Joseline kelly open mouth facial after an interracial fuck striptease and pornstars

Joseline kelly open mouth facial after an interracial fuck striptease and pornstars
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After, their little ordeal in the bathroom of their work, Anne and Jamie decided to live together, and quit their jobs, to start their own T-girl modeling agency, Anne being the photographer and Jamie of course, being the one to get clients, with the help of Anne as well. When Jamie, left her New York City loft, she left in a gleeful mood, because she just had the roughest and hottest sex she ever had in a long while with her lover.

The second she got out of her building, she tightened her coat up and pulled out her umbrella. "Today is supposed to be beautiful!

Not a damn down pour." though Jamie, as she recalled the weather predictions for the evening and into tomorrow, "73 they said, id say it is about 57 out right now!" she was screaming in her mind. None the less, Jamie was determined not to be stopped by this weather, so she hailed a taxi to her and told him to drop her off at the subway station.

When she finally got there, she tossed the man $75 and told him to keep the change, which he happily south american slut fuck in her ass and pussy outdoor, because it was only a $30 fare, she was feeling generous today. When she got her ticker and onto the subway, she took a seat next to a very very very gorgeous woman, which she couldn't help but steal glances at every now and then. When she was about half-way to her destination, the woman leaned over and asked if she knew where Madison Square Garden was.

"Um& you have a map?" asked Jamie.

"Sure do!" replied the girl, thankful for someone's help. When she produced the map, her and Jamie were studying it and finding out the fastest route to there, Jamie just happen to look into her shirt, and noticed quite a bit of cleavage peeking out from there, the girl just blushed, obvious to Jamie's peeks. While they were also figuring it out, Jamie's hand "slipped" and hit the girls boobs, which made her giggle and made Jamie smirk. "Hi, my name is Jamie." she said. "Hi Jamie, I am Chelsea, nice to meet you." said Chelsea.

"Same to you Chelsea." replied Jamie, shaking her hand and smiling. Along the remainder of the ride, Jamie got to know Chelsea, and found out that she is in NYC to look for a place to live, she just left her boyfriend and was really out on her luck with apartments and such.

"Come live with me Chelsea, it is only me and my friend Anne, we have plenty of room for you!" replied Jamie, hoping Chelsea would say yes "I don't know Jamie&hellip.ill give it a look, and if I like it, then I will, but I feel like I would be taking advantage of you" replied Chelsea, thankful for her offer, but still a bit shy that a woman she hardly knows would say that. "Oh non-sense! You wouldn't be taking advantage of me, just as long as you pay a portion of the rent, you will be fine!" replied Jamie, really hoping for a new room-mate.

When they got off the subway, they both walked to a big business building, Jamie' former job, when they got in, Jamie received her final paycheck from that cursed place and left happily, and with Chelsea's arm in hers, nearly skipping with joy, and the weather improved dramatically, so Jamie took her coat off to reveal a button down short sleeve shirt, showing plenty of cleavage, and it was cut, so her toned stomach was showing as well.

Jamie brought Chelsea home to her loft and yelled for Anne, feeling confident she wasn't there, she gave Chelsea a tour of the place, and her bedroom, should she accept the offer. When they were done the tour, Jamie got Chelsea a coke and herself an iced tea. When they both sat on the couch, Chelsea leaned over and kissed Jamie on the lips, surprising even Jamie. Jamie sat there with wide eyes, till she lay back and let alexis stroke you off the back of Chelsea's head and started kissing back, they kissed for about, 45 seconds, then Chelsea pulled back and sat there, turning redder than a nice ripe tomato.

"I…I&hellip.I'm sorry, it is just, that you are so beautiful…I don't know what came over me…ill lave now." stammered Chelsea As she got up to leave, Jamie grabbed her arm and pulled her back onto the couch. "why would want you to leave Chelsea?" said Jamie, rubbing Chelsea's hands in hers. "It's just&hellip.I feel so loved being with you&hellip.and I don't know&hellip.that you'd love my back…" said Chelsea, starting to cry.

"why wouldn't I love you? Look at you! You are absolutely gorgeous Chelsea" Said Jamie, hugging her and patting her back "Well&hellip.I have a little secret I tend to keep from the world&hellip.the reason why my boyfriend left me&hellip.and I don't know if you'd like me or not…" said Chelsea, now with tears running down her cheeks.

"Chelsea…I will always love you…no matter what…now, what is that little secret you have?" asked Jamie, still hugging her After, Chelsea took a few deep breaths, she slowly stood up and started working her pants down around her thighs, then her calves, and around to her ankles, and very slowly started to stand up.

When she fully stood up, Jamie looked into her eyes, and slowly looked down, staying on her bobs a bit, then moving past her sexy tummy, to a big surprise awaiting in Chelsea's g-string.

Chelsea reached down, pulled her g-string to the side and unleashed her monster of a cock. "Oh my god!" exclaimed Jamie, staring at Chelsea's huge organ. "See&hellip.I told you, ill leave now…sorry to bother you" said Chelsea, as she bent down to pull her pants up, but before she could, Jamie got up, pulled her skirt up and pulled out her own giant cock, to Chelsea's obvious arousal, and disbelief.

"You see Chelsea…I also have a "little" secret of my own." and with that, Jamie started to kiss Chelsea in earnest, moving her hands down her back and to her tight firm ass cheeks, which she groped and rubbed for all they were worth. While doing this, Jamie felt Chelsea's member, start to get erect, and couldn't believe the size of it, it was at least 14 inches long, and 4 inches thick, and still growing, Jamie just thought "holy shit!

I am definitely going to be fucked now!" and with that thought running through her mind, her own cock started to get hard, not nearly as big as Chelsea's monster, but still nothing to mess delicious leda plays around with her cunt with.

While kissing, they made their way back down to the couch and Jamie had Chelsea lay down, and she removed her shirt, bra, skirt and thong.

All the while, kissing Chelsea still. They only briefly paused, and when they did Jamie took in Chelsea's naked form, her big luscious tits, her nice stiff cock, that looked fit to explode, and her cute face, if a bit chubby, but not too much, just enough to make it look good.

After their pause, Jamie reached down and grabbed Chelsea's cock and started to rub it up and down, as she planted kisses along her body, as she was bringing her head down there. When Jamie's mouth finally stopped kissing, she was looking down the length of the monster cock in her hands, to a pair of generous sized balls, that she knew, had cum in them for her, and just for her.

Jamie, kept looking down it, when she slowly bent her head forward and flicked the tip of the cock with her tongue, wiggling her tongue into the piss-hole and swirling it around the head and underside of the head.

She continued to do so for about 5 minutes, when finally, she opened her mouth, as wide as she could, and just inhaled a good portion of Chelsea's cock, to her amazement and pleasure. "oh god!

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No one has ever been able to xxx madhuri dixit story bf dwonlod this to me before…oh god" she thought as Jamie applied her expert cock sucking skills on Chelsea. When Chelsea broke out of her trance-like state, she put her hands in Jamie's hair and slowly started to pull Jamie's head up and push it down. As Jamie's head bobbed up and down, her right hand was slipping between Chelsea's firm cheeks and searching for that little brown hole, she knew was there, and when she found it, she jammed her finger in and started working it in and out, to Chelsea's obvious arousal, because when she did this, she felt Chelsea's cock get harder "oh god…how hard can this cock get?" though Jamie.

"oh god&hellip.ooooh jamie, if you keep this up……I am gonna cum soon!" panted Chelsea.

With that in mind, Jamie worked another finger into Chelsea's ass and started to really pump then in and out. When Chelsea knew she couldn't take anymore, she got up and pulled Jamie into a kneeling position, and started to rub her cock.

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After 30 seconds of rubbing, Chelsea let loose her load, coating Jamie's face in a blanket of white cum, but she wasn't done, and as she kept cumming, she put it in Jamie's mouth and gave her quite the cum buffet, but she kept cumming still, and just sprayed Jamie's tits with her cum, finally, after shooting about 15 long strands of cum, Chelsea collapsed onto the couch, while Jamie sat there still kneeling, and licking the cum from her tits, and her fingers.

"Oh my god Chelsea!!! You didn't tell me you could cum so much!" Jamie said gleefully as she still licked the reminants of Chelsea's orgasm off of her skin.

"Haha…sorry, didn't know if you'd mind or not…"panted Chelsea, fitfully out of breath and exhausted&hellip.when she opened her eyes, she saw a beautiful red-headed girl sitting in the doorway, hand down the front of her pants, and a hand in her shirt&hellip. Sorry to end it folks&hellip.but the 2nd part is coming soon!!!!!!!!! Real soon! I appreciate comments on the stories I write, tell me if I should keep going or not, and feed me new ideas, maybe they'll make it into one of my stories!!!

AND DON'T WORRY, WHEN I SAY IM GONNA WRITE A SEQUEL TO A STORY,I MEAN IT……not like some of say they will, but don't