Lesbian luscious babes that will cause you erection

Lesbian luscious babes that will cause you erection
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Let me start by describing myself. I'm 5'6 I have long brown hair. I wear a 36ddd. It all started the summer I turned 14 my uncle Nick, aunt keri, my cousin Gabby, and I all went do to the lake for the fourth of July. Now at this time I had just a d cup and I was experiencing being a lesbian.

My cousin and I would eat each other out and kiss and she would suck my tits. Well that Friday when we left the only thing I could think about was swimming naked with my uncle. I had no idea why but I was so horny. My cousin was in the back seat with me. Her parents couldn't see us because of all the stuff piled up with just enough room to see out the rearview mirror. That day I was first comes the blowjob then the teasing a blood red tank top and a pair of basketball shorts.

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My cousin reached across the seat and put her hand to my soaking wet pussy. "Damn someone is horny!" "I know I just can't wait until we get to the house." She smirked at me and started to run my pussy through the fabric.

We got to the house at midnight. As uncle Nick was bringing in our naughty teens testing out a new camera chain reaction a bug flew into my bra. I jerked down my top and tried to get it out. Right as I jerk down my top my uncle walks into the room. He is staring at my tits and I'm staring at his crotch that now has a good size tent to it. As Gabby finally got the bug out of my shirt he walks away.

That night Gabby and I take the bed behind her parents room. I changed my basketball shorts out for a pair of black Op booty shorts, that my ass falls out of. "Damn I like that look!" "Thanks gabs." She walks over to me and runs her hands over my tits.

"You know I'm a little hungry and I know your super horny so how bout I have a snack?" "You don't have to ask me twice." I walked over to the bed and my cousin came up and slid down my shorts and panties. She breathed in the aroma and smile. I spread my legs apart and she parted my pussy lips. Her tongue ran back and forth between my clit and entrance.

I heard someone getting out of bed in her parents room. Our door opened just a crack and I saw my uncle staring at me as his daughter are me out. He placed his hand over his crotch and run his cock through the material of his boxers. He walked away and Gabby came up. "Damn you taste extra good today." "I'm glad you like." With that I got up and walked to the bathroom. The door was closed meaning someone was in there.

I pressed my ear to the door and heard milf lisa anally destroyed by black cock uncle grunting and moaning. I knocked on the door. "Yes?" "Uncle Nick I got to pee. Like really badly." "Okay hold on." I heard him grunt one last time and then water run.

He opened the door and part of his cock was slipping out of his boxers. I went to push past him and as I did I swung my arm and hit his cock. "I'm so sorry uncle Nick." "It's fine." I walked past him and left the door slightly ajar.

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I did my business and gave him a good view of my naked pussy. When I finished I walked out in just my panties.I heard my uncle gasp and saw he was jerking off. I walked up to him and grabbed his cock.

"I can always help you." With that I walked away. The next couple of day were the same we'd go out on the boat, tube ,fish ,swim, and then go home. It wasn't until Thursday that things got good. Gabby ,uncle Nick and I were all going to go night fishing but Gabby got grounded because she smarted off.

So it was just me and uncle Nick. We went out to our cove and got the boat loaded. When we set our it was pitch black and I was asian ho jar rides a big white dick so uncle Nick told me to come and curl up next to him. When I did he put his arm around me and it just barely grazed my tit. I saw his shorts immediately form a small tent.

I curled up closer and then his hand was right in front of my tit. The tent free larger and I giggled. As we passed the T.W.R.A boat schnuggie91 gummi gerissen cousin spritz waved and kept on going. We went underneath the highway bridge and into a cove that made it's way all the way back into the woods. There was a waterfall. Uncle Nick said we would catch more fish here. I grabbed my pole and grabbed a night crawler.

I pushed the hook through it about 3 time and then cast my reel. As I was waiting uncle Nick came up behind me and cupped my tits. "You said you could help and I need help." "Fine but only because I'm super horny." I grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it I've my head. His jaw groped and I slid down my pants. Leaving me in just my bra and panties. My uncle took off his shirt and left only his pants.

He took them off along with his boxers. His cock was rock hard. I walked over to him and got down on my knees and took his cock into my mouth. I swirled my tongue over his head.and licked down and then back up. I engulfed his cock until it hit the back of my throat. He then took his hands and placed them on my head. He began to fuck my face. He let me take a breathe and then he took and rammed his cock back in KY mouth. He hit the back of my throat and pushed even further. He only stopped when he was completely in my mouth.

After he pulled out he laid me down on the seat and unhooked my bra and slid down my panties. He placed himself at my entrance and said"This is going to hurt." He then rammed Althea way in me. I bit my lip to keep from screaming.

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The pain was soon replaced by pleasure Andi couldn't help but moan. "Faster and harder uncle Nick please I need it!" He pounded me until I climaxed. I raised my.biz and bucked under him. I had never had an orgasim like that before. He continued to pound me until he said"Oh yes bitch you like my cock don't you? You like cuming all over it? Well guess what bitch I'm about to come all over you!" With that he jerked out and came all over my tits, stomach, and face.

He released 7 ropes of cum. He leaned down and kissed me and said"Your my favorite niece." With that he got up put his close back on and then through me in the water. When I for back in the boat he gave me a towel and told me to get dressed. That was the first and last time I ever ducked my uncle