Horny black girl keeps her job interraical big tits

Horny black girl keeps her job interraical big tits
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I laid there on my side, Ellie on her back, and watched her sleep for several minutes. Watched her chest swell and recede, watched my hand on her stomach rise and fall. Watched her shift slightly as I moved my hand to her breasts. Watched her submissively, instinctively, slide her arms until they were above her head. Watched the wrinkles on her forehead appear as I started lightly pinching her nipples. Saw her eyes flutter open, seeing my face for the first time.

Eyes opened wide, head turned. Lips parted, thinned…a smile. She turned on storys of sunny leone xxx side to face me and fell contentedly back to sleep. * * * Ellie lay on her back, I on top of her. My hands holding hers above her head. No rope. I ran my tongue around those lips, watched her eyes smile. Pressed mine to hers lightly, then harder, enjoying the fullness, the softness, the perfection.

Finally I slid my tongue in, it danced with hers, they wrestled. I let hers win and enter my mouth for a few minutes. Softly, wetly they caressed each other. I grew harder, she grew wetter. Finally they slowly slid apart as I pulled off of her. With some effort, I slid her around so I was on my back and she was straddling my stomach.

She lifted herself and backed up until she was over my cock. Reaching down, she grabbed it, and shoved only the head into her wet pussy. "Oh!" I cried out in surprise as she suddenly dropped down onto me, forcing my meat to plunge deep into her vagina. Smiling mischievously, she leaned back onto her hands and slut licks cum from toes interracial cumshot sliding herself up and down my dick.

I braced myself in a half sitting position with one hand and started rubbing her clit with the thumb of the other. She let her head hang back as she started moaning and pushing down harder, faster with every thrust. I stopped to stare at her bouncing breasts for a moment, marveling at her perfect body. After a few mesmerizing minutes my thumb continued its assault on her clitoris and I began to hear softly moaned cries of "yes, yes, oh," escape her lips.

I began to hump into her thrusts as her wetness seemed to start dripping down onto me. After several minutes with the stimulation my cock was providing her g-spot, and my thumb giving her clit, she leaned her head up and stared directly into my eyes. Smiling, I thrusted harder and faster still, forcing her eyes shut, and her mouth open. Eyes squeezed shut, forehead wrinkled, her teeth bit down hard on her lower lip as the first of her string of orgasms started to come.

Without warning they hit, one after another, her eyes clenching shut tighter with each one, juices dripped onto me, her vaginal muscles tightened and contracted and her thrusts slowed to a crawl. Finally the raggedness changed to deep content sighs, her climaxes weakened then stopped. She sat back on her heels, kneeling in between my legs on the bed.

I sat up. Her eyes opened, looked at me apologetically. "May I make you cum?" "How do you plan on doing that Ellie?" I asked, speaking to her as myself for the first time. "Putting my mouth over every inch of your cock," she said gazing down at me, letting a hand slide towards her pussy, stopping at her stomach. Time seemed to stop, we stared at each other.

She grabbed my still wet cock and started slowly stroking it top to bottom. After a few strokes she started to shift herself into position to suck me. "No," I said. She stopped and looked at me, but continued to slowly stroke. "You have to get me off by licking my balls. In five minutes or less." "Or else, what?" "Or you have to be my slave for the next few hours until I cum." She smiled at me.

"Deal." I moved to a standing position on the floor, she went down to her knees. I looked at my watch, "begin." She didn't move immediately to my shaved balls. Instead she looked me right in the eyes, pursed those gorgeous lips and let out a soft hungry moan. My cock stiffened significantly. Cupping her breasts, she slid forward and lightly kissed each testicle.

She sucked one into her mouth, went around it once, wetting it with her tongue then slowly let it slip out. Then the other. I looked at my watch. Half the time had passed. She smiled and blew lightly on my wet balls. My dick hardened some more. Finally he drew them both into her mouth, making hungry little moans as she moved back and forth across them with the tip of her tongue and rubbed my dick with her nose.

I shuddered slightly. She could easily make me cum this way…but not in five minutes. I looked father and daughter home alon my watch again.

Four and a half minutes, close enough. Gently I pulled away. "You are now my slave, stand up, hands on your head." "Yes master," she said smiling, intertwining her fingers behind her head. I walked around her, inspecting the rina ellis fucked by an anal maniac that was to be my toy for the next few hours, or few minutes, depending on how much restraint I had.

I stroked her cheek softly, then ran my finger down. Down between her breasts, down to her clit. I played with it for a minute.

She looked like she wanted to burst, but remained silent. My hands continued around, running up and down her thighs, gripping her full ass. I pressed my body into her back and cupped her breasts. I pinched her nipples in between my first two fingers and let go. Pinched and let go. Gasp…exhale, pinch and release. I walked over to my bag and grabbed a collar with a single D-ring at the front. I put it around her neck. I threaded the chain for the nipple clamps through the ring, and let them hang there.

The clamps themselves stopped about two inches above each nipple. She looked at me, pleaded with her eyes, but kept her lips closed and her hands on her head.

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I pinched her nipples between my thumbs and index finger and pulled her onto her toes, forcing her to take a few steps, then letting her down. Then I lifted each breast and put a clamp on each nipple. I tied her hands in front of her, and raised them above her head.

Then I bound her knees and ankles together and admired her standing there like a giant letter "I." I laid her on her back on the floor and walked over to my backpack pulling out the device she would both love and hate. A vibrator. Not just any, one where the vibrating head was about the size and shape of a light bulb with a point at the top that was to reach her clit. I shoved it so her tightly bound legs held it in place and wrapped a rope around to ensure that she couldn't jar it away from her pussy.

The massive head spread her lips wide, and the appropriate part rested against her clit. The vibrations would reach every single inch of her vagina. It would bring her to climax very quickly. Then when it hit, it would mercilessly rip orgasm after orgasm from her body until I turned it off.

There is such a thing as too much pleasure, Ellie was about to see firsthand. I tied her wrists to one of the legs of her bed, and her ankles to her gigantic dresser, stretching her tight, ensuring she could not relieve the pleasure that was about to attack her body. I walked over, knelt by her head and ran a hand through her dark wavy hair.

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I slipped a finger into her mouth, allowed her to service it for a short while before pulling it out and kissing her passionately. As I started to pull away, I reached down and turned on the vibrator. Ellie tried to fight it, and full sex stories japani sexy story sex stories for maybe a minute. She raised her head to look down at the intense pleasure between her legs, eyes wide, mouth open in disbelief that something could feel so torturously good.

Then she began to scream. Her body tried to fold against the ropes. A futile movement, she began to spasm and writhe around on the floor, trying in vain to get the vibrator off her pussy.

Nothing helped. She quickly grew closer to climax, her teeth clenched, she began emitting low guttural moans. Then they came. Her mouth opened wide, her eyes wider, she tried to scream…nothing. The breath was taken out of her. She began having one extremely powerful orgasm after another. The vibrator did not quit, the orgasms did not recede, they kept building, and building.

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With each one her body strained against the ropes more and more, her eyes rolled back in her head. The assault continued on until after several wrenching orgasms, I turned it off and removed it. I quickly cut her binds and placed her on the bed, where she promptly fell asleep due to extreme exhaustion. Slipping into bed along with her, I rolled her onto me and allowed her to use my bare chest as a pillow while I held her tight.

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About a half hour later she fell from her power-nap back into consciousness. Her eyes fluttered open and she stared into mine. Wordlessly she slid down until the side of her head rested on the inside of my right thigh and gazed at my cock. She sighed and looked up at me with those big brown eyes while she started stroking my dick. Her pace maxed out quickly, her hand moving in a fury up and down my hard shaft. Her hands were so soft, her eyes so beautiful…it felt like heaven.

Then she wrapped her lips around my head and started licking. Around and around my head, over the tip, then around again. That brought me over the edge as I grabbed hold of the mattress and immediately shot a strong stream into her mouth. She sucked in slightly, her tongue continued to circumnavigate my dick as my spurts grew weaker and weaker, finally down to a dribble. She sucked in some more, trying to draw all the cum she possibly could out inked assfucked glamour eurobabe facialized pornstars european me.

She licked a drop off my tip and I spasmed in response. It was too sensitive. She smiled while still on my dick. Then did it again. I sat up. A third time. I pulled her head off my dick and up to mine. I kissed her passionately, my tongue swept through her mouth, tasting a few remnants of myself.

I didn't care. After a long embrace, I sat up, leaning against the headboard with her between my legs leaning back against me. The best way to sit with a girl, it gave me full access to whatever I wanted.

She let her hands rest on my thighs as I groped her breasts and played with her nipples. "We should get someone else to play with again," she said, her voice rising at the points when I pinched her.

"What, one of your friends?" "Friends," she laughed. "Maybe once. Not now. I used to be superficial, back in middle school…when everybody was. They were my friends then. I changed, they didn't. What was I supposed to do? I was an only child, I had nothing, no one to fall back on.

So I maintained the illusion." She gasped as I slid a hand down, fingers into her pussy and pulled her closer to me. "Until now." "Do I hear a note of dominance in your voice?" I teased, putting my chin on her shoulder, cheek against hers. She started to speak, stopped and paused for a moment. I began to tweak her nipples harder. I had been playing with them for a while now, they were getting pretty sensitive.

"Not to you," she breathed. Calming a little bit, she pressed her cheek closer to mine. "I'm forever yours."