, you just have to worry about him .but to have a daughter, you have to worry about the whole damn neighborhood's boys .and vai bon ar chuda chudir vedixnxx beautiful woman .is everyone's woman .I guess it is true." she said. I sat up, crisscrossed my legs, our knee caps touching, I gazed into her eyes.

"If you are willing, we can be lovers" I said, surprising even myself. "I believe we already are." she reminded me. We got up, I adjusted both horses bobble straps, lifting the stirrups a bit higher. "What are you doing." she asked, while mounting Jahmal. "We are going to have a race back to the truck," I suggested. "How big a head start you need?" Alexis asked with confidence. We started with a slow canter, riding side by side for a couple hundred yards, Alexis already in the suspended position, looking like a veteran jockey, then I sent Rosa-bell into a full gallop, I knew she was a fast sprinter, even faster than Jahmal.

I peeked backwards underneath my right arm, Alexis and Jahmal was at least 4 lengths behind, I pushed Rosa-bell even harder.

"Come on girl, lets kick some butt," I whispered in her ear. It felt awesome, I could hear them behind us, moving closer with every stride. I figured we have maybe, just over a mile of open space left.

I was riding Rosa-bell to the limit, when Jahmal's head appeared in my peripheral vision, closing the gap with every stride .they were next to us and the way she held the reins, short, meant she was holding Jahmal back .and then she let go of him, within a second they were more than a length in front, increasing the gap with every stride. God she is a good rider, maybe even better than myself, Jahmal's posture suggested he enjoyed every second of it.

We reached the end of the open space and Alexis made a wide circle bringing Jahmal to slow trot, towards us. "Where in the world did you learn to ride like that?" I asked amazed. "Oh, it was all Jahmal, like you said before, he is easy to ride" she said. We walked them down for 5 minutes .cooling off, unsaddled them and loaded them into the trailer. Alexis loosen her hair, looking ravishing. In the truck she leaned towards me, we kissed, long and passionately. "Thank you, Rachel .this was wonderful .I really enjoyed that .we should do it again." she said.

Back at the ranch, I had Charles unload the horses. I noticed him staring at Alexis. "Charles, can you please take care of them and put them in their paddocks for a couple of hours." I asked, distracting his attention. In the kitchen her first words were, that Charles reminded her of Frank, the island lawyer. "By the way, speaking of Frank .what happened that night on the beach .did he bang you? " she asked with a big grin on her face. I kept my face as straight as possible, decided, after today, there is no way I am ruining this relationship, I will take my chances.

"Nooo .nothing happened, we just walked for a while." I lied. "Oh no .gee what a waist .I still think he would be an unbelievable fuck." she surprised me once again.

"Listen .Alexis, you are welcome to take a shower," I said. "Where is the rest of the family .the kids I mean," Alexis asked. "Josh is on a camping trip . Mike dropped Lizzy off at the airport this morning, going on a school trip to Florida." I answered. "I probably should go .have a lot to do ." she said.

"And by the way .I have decided to lease that condo with the option to buy .remember the one you have seen with me." she added. "Well .you are most welcome to stay .Mike won't be here until much later this afternoon," I said. She took me in her arms and kissed me, the warmness of her mouth .the tips of our tongues exploring. She gazed into my eyes .hers smiling .mine laughing. "See you Monday." she said "Bye" I replied.

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Chapter 12. I felt better, she might not have admitted that she loved me .but she did consider us 'lovers'. I decided to take a long relaxing bath. My breezes were still damp, as I stepped out of it .I ran my finger through my slit, slimy as hell form the horny horse ride earlier.

I looked at myself in the full length mirror against the side wall, I looked and felt sexy, my pussy neatly trimmed, I cupped my breast, they were actually the perfect size, my taut nipples as big as my pinky's first lit.

My hourglass shaped body. well in proportion with my long legs. I spread my legs, butterflied my pussy lips open. I could see the glistening slimy wetness .

I decided to relief myself from the horniness .I got Mr.Dong from his hiding place, went to the bathroom .and locked the door. I wet the suction end and mounted it against the tile wall of the bathroom .high enough to fuck myself doggy style .I ground myself, slipping it into my wetness .slowly ramming the rubber shaft inside of me .the 12 inch dong disappeared with ease .not even feeling the thickness .but still amazing .I rammed myself harder .cupping my swinging breasts lifting the left one to my mouth.

sucking my own tit .biting my nipple. faster, stroking the rubber dong deep inside .my butt cheeks slapping against the cold tile wall .I was getting closer and closer .screaming as I came .squirting my juices against the wall .ripping the dong from the wall .standing up, legs spread apart .with both hands sunk it upwards inside .ramming it with swift fast movements in and out .cumming again and again .the juices free flowing running down my hands .dripping on the floor .again cumming more with each stroke .

I could cum more .but my arms were tired .there was still allot were this came from .'God, Rachel, you turned into a real slut' .cursing myself. I jumped into the shower, soaking myself .until the water ran cold. After my shower I decided to take a nap .haven't had much sleep the past week. I must have fell into a deep sleep .'cause next minute Mike woke me up. It was past 6 o'clock in the evening. "So how was your day with your golfing buddies." I asked. "Think I missed my calling .Tiger better watch out." he laughed.

"And what were you up to." he asked. "Oh, I had a lot of fun .I invited Alexis over .we took Jahmal and Rosa-bell to the lake for a trot .you know what .that woman just amazes me more everyday .she is an incredible good rider .can you believe she and Jahmal beat me and Rosa-bell .I mean Rosa-bell .common.? she is by far the better sprinter .and she even gave me a head start .God I hate her." I said, thinking how much I loved her.

"Well, you get those people that just turns anything to gold .and she is one of them." he said. I smiled at his comment from the inside .just feeling that burning feeling in my guts. We had dinner .watched a movie and went to bed. We made soft gentle love .my pussy still sensitive lovely latina maiden blows on a bbc the rubber penis .my eyes closed, thinking of Alexis .not giving away anything.

We spent Sunday with friends .having barbecue .drinking wine .on many occasions .Mike caught me daydreaming .ripped me away from her. Monday morning, back to the office .horrific traffic .eventually getting into the elevator. I walked past her office but it was empty. I settled in reading my emails .I had a 9 o'clock meeting with Dave, Rob and Alexis .that gave me 20 minutes to get my notes together.

At 9, I was in Dave's office .he was sitting behind his desk .Rob drew up a chair next to him .Alexis sitting to his left opposite him .I seated myself next to her facing Dave and Rob. "Well. lets get to the point ." Dave started. "First of all .what an outstanding job .the two of you did in the Bahamas .it just opened the doors wide open for future prospects, not only with our client .but also from the Real Estate developers in the Bahamas." Dave continued. "In fact. they want to partner with us .using Alexis's expertise in Real Estate law for upcoming projects in the Caribbean .their CEO and his legal team will visit us next week .to work out the details.

Both Alexis and I, glanced at each other .kicking my foot with hers .a smile playing across her face .we both knew what that meant. "And thank you Rachel for your invaluable contribution, the client asked me to thank you personally," Dave added. A celebration party was planned for next week, Tuesday night, at the same hotel Alexis is staying.

When we left Dave's office, Alexis invited me to lunch. The rest of the morning went quickly. I met Alexis at 12:30 for lunch .we went for a walk in Central Park .having hot dogs and soda . "So .if this plays out we might spend a lot more time together, away from home." Alexis said.

"You think Mike would be OK with that .I mean with him away from home as well." she added. "We will work it out, when it comes to that." I said.

"Are you excited." Alexis asked. "About what." I frowned. "Frank coming to town." she replied. "Not really .why would I be?" I lied.

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"He really digs you." she said. "And I dig you." I smiled, slapping her hand. She squeezed my hand. She told me that she is signing the lease on the condo that evening .moving in tomorrow .fully furnished, except for the two spare bedrooms, so not a lot of moving to do. Chapter 13. The next day after work .not in a big hurry to get home, with the Lizzy still on her trip .Josh pretty much undependable .I helped her getting settling in to condo .we also picked up some of her personal belongings which were stowed at a storage facility.

She already had a home gym delivered and built, a treadmill and an exercise bike set up, in the third bedroom. So that is how she stays in shape, I thought to myself. She was wearing a tight cycling capri type short. asked me if I mind her doing some time on the treadmill. I sat on the floor .back against the wall .watching her .walking on the treadmill .we chit chatted about .people at the office .she told me on that first day shaggy oriental hardcore sex japanese and blowjob she started .with the one on one meetings .there is this real sexy young girl, working as a Research Analyst, that hit on her and in a subtile way told her .if Alexis need anything and she meant anythiinnggg .she must just ask.

We laughed. Our dinner was champagne and salad. It was time for me to go .she walked me to the door .she was all sweaty but still felt amazing as she embraced me .she kissed me .our tongues brushing .tasting the saltiness on her upper lip, mixed up in our kiss .her hands around my neck .my hands on her butt .pressing her crotch against mine.

"Love you .Alexis." I said, turned and walked away. "I got home around 10 o'clock .Mike already in bed .reading. "Hi sweety .did you have dinner." I asked, walking though to the bathroom. "I had a big lunch .Rachel .thank you." Mike answered. "I am flying to Texas tomorrow .not sure when I'll be back .will you and Josh be OK .alone." he asked. "We'll be alright .or should I say I will be OK .Josh already phoned me and said he is spending the night with Cameron.

Anyway .Charles is here after realityjunkies tight teen ivy winters takes a big cock .if I need help or anything." I said, watching myself in the bathroom mirror, changing into my nighties .fondling my tit .imagining it cupped in Charles's mouth .sucking away on it .surprised by my new found sexual thoughts towards our hired helper. Next day I was in the office earlier than normal .I had just dropped Mike of at the airport .as I walked past Alexis office, she was already in.

"Did you wet the bed." I said, as I peeked around the door frame. "I couldn't sleep .and you?" she asked. "Mike's gone again .dropped him off just know . on his way to Dallas this time." I said. "Well .yell if you need anything." I said.

The day dragged by .haven't seen her since this morning .by the time I left, she was not in her office. When I got to the lobby .I ran into her .told me she and Dave had a meeting with another one of our clients .she will fill me in later.

"Hey .with Mike and the kids gone .you want to come over .maybe spend the night ." she suggested. "OK .that would be nice ." I said. I was at her condo around 7 o'clock that evening .we had take aways and just mellowed listening to music .drinking wine. "You want to get naked.and fool around a bit." she surprised me again. She took my hand and led me to the spare bedroom, which had still no bed it .the boxes we got from the storage unit yesterday, were stacked in the one corner.

She lifted one of the boxes from the pile .opened it .out came this weird looking machine .a black half barrel saddle shaped device .with a place for different vibrating attachments .she mounted a stiff rubber oval egg shaped vibrator, attached to a ridged rubber plate .it had a wired controller to set the vibration intensity and you could twirl the penis egg round .

a sex machine, called a Sybian. "You want to take it for a ride ." she asked. "You go first .show me." I said. We got up .she stepped into my arms .we started undressing each other .I unbuttoned her blouse .loosened her skirt .I kissed her between her breasts.unhooked her bra .took her left breast in my mouth gave it a good suck .my right hand inside her panties .winding them down .slipping them to the ground .her slit was already wet .we were both naked.

She plugged the power cord into the wall outlet. Kneeling, straddled her legs over the Sybian .taking the controller .one dial controls the vibration intensity and the second the motion of the attachment .she dialed the first dial .the machine came alive .vibrating .using the second dial .the egg penis twirls around.

Alexis lowered herself .taking the egg inside her pussy hole .handing me the controller. I dialed the vibration up to the second setting.she sat up straight .grinding herself into the seat .cupping, fondling, rolling her tits in circles .dialing the second dial .twirling the egg inside her pussy .dialing the vibration up to 3 .she rocked her crotch back and forth .her head thrown backwards .her juices drilling on the rubber plate .her clit pressed tight against the wavy moving ridged part .moaning softly now.

After a minute or so, she got up before she could come. "Your turn ." she said. My cunt was already soaking wet .she dried her own juices from the attachment .both dials turned off .I straddled over the saddle .sunk myself down .taking the egg inside me .grinding myself into the rubber plate .feeling the ridged part brushing my clitoris .Alexis dialed the vibration to 1 .feeling the machine moving .light vibration .I laid forward supporting myself on the front edge of the barrel.

Dialing it to 2 .more vibration .I grabbed my tits .nipples taut .rolling them .the egg started twirling slowly .more vibration .more twirling .I felt the juices seeping out my cunt .the ridgy plate massaging by clit .my breaths became faster .gasping for air already .

grinding myself into the seat .more vibration .more twirling .I fell forward .more vibration . it felt unbelievable .different than a normal vibrator .the intensity almost overwhelming .you feel the whole machines vibration .ripping through your whole body .the ridgy plate massaging my clit .building me to an orgasm .I looked down .little pearly drops of my juices .bouncing on the vibrating rubber plate.

"OOHH MYYY GOODDD" I shouted .feeling the orgasm spraying outwards .cumming and cumming again .she blodne with a big ass gets rammed the twirling .I rammed myself up and down the egg .into a squatting position .rocking the egg in and out my pussy .I fell back leaning, supporting myself on my hands, legs spread open, fucking the egg up and down .I came again.fell backwards .laying on the ground.

I helped finishing Alexis off .watching, ramming myself with an unused penis attachment .cumming again .Alexis came in a screaming roar .fell of the machine, her body spasmed, rolling side to side onto the carpet .which was wet from our spraying juices. "Wow .that is a different sensation .have to get one of those." I said.

We decided to take a bath. The main bathroom had both a jacuzzi and hot tub .we decided to use the hot tub .filled it up .some bubble bath .lit some candles .bottle of wine .I got in first sitting at the back end .God she looked like a swimsuit model .her hair tied up in a knot .her pubic hair neatly trimmed .she got in facing me .

I spread my legs below the surface .motioned her to turn around .pulling her towards me .laying her down between my legs .her head resting on my right shoulder .I could feel her lower back pressed up against my crotch.

We sipped our wine .giggling like two sixteen year old girls exploring each others bodies.it felt like heaven .having her in my arms. .she turned her head sideways kissing my neck. Her kisses turned into small nibbles .even in the hot water .goose bumps raised all over my body .my taut nipples poking her in the back.

I cupped her tits in both my hands .fondling them softly .twirling her nipples between my fingers very big tits mom anal hot milf fucked delivery guy turned my head downwards .our mouths met .kissing gently .we spend more than an hour .just hanging out in the hot tub. When it was time for bed I realized there were no bed for me to sleep .the other room had her training equipment. "I'll take the sofa." I said.

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"No need . when I said you can spend the night .I meant in my bed." Alexis replied. We got in to bed .she fell asleep in my arms .I woke up in hers .spooning like a real couple. Two days past without seeing Alexis .Dave kept Alexis real busy blonde bitch in pink nicely sucks glory hole cock stockings hardcore the next big case a multi million lawsuit .us being the lawyers for the plaintiff .she phoned me dozens of times .to do research .information about the case .to hear my point of view .and just to hear my voice.

Chapter 14. Friday morning I woke up early .Mike phoned last night saying he would be home this evening. reminding me to pick up Lizzy at the airport that afternoon. Josh was back for once .we spent some quality time last night .finding out that he had a girlfriend .wishing I could tell him I had a girlfriend too .missing Alexis with each passing moment. When I got to work, she was already in .looking almost tired.

"Busy week .uh" I said. She looked up. Fell back in her chair ."You have no idea." she replied. "Well .you know where to find me .if you need some help." I offered myself and left. Again .that afternoon when I left for home .she was not in her office but her purse was still there .I wrote a quick note .and put it in her purse. The weekend dragged by .like there was no tomorrow .I took the kids to watch a movie, Spy Kids, Saturday afternoon .Sunday I took Jahmal for a gallop at Sandy Hook .every free moment of my mind filled by Alexis .God I missed her .I realized I was totally lost in her.

Monday morning .I couldn't get to the office fast enough .just to see her .she was in busy as usual .I surprised her with a cream cappuccino .her favorite. "Oh .you are a darling .you know that don't you ." she said. "I got your note .had a lot to do" she said, my note I left in her purse, asking her to call me over the weekend. We talked for a while about our weekends.

"Oh by the way .Frank is in town ." she smiled as she said it. I just rolled my eyes at her and left to start my day. I felt my blood warming through my veins .but also felt extremely nervous all of a sudden. Around 9:30AM Alexis phoned my desk. "Do you want to sit in on the discussions .with Frank and his delegation about the possible business opportunities .with Dave, Rob and myself?" she asked. "Not if I have to ." I replied. "No .I just thought .never mind .see ya later." she said.

I was so busy .deep in thought .not even aware Frank was standing in front of my desk .when Mason moore loves to be fucked by bad boys looked up .a big smile on his face.

It was almost two hours later. "So .this is where they hide you away ." he said with a smile, greeting me with the hand. I felt about thirty pairs of eyes staring from around the open plan area. "Oh .Frank .how good to see you ." as I shook his hand, feeling the blood rushing to my face. "Are you ready ." he asked. "Ready for .what?" I asked. "Lunch .I already cleared that with Alexis and Dave." he said. Caught by surprise .Alexis probably orchestrated this whole thing .I thought to myself.

"Oh .OK .ready then I suppose ." I replied .the thirty pairs of eyes felt like a thousand. I grabbed my purse and off we went .Alexis no where to be seen .he saw me peeking into Alexis office .told me she was of to lunch with the rest of the group.

"So we are going to meet .them." I asked relieved. "No, no .just us .I am taking you to this magnificent Caribbean restaurant down town .we can take a cab." he said.

Oh my God .this is not happening, I thought to myself .cursing Alexis in my mind. We were in the cab .me, trying to put as much emptiness as a back seat of a yellow cab would allow me to, between us .without much success, cause Frank was pretty broad shouldered.

I wore a skirt .which was a bad idea .If I new this was going to happen .I would have worn slacks .the skirt already rode up my thighs, high enough to expose almost half of them. I felt his eyes burning, scorching them. I was seated behind the driver .music coming from the front of the car .Frank send him off to the restaurant. He reached out touching my right thigh xxl dong big dick group sex his finger from my knee up the bare part of my thigh .I took his hand .trying to remove it .but he had it in a steady grip .brushing my bare skin with his hand .I felt my pussy pulsating .throbbing like a sore thumb.

he moved his hand dragging my skirt upwards .his right pinky flicking the outside my already damp panties .my juices seeping between my folds. I spread my legs more open .my skirt all the way up to my waist .the cab driver not able to see me clearly .Frank staring forward, as if nothing was going on. He cupped my pussy bonnet pressing hard against it .his middle finger rubbing my panties cloth through my slit .I was getting really horny very fast .his dragged my panties sideways .finding my wet slit .dragging his finger tips through it .I wanted to scream .held my breath .

"Here we are .Sir" the cabby announcing our arrival .which could not have come a second later .else I would have blown the roof of .Frank paid the cabby and we were on the sidewalk. "What the hell was that all about ." I almost yelled at him.

"How could you just do that ." I bursted it out. We had lunch .he told me about that night at his house .Brianna .which he was in a relationship before .and ended along time ago .but she was still protective of him .and jealous of any attention Frank showed towards other woman.

We talked about the meeting and he told me that if they are going to use our firm in future projects .we probably will see each other a lot.

"Listen Frank .I am a married woman and I love Mike .that night on the beach and what just happened in the cab .I can not resist your affection .you are extremely handsome .but truly, I am not interested in a relationship." I explained, thinking more of Alexis than anyone else. He said he understood but cannot resist me as well .he thought I looked unhappy and on the island I projected sadness.

I thought of telling him about my love for Alexis and what happened with the masseurs .but why expose her with the risk of hurting so many people .he promised again that our secret was safe.

Frank were in town until Wednesday and Dave invited him and his delegation to the celebration party on Tuesday night. I took a cab back to the office angelica heart wants it one more time was done for the day and went to see his family in Jersey.

When I left that afternoon, Alexis was still there .knocked myself into her office .closed the door. "So .thank you for putting me in a really awkward position ." I said.

"Sorry .you lost me ." she said. "Frank .lunch .you giving your blessing" I continued. She truly looked baffled .I told her what happened .how he induced me into going to lunch with him .what happened in the cab .and that I am not interested in his affection. "So how did it feel .him rubbing you up I mean ." she asked .her devilish eyes flickering with excitement. "Not funny .this is serious .but if you have to know .still wet as hell down there ." pointing at my own crotch.

"Sneaky .bastard." she laughed. "So if you're not going to jump his bones .mind if I do?" she asked, her smile still running around her face. "You don't need my permission." I said. "Oh .but I do .remember .we are lovers" she said with soundless lips. "Do what you have to Alexis .just don't do it for the wrong reasons." I said, almost feeling sad.

I turned back before stepping out the door .staring at her sitting behind her desk .her smile gone .and I left. As I drove home .feeling like a slut again .hating Frank for coming onto me and cursing Alexis for playing me. To be continued .