Brunette beauty aimee ryan pussy gaped by big brutal dildos

Brunette beauty aimee ryan pussy gaped by big brutal dildos
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"You are finally healed, my love. Now we can take you out and let you be the little cock-hungry cum slut you really are. " She awoke from her usual spot on His bed to the sound of his voice.

"Get dressed, Pet. We are going out." "What would you like me to wear, Milord?" "Something that is very easy to remove. Wear that catsuit I purchased you last week. The one that zips up." Knowing she would be punished if she did not hurry to comply, she went into the closet and found the outfit in question.

It was a flame red latex catsuit that consisted of a tiny skirt and a bodice that zipped up the front. She very carefully arranged her piercings under the big booty persian natalie sash so that the outline showed, but the piercings themselves did not.

As she knew He required, she wore no panties or bra. As she was arranging the bodice, she noticed small holes that lined up perfectly with her piercings. He walked in just as she was attempting to zip up the top. He pulled her piercings and nipples through the holes and attached a small set of weights to it.

Then He pushed her so that she was bent over. She grabbed her ankles, knowing what was coming. He took her big thick plug and pushed it into her ass, giving her no warning. She wiggled a bit at the intrusion, so he slapped her ass really hard. "Be still, Pet. You will enjoy this later. You're going to need this plug before the day is through." He knew she would be nervous about it, but He patted her ass and then took her collar and attached it to her neck.

They got into his car and drove to a meadow. "Pet, I have arranged for some friends to cum visit us here in the meadow in just a few minutes, so get comfortable." She arranged the blanket that was in the trunk and set her toys on the blanket beside her, knowing He would want to use them on her at least once during the outing.

He motioned and she laid down on the blanket and spread her legs, showing him her bare pussy that had the weights and the piercings attached to it. "Uh uh, Pet. What are you forgetting?" "I am so lindecente aux enfers laure sainclair olivia del rio lea martini karen lancaume anita dark coralie g She immediately got up and repositioned herself with the skirt pushed way up so she was totally bare.

He tossed her a toy that He preferred her to use. She started by taking the 9" vibrating, inflatable dildo and putting it in her mouth and getting it nice and wet. When He nodded, she spread her pussy lips wide open with one hand and she inserted the big dildo with one hard thrust. He watched the piercings slide along the ribbed edges.

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He came over to her and sat on the blanket. He pushed her hand away and took over thrusting the dildo into her. He started to inflate it. She moaned when it reached 5" thick. He gave her a moment to adjust, and then started forcefully shoving it in and out of her. She moaned in pleasure. "On your knees, Pet.

Company has arrived. Assume the position." She rose to her knees, keeping her legs spread wide and keeping the dildo inserted into her tight pussy.

Her hands went behind her back and He cuffed them together, preventing her from doing anything.

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He walked over to the car, opened the trunk, and took out the remainder of the toys. He used a spreader bar and attached her to it. She opened her mouth wide and closed her eyes, holding her tongue out so that His friends could piss or cum in her mouth. She knew that her whole purpose in life was to serve Him and His friends, if He so chose.

She kept her eyes closed, even though she could sense several men standing around her. "Open your eyes, slut. We want to see you when we cum all over your pretty little face." She opened her eyes and saw 12 men standing there.

She looked xxx sex stories 14 yar story at Him and smiled. "You are such a horny little slut, aren't you? Will this be enough to satisfy you, Pet? Or will you need about another 20 after this?" She just smiled.

"Strip, Pet. But do it so that they get a nice show." She stood up and started swaying her body to the beat of music that only she was able to hear. She unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the blanket. He motioned with his finger, and she turned and bent over so that the men could see the plug inserted in her ass and the vibrator inside her pussy, filling her completely.

She came back over to the center of the blanket, and, waiting for an unspoken signal from Him, unzipped the top, but it got caught on the piercings. She glanced over to Him for help. "Figure it out, Pet…but you are not allowed to take off the weights.

Gentlemen, cum play with my slut. She's all yours for the taking. All 3 holes are available for you to use and abuse. Pet, continue to get that shirt off, but no removing the weights. See if any of your gentlemen friends will help you with that." One man reached over and grabbed the shirt and, with a solid rip, tore it from her body.

Chains were attached to the piercings and stakes were put into the ground. She was pushed to her hands and knees. Her hands were locked into place with cuffs and her legs were attached to stakes that were strategically spread. When she was tied on her hands and knees to the 4 stakes, tethers were attached to the weights on her nipples and pulled to the stakes and tied down, so that her nipples were stretched to the maximum.

He reached down and cupped her face in His hand. "Not too painful, my love?" She shook her head no. He smiled and nodded to the man standing at her hip. The man reached in between her legs and grabbed the clit piercing and attached weights. Then he hooked a chain onto them and pulled that chain tight and tied it to one of the stakes by her hands, pulling her clit so that she felt like it was being pulled right off her body. A man stepped up and she sensed a cock near her mouth, so she opened her mouth wide.

He shoved his cock inside her mouth. Another came around behind her and yanked the plug from her ass, then walked around to her mouth. The cock left horny big tit brunette slut finger fucks wet tight pussy outdoors mouth only to be replaced with the plug.

"Clean it completely, slut." When it was completely clean, the cock went back into her mouth. The plug was placed on the blanket, and a cock was ruthlessly shoved into her ass.

Within a few minutes she was cumming so hard that the blanket was drenched.

She squirted all over the blanket. A man climbed underneath her and shoved his tongue up into her clit while another shoved his cock in her tight pussy. When she had all 3 holes completely full, she relaxed her body and focused on the movements.

She soon hot amateur babe gets her pussy slammed her muscles tightening and relaxing at the same time, bringing all 3 men to orgasm at the same time. She felt hands on her tits, a tongue on her clit, and a cock in each hole. The next thing pushed her over the edge. She felt someone grab her feet and slide her shoes off and started tickling her soles with a feather.

She squirmed and the tongue on her clit dove deeper, causing her to cum and squirt all over the blanket. That only made her hornier and made her want even more cocks inside her.

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She brought the 3 men to orgasm quickly, cleaned them off with her mouth, and then the next 3 stepped up. She clenched and unclenched her muscles all at the same time, allowing the 3 men to feel her tightness at the same time.

She fucked all 15 men, and when they were all spent, she turned to Him and smiled. "More, please, Milord." "I figured you would say that, so we have a special surprise for you. Allow me to help you up, Pet." She was untied and the weights were removed from her hot teen dick the importance of spending time. She shakily stood up. He led her over to the truck and one of the men lifted her into the truck bed.

She squealed when she saw it. A fucking machine was in the bed of the truck with 2 huge dildos attached to it. She was led over and positioned on the bench that was in front of the machine. The dildos were lined up with each hole, and the machine was turned on, gradually increasing in speed. One of the men reached into a box that was in the truck bed and pulled out a milking machine.

"Your Master also informed us that he wants you to be lactating, so we are going to start forcing you to produce milk each time you get fucked, slut. You are going to walk around with nipples that hurt like hell every day for the rest of your life, bitch. You are going to become nothing but a slut fucktoy, a cow to be milked." He grabbed her pierced nipples and pulled, hard, causing her to cry out in pain.

He licked each nipple and brutally attached the suction cups to each nipple and turned on the milker. The men stood back watching her get brutally fucked by the machine, stroking their cocks.

Some of the men even started stroking each other's cocks. After about 2 hours, she was dripping with sweatand she looked at Him. "You are wanting to cum desperately, aren't you, Pet?" "Yes.

May I cum, PLEASE?" "No. Not yet. Are you enjoying the fuck machine, my love? I'm betting you would like a big cock to suck on while you are being fucked by that machine, don't you?" "Yes, Milord. Please give me a cock to suck while I get the hell fucked out of me by this machine.

I need something to fill my mouth." One man climbed into the truck and dropped his jeans and she saw just how massive he was. He was not even hard yet and he measured a good 13" and was about as thick as a can of coke. He was also uncut. She thought to herself. "Jesus. His cock is going to dislocate my jaw easily, but I am going to have fun with this." She forced her mouth to open as wide as she could.

He stepped up to her and she wasn't able to get more than the tip in. He grabbed her head and forced his cock deep into her mouth. She heard a pop and was sure that her jaw had been dislocated. Her Master stepped up and looked at her mouth overflowing with cock. "You look so natural like that, my Pet. You were born to fuck and suck and get fucked. Would you like to cum, my love?" "Very much so, Milord. Please allow me to cum?!?!" "Cum, love.

Soak the fuck machine and cause it to short-circuit." She did not even wait for him to finish speaking. Her juices shot out of ban ja tu meri rani even though she had a big dildo inserted in her and even though it was still fucking her. The machine was turned off and the dildo was pulled out of her with a squishing sound, and as soon as the dildo came out, cum sprayed everywhere.

It shot so far that the side of the truck was soaked. The men smiled and surrounded her. Soon she had all 3 holes full of cocks again. This continued until the sun started to go down. When the last man had filled her with cum for the umpteenth time, the extremely large cock that was shoved down her throat was brought over to her.

"Got room for one more load of cum inside that extremely tight pussy? I am gonna split you in two, but it's gonna feel so damn good. Cum sit on my monster cock, slut." She was lifted onto his massive cock and he brutally slammed up into her pussy. She felt as though she was being ripped in half. His monster cock was slamming into her cervix with every thrust. "I am probably going to knock your slut up, if that's ok. It's been so long since I've fucked a nice tight pussy like this." "If she isn't pregnant after having all those loads of cum buried inside her, then go for it.

She is wanting to have a child so that she is lactating for us to have milk with coffee every morning." He smiled at her and watched her get brutally fucked by his buddy. She started moaning and meeting his thrusts. "Oh god yes. Fill me with that baby making cum. Fuck the shit out of me. Fuck me until I'm raw and bleeding, please. I want to watch my belly swell with a baby that will be a boy and have the same monster cock as his daddy." "God.

You have such a nice tight little cunt, slut. I cannot imagine you not wanting to knock her up yourself. How can you handle not impregnating your cunt every chance you get." "I do fuck her more often than you realize. But years ago I had a vasectomy, so I can't give her the child she so desperately wants. And since she is such a good little Pet, I cannot deny her the one wish she really has, which is a child. Fuck the hell out of her." "Oh god yes.

Fuck me harder." She pushed her pussy back to meet every single thrust and He watched His Pet get raped with that monster cock. "Fuck. I'm gonna cum and fill you so full of cum that the rest will all have to leave to make room for mine." She felt him twitch and she knew he was gonna cum, so she used her muscles to push the cum out of her body to make room for his. Meanwhile, her Master watched the whole thing with a hint of a smile on His lips.

When she was completely full of cum, she slumped in his lap. He lifted her off his cock and placed her in her Master's lap. Master stroked her jasmine vega spread her legs for stepbros cock and pulled on her nipples to elicit a response from her. "Damn. Keep pulling on my nipples and I will break a cardinal rule of yours and cum without permission, Milord." "Are you sated for now, Pet?" She smiled and lifted her head to kiss His lips.

"I haven't cum that hard in a very very long time, Milord. Do you think I'm pregnant?" "Possibly, Pet.

We will find out in a few days. You are at your most fertile time right now. Is there something in particular you would like from me, Pet?" "Can your friend cum stay with us for a few days until we know for certain I am pregnant? I really want the baby to be a boy, and to be his so that our child has a monster cock like that. Then when he grows up, he can impregnate the girls and split them in half with his monster cock." "Certainly, Pet.

If that is your desire. However, you must remember that you do not get to fuck him without my permission and that you STILL must submit to me at all times, and in all things.

You also do not get to change your habits. You will still be naked at all times unless we go out somewhere, and even if he approaches you and wants to fuck, you are not allowed to fuck him without me giving both of you the ok first. Understood?" "Yes, Milord. Anything you say." She snuggled back into His lap and He carried her to the car. Setting her in the passenger seat, He took the anal plug and the dildo and inserted both again. Then He pumped the dildo back up to full size, plugging her pussy so that none of the cum could escape.

Then He walked back over to talk to His friend, inviting him to come live with them for a while. She opened her eyes to see herself stretched out in the back of the car, with a cock next to her mouth. Knowing what was expected of her, she opened her mouth and allowed the cock to enter. Mike fucked her mouth for what seemed an eternity. "You will get used to my monster cock, slut. Your mouth, pussy and ass will get to where it is properly stretched to accommodate me.

I am sure your Master will not have any issues with me stretching you out to fit me." "You may use my slut, but you cannot stretch her out too much. She IS still my property, after all. Are you enjoying her mouth, Mike?" "Fuck yea. Her mouth is almost as much fun as her pussy and ass. I like starting out with her mom and boy anal creampy, but that pussy is something else.

It will be nicely stretched when I'm done though. Watch. I haven't met a pussy yet that I haven't stretched out." "My Pet has been stretched out by cocks a bit bigger than yours. She always naturally contacts back to the tightness you feel every time you fuck her." "So can I fuck her again now while you drive us back to the house?" "No. Wait until we get her home. That way you can put her in the dungeon and tie her up and fuck the shit out of her." They both smiled at the idea of putting her in the dungeon, spread-eagled, tied and totally at their mercy.