A black chick shows us her lust

A black chick shows us her lust
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All characters are of 18+ years old. Thanks for reading! More chapters coming real soon! ***** "Ok class that's a wrap. I'll see you all next week when we begin a new chapter." Said Mr. Holland, my statistics teacher, as the announcements finished and we all got up from our chairs. "And just because you all are graduating in a few weeks, that doesn't mean you guys can just check out and allow your grades to plummet. Senioritis is a terrible disease and if you let it take hold of you, I promise you will be feeling the symptoms of it when you begin college next year.

Nonetheless, have a great weekend and stay out of trouble." I hurried down the hall to my locker, eager to be free of the confines of the building and on my way back home to let the weekend begin. I got to my locker and, like usual, fucked up the combination two or three times before I could get the damn thing open.

I threw a bunch of books in my backpack even though I knew I wouldn't be using them and headed for the door. "Yo! Wait up Daniels!" I turned at the mention of my name and spotted a few of my friends standing in a small group talking in front of the lockers.

I waved and jogged lightly over to them. "Sup guys." I greeted as I approached them. "Not much man, just talkin' about this weekend," Replied Frank, one of my friends from the real mom and daughter sex tape hornbunnycom team. "Speaking of which, you got any plans this weekend?

You know that rich kid Robert Oden-something? He's throwing a huge party tomorrow night. Are you going?" "Nah sorry guys I can't make it. I promised my dad I would help with one of his plumbing jobs on Saturday so I will be out of town until Sunday afternoon." A chorus of groans and boos greeted me as I finished speaking "Aw c'mon man.

Can't your old man just bring someone else? We need you there man. Whether you want to admit it or not, girls are into you. Regardless of if you don't want to fuck a bunch of random hot girls, we need you to pass the plate man. Send a few of them our way. C'mon man, do it for us." "I'm sorry guys, I want to go, but I promised my dad I would help him on this. He needs pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 419 who knows plumbing, not just some random guy and I know plenty from working with him so I said I would help.

His partner is sick. Next time though, I'm there." With that I turned and headed towards the entrance and the parking lot where my truck was parked. Just as I was opening the passenger door to my truck and slinging my backpack onto the passenger seat, I heard the footsteps of someone running up to me.

I turned around to find Audrey, a girl from my class jogging up to me. She was a pretty girl about 5'0" with long black hair that flowed down her back loosely. She was small but had fairly large C or D cups and a good sized bubble butt that stuck out from her small form and drew eyes from down the hall. She wasn't the most gorgeous or most popular girl in the school, but she was pretty darn attractive. I had noted her looks many times, but I had to focus more on my sports than dating or sex so I didn't chase after girls unlike my friends.

She slowed to a stop in front of me and paused for a moment to catch her breath. "Hi Josh. I didn't mean to listen to your conversation or anything but I just overheard you say something about you knowing plumbing. Is that.like.true?" "Yes." I said cautiously. "Is there something wrong with that?" "No, no, no! I just. our kitchen sink started leaking this week and I was wondering if you could help me out.

I don't know two things about plumbing." "What's wrong with your dad? Can't he fix it? Or at least call a plumber?" I asked, not wanting to sacrifice my Friday evening lying on my back in someone else's kitchen covered in dirty water and pipe glue trying to fix a sink. "Yeah that's the thing.

He's out of town for two weeks on a business trip. It's just me and my mom and my little brother. He said to call your dad because he knew that your dad is a plumber, but he is out of town on that job that you are meeting him at tomorrow so we don't have anyone we know who could help out short notice. Please Josh. We are willing to pay you whatever it takes. Please?" I closed my eyes and sighed, rubbing my temples. Who was I kidding? I wasn't going to say no to someone who needed help.

I might as well get all my non-existent plumbing urges out this weekend if I was already going to be helping out my dad tomorrow. "Fine, I'll do it, Audrey. No charge. I'll be over in a couple hours." I told her. "OMG Thank you, thank you, thank you Josh!" she exclaimed as she threw her small arms around my waist in a hug. "I'll tell my mom you're coming over. Thanks again!" She let go of me and went to her car before I could even think about what I had gotten myself into.

I had never even seen their kitchen sink. I had no idea what the problem was with it or what it was going amateur youngster rides big fat cock cumshots and amateurs take to get it fixed. And I was doing it for free. 'You are such an idiot Josh!' I thought to myself as I climbed up into my truck and pulled out of the school parking lot. I didn't live especially far from school so I got home pretty quickly.

I went straight up to my room and started to change into my work clothes. "Josh are you home?" yelled my mother up the stairs. "Yeah I'm changing, why?" I yelled back.

"Changing for what? Are you going somewhere?" "Yeah, a girl in my grade is having sink issues so I promised her I would take a look at it today. I'll be back later. I don't know how long this will take." I finished changing and went downstairs to the kitchen where my mom was. "Ok, well your father called a little while ago and said to tell you that Rick was feeling better and is headed down tomorrow to help on the job.

He doesn't need you tomorrow." "Cool. I better get going. I haven't even seen this sink yet so I have no idea what the situation is there. I don't want to be in someone else's kitchen until 1:00 a.m. neck deep in dish water. Bye" I got all my tools from the garage and threw them in the bed of my truck and headed over to Audrey's house.

She lived a bit farther from school than me but still wasn't too far away. I pulled in the driveway and parked my truck behind what I assumed was her mom's Toyota forerunner. My truck barely fit in the damn drive. I took my toolbox and lugged it to the front door. Before I could even knock, the door flew open. "Hi Josh," came a bubbly and sweet voice. "Hello again, Audrey." I greeted in response. "Mom!

Josh is here. You know.the guy I told you about who said he could help with the kitchen sink!" Audrey yelled into the house. "Ok I'll be right there sweetie." Yelled back a female voice that I assumed had to belong to her mother. I stepped in the door, ducking my head a bit to avoid smacking my forehead on the big tits latina slut fucking her step son frame.

As I stepped into the entry hall, a woman in her thirties stepped around the corner. She looked like an older version of Audrey with a similar body and the same long, black hair and bright attitude. "You must be Josh," she said. "You're a tall one, aren't you? And handsome too. A good package." "Mom!" exclaimed Audrey, blushing. "Thank you ma'am," I said, amused by her embarrassment. "So Audrey said you were having plumbing issues. May I see the sink?" "Ooooo. Tall, handsome, AND polite.

I wish my daughter was dating a boy like you." Continued Audrey's mom. "Mom!" exclaimed Audrey again, her cheeks bright red. "Ok, ok I was just making an observation is all," said Audrey's mom. "The kitchen is this way Josh." She led me down a hall and to the kitchen. The cabinet doors below the sink were hanging and there were several bath towels soaking up water on the floor along with a couple buckets part way full of water.

"We don't know anything about plumbing as Audrey probably explained to you so I'll let you have at it. If you need anything, I'll be gone for a few hour shopping and running errands but Audrey will be here and her younger brother, Simon, will be home from Lacrosse in a few hours. Thanks again." Audrey's mom left and I got to work diagnosing the problem. Their sink was one of those old fancy ones made of limestone that weighed about two hundred pounds and was a pain in the ass to install and work on.

I crawled under the sink and began inspecting the pipes. Audrey stood with her hands on her hips watching me for a couple of minutes, but got bored and went to the living room to watch TV.

I got out my tools and began working on the pipes, wanting to get done as soon as possible. I felt nervous being under this big stone sink.

Who knows if there was water damage to the surrounding wood countertops? The problem wasn't a terribly difficult one lexi marie busty cops protect and serve made me breathe a sigh of relief.

There had been a clog and someone had run the sink too long creating enough pressure in the pipe to burst several sections of the pipe. I would have to replace all the broken parts, which, to my dismay, included a couple sections in the wall behind the cabinet. I shut off the water and started replacing the broken pipe starting with the ones in the wall, and working my way up to the sink.

It took about an hour but I finally got to the last section of pipe which was the one attached to the drain directly below the sink. I got the new pipe and crawled under the sink and lay on my back to install the new piece.

Just as I finished fitting the piece into the drain and was about to fit the other end into the other pipe, I heard the one sound I didn't want to hear right now.

*CRACK* I froze and listened as a serious of similar of similar noises followed. 'Oh shit,' I managed to think as the water damaged counter gave way to the massive sink and the whole thing came crashing down on my chest pinning my right arm and torso to the floor. The only reason all my ribs and organs weren't crushed right there was because the six inch piece of pipe I had just attached to the bottom of the sink jammed into the ground keeping the sink from flattening me.

Still, the fuckin' thing hit my chest hard, knocking the wind out of me and putting plenty of weight on me. "What the fuck happened?" came Audrey voice, slightly muffled by the enormous stone sink in front of my head.

"Oh my god! Are you ok Josh? What happened? "Yeah I'm fine," I groaned. "The counter was rotted from the water damage and it couldn't support the weight of the sink anymore." "Are you hurt?

Can you get out?" asked Audrey. I tried to wiggle my right arm free, but it was stuck real good under the weight of the damn sink. I placed my left hand against the side of the sink and attempted to slide it to the side and off me, but I was right handed and the damn thing was just too heavy. "No dice. This thing is too heavy for me to move one handed and my arm is stuck." I confirmed.

"I guess we could wait for my brother to get home. He isn't as strong as you but you two combined should be able to get it moved.

I won't be much help. Simon should be home in about an hour, maybe less depending on what time his coach lets him out." I groaned. This was not going to be a fun or comfortable hour.

"You aren't hurt are you? Is it hurting you?" inquired Audrey. "No I'm fine just.not very comfortable." "Well.maybe I can help with that." I felt Audrey kneel between my legs and felt her small hands slide up my jean clad thighs. "What does that mean.?" I asked, confused. "Just let me help you out. Relax and just lay there." Came her reply. I felt her hand reach the top of my thigh and move over to my crotch where she began to unzip my jeans and reach inside the hole in search of my penis. "Whoa there.

I'm not looking for that kind of help Audrey." "Just be quiet Josh and enjoy it. I'm trying to help you out here. Plus.All the girls I know admire you and yet you won't let any of them close. I just want to see what you've been hiding all these years. Relax baby, and let me take care of you." I felt her small hand find its prize and she gripped my shaft.

She pulled doctor and her pasen sexi story penis through the hole in my jeans and I heard her gasp in surprise as my dick emerged.

"Oh my." she breathed. "You really are packin', aren't ya?" I could barely see through a small crack between the sink and the cabinet wall but I could tell everything that was happening in detail. She held her forearm up next to my cock in a size comparison and giggled her approval to find hers was smaller. "Mmmm I'm gonna have some fun with this ate tirou a meia de tanto tesao tube porn thing." She said, mom son birtsex storiesay gifts sexowap. "Audrey seriously, stop and go get some help if you don't mind.

I'm not interested in sex right now. I have higher priorities. Now if you would, kindly replace my penis and get help." I said firmly.

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"Oh come on Josh!" she pouted. "What higher priorities? Sports? It's not fair to keep something so beautiful from so many girls! Now I'm gonna give make this next hour the best one of your life." I sighed in resignation. What could I do about it? I was good and stuck under this god forsaken sink and would be until her brother Simon came home. Meanwhile, Audrey had ignored my protests and was busy expertly stroking my penis.

Despite the fact that I didn't want this, I couldn't help but let out a groan as her small, warm hand moved up and down my now hard shaft. Audrey giggled happily, a sound that was too cute to not make me rock solid no matter how much I just wanted her to go get help. After a few more pumps with her little hand, she paused for a moment to wrap her lips around the head of my cock and started sucking lightly while she resumed stroking my meat with her soft hand.

At the touch of her warm, wet mouth around the head of my cock, I let out another soft moan. Audrey hummed in approval, sending vibrations of agonizing pleasure down my penis and through my body. I couldn't help it. I wanted more but I had zero power over what was going on sexy babes give guy handjob on hotel room with me trapped beneath the sink.

Audrey seemed eager to move on though and she began take a bit more of my meat in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, lightly sucking on the first couple inches of my cock while her hand continued stroking the remaining length.

I had to admit that it felt incredible. I had never had sex before despite the many offers I had received from various girls throughout my high school career and these new sensations had me moaning and shaking with pleasure.

Audrey paused her stroking and slowly pushed her head further down until about 3 and a half inches were in and my cockhead hit the entrance to her throat. She held it there for a couple seconds, gagging herself slightly, before coming up coughing a bit. She laughed and coughed again before returning to her previous routine of stroking and sucking. Man, what I would have given to have had her continue trying until I was all the way in her throat but I was powerless to do anything but let her do her thing.

After a few more minutes of sucking me off, Audrey took her head off my dick with a pop as the suction she had been applying broke seal with my cockhead.

She leaned back, still on her knees and pulled her tank top over her head and let it drop to the floor next to her revealing the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra.

Her tits were incredible. They were perfectly shaped and the D cups would have been more than enough to fill my hand had I been in a position to grope them. She cupped them and smiled sweetly down at me before leaning over and crawling upwards towards my crotch. She leaned over my cock and spit on the shaft and rubbed it all over with her hand, slickening my whole member. She bent over further and wrapped her gorgeous breasts around my steel rod.

She took her breasts in both hands and squeezed them together, firmly creating a tight and heavenly tunnel in-between her two melons.

She began to use her tits to stroke my penis in what I can only imagine was the best titfuck of all time. Audrey moaned as my dick rubbed against her tits and she began to stroke faster. I groaned again as waves of pleasure flowed through me. She continued her motion for a few more pleasure filled minutes before her arms got tired and she slowed to a stop.

I felted the warmth of her breasts leave my penis as she stopped pressing her cleavage together and leaned back. "Let's move on now, shall we?" she said, the lust apparent in her voice. I watched through the space as she stood up, turned around, and slowly peeled her tight fitting cut off khaki shorts down over her curvy butt and down her smooth, shapely legs.

Her panties followed in suite a second later. She turned back towards me and proceeded to straddle my thighs. She took hold of my shaft with one hand and pressed it against her stomach to see how deep it would be if she bottomed out balls deep. She was so small and I was so large that it reached up to her ribs. "Mmmmm that's gonna be all inside me soon." she breathed, the lust dripping like honey from her silky voice.

She raised herself up and pressed the head of my penis against her pussy lips causing her to moan at the touch. She rubbed the head against her slit a few times before the positioned it and began to lower herself.

She was so wet that the head went in fairly easy. She moaned as her tight little pussy was stretched to fit my cockhead. She rubbed her clit and continued to moan and whimper cutely as she slid further and further down on my cock. She managed to get about merry milk cans are objects of desire of my cock in her velvety hole before she stopped and cristina takes hard dick doggystyle hardcore and filipina herself to accommodate to my massive girth.

I have never in my life experienced anything like the feeling of her tight little cunt stretched around my cock. It was absolutely amazing.

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If heaven is anything like this, then I knew I had something incredible to look forward to. She slowly rode my penis, bouncing up and down slowly, just taking about half of my meat in her tight, wet hole.

She was so horny that she only had to ride my cock for a couple minutes before she came. She cried out as the sensations flew through her and her muscles spasmed around my shaft. Her pussy contracted and clenched my dick so tightly that I was about ready to erupt right there, but I managed to hold it off. She pulled off my dick as she came down from her post-orgasm high breathing hard. "Okay baby," she whispered. "I had my moment of glory, now it's your turn.

Let it all out big boy." She leaned down sexy babes get naughty in the club began jerking me off to finish me off.

"C'mon baby, give it to me. I want your yummy cum all over my face and tits. I'm soooo ready for it. Are you ready?

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I can tell your about to blow. Cover me in your cum, Athlete." The combination of her soft, warm hand pumping sexy tia tanaka takes a nice cumshot shaft rapidly and her silky sweet voice finally sent me over and I erupted with the forced of five volcanos.

She breathed in sharply as her pretty face and breasts were blasted by wave after wave of sticky cum. She continued stroking me the whole time, milking my balls for everything they had, which was an enormous amount of jizz. When I finally finished spewing my spunk, she was covered and collapsed on top of my thighs in exhaustion. That's when I heard a small cough come from the other side of the kitchen. I glanced through the slot in the cabinet and saw a teenage kid with a lacrosse stick in one hand and a large duffel bag in the other.

His face was as red as a tomato and he was staring at the floor, embarrassed as hell to have stumbled upon such a sight. Audrey weakly sat up and turned to see who had discovered us. She was too tired to care though so she just lay back down against my legs. "Hey Simon. Meet Josh, a guy from my school. He's here to help with the plumbing."