Pretty teen receives totally wild with craving

Pretty teen receives totally wild with craving
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It was the summer after Maxynn's sophomore year of high school. She was so glad to be able to sleep in late and go to parties all summer long. Summers in the small town of Oakland, meant parties, parties, and more parties. Of course though, she would have to listen to her older stepbrother, Holden, give her lectures about how careful you should be when you go to parties and get drunk.

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About what the consequences could be and just you know, being the annoying, overprotective, older brother. Holden has pretty much been her brother since she was two, he would have been three. Her mother passed away when she was born, and Holden's father walked out on his mother while she was pregnant.

His mother and my father met a few short years after i was born, both of us being the only child. She had always thought Holden was annoying growing up. But, as they started to enter the more "mature" stage of our lives, she started to realize he's actually really handsome and not that bad.

He's 5'6, dark hair.

He's on the football team, works out a lot, and very popular. He's also the sleep-around, and leave kind of guy. She was 5'2, dirty blonde hair down to my back. Queen of heels and makeup, and definitely the committed kind of person in a relationship, unlike her stepbrother.

It was a Friday night, and Maxynn was up in her room with a couple of her friends getting ready for their party night. This was the biggest party that would probably be held all summer, hosted by one of the most popular girls at their school.

This party always had fun games and sexy things to do with each other. Maxynn had heard a rumor this new game was going to be like no other. They all got ready to head out, Holden driving them. Since he was going to be there too. When they got there, the party was wild. "Max, be good. Come get me when you're ready to leave, don't go home with anyone that's been drinking." Holden said to his sister as he walked off to make-out with some random cute girl. Maxynn ran off to the keg and got some alcohol.

She loved to drink, she was good at that. A short while, everyone was called around so the host could tell everyone was the mystery game was. Our host, named Mila started giving us the details, "I know there has been a lot of talk. And I know you are all ready to hear this. Tonight we will be playing a new game. There will be a bowl of numbers, each number will be put in twice. If you wish to play, you will draw from the bowl.

Do not tell anyone your numbers. You will then all stand in a line, girls in one, boys in the other. We will blind fold all of you, and when your number is called, the two people will be put into a room and they will be able to do whatever they wish.

Only three rules: no talking, no turning on the lights, and no taking off the blind folds. You will have however long you wish to be in there. Once you think you are both done, only one is to leave the room at a time, we don't want to give it away. And if you like what you get and wish to ask around to find who it is afterwards, go right ahead. Have fun everyone." She hopped off the table. Mila was ready to get this game started and so was i. She headed to the room where they were holding this all.

There was a large variety of people who wanted to play this, but i bet half of them were drunk. They probably would regret it in the morning. I picked my number, and stood in the line while i got blindfolded. Number 27 was what needed to be called. And after it seemed like hours of waiting, it was finally called. I was led into the room and waited till i heard the door click behind me. I could hear the male breathing, then i felt him touch my face.

He pulled me close and his lips pressed against mine. His lips were soft, and he smelled good. He had a certain scent to him old man spoils capricious teenie with fuck i recognized. I probably knew this boy from school. I then felt his tongue trying to reach its way into my mouth, he tasted of alcohol badly.

After what seemed like a long time of french kissing, i felt his hands wander to the waistband of my shirt. He lifted it up over my head and ran his hands over my bare stomach. I could start to hear his breathing get heavier. I pulled his shirt off and began kissing on his neck, leaving a huge hickey on the left side.

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I felt his hand tugging mine and i followed him. Then, i felt myself be shoved backwards and landed on a bed. He got on his knees in front of me and started unbuttoning my shorts. He ripped them off, along with the underwear. He was wasting no time. He spread my legs apart and began kissing my slit.

He slipped his tongue in worked his magic. I was in awe, it felt so amazing. Better than any other guy I have had. He spread her pussy lips apart hot lovely babe takes hard cock in face hole gain more access to her sweet cunt. He started tonguing her hole and rubbing her clit with his fingers.

He began kissing up her stomach, until finally he reached her lips. He pulled off his pants and put his hands on each side of her. He leaned down and kissed her soft, plump lips. He inserted the tip in and she heard him groan, she could tell he was really into it. She was glad, because she was too. Although he's drunk, so it could be just because the alcohol. He seemed to go slow at first, perhaps he thought she was a virgin, but she was definitely not.

He started picking up the pace, his meat filling her up. She caught on with the rhythm and began thrusting back to him. Her hips moved wildly, it felt amazing. He was pinning her down with his hands and that's when she noticed something familiar about him.

He had a bracelet on. It wasn't chain, it was rubber. She was trying to think hard about who it might be, but she was too caught up in the moment to think about anything else. She lifted her leg and pushed him to the bottom. She loved being in control. She placed her hands on his chest and started in and upward-downward pattern. His hips quickly learned the rhythm and followed.

The only sound in the room was the slapping of their sex, the air smelled sweaty. She was so close to cumming.

She wanted to yell it out, but remembered she couldn't talk. He grabbed her hips and started trusting harder, she heard him groaning, she knew he had to be close.

She began to move faster, leaning down and kissing him. She felt a shock go over her body, at the same time she felt him shoot his seed into her. His warm, sticky semen was filling her young pussy. She finally collapsed on his chest. For the first time since they got into the room, he spoke.

"That was amazing. I enjoyed that a lot." He had a really familiar voice. She was trying so hard to place it, but it was difficult in the dark. He said something again, "Can i turn the lights on? I would like very much to know who you are. Maybe we could keep doing this." She thought for a second, she would like to know too. "Okay", she replied. He got off the bed, as he was walking over to the door she began taking off her blindfold. That's when it hit her.

She knew who she had just fucked. And she knew him very well. "Wait don't turn on the lights!" She jumped off the bed to run toward him, but it was too late.

She was face to face with her brother, Holden. To be continued.