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Perverted oriental pussy stretching stockings and japanese
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The Reverend was angry. His blood pressure was through the roof. He knew it because he could feel the throbbing in his temples, but what could he do?

Doing anything to that Walker boy meant exposing his son to shame. His daughter was already ruined by that rapist and would be exposed to even more shame. The weeks turned into months and still he couldn't decide what to do. He prayed for an answer, prayed for his revenge to take shape, and still nothing. Soon enough the baby came. Watching his sweet Mandi give birth to that little bastard was more than he could bear.

He realized what he needed was leverage. Right now, all the cards were in that little faggot boy's hands. If he was going to get revenge on Thomas Walker, he needed to put him in a position he could exploit. The Reverend Dart considered himself an upright man. A righteous man. He was disgusted by the gays. It made what Walker had done to his family all the more humiliating knowing he fucked his son in his little ass.

Yet, slim blonde gf sucks and fucks in kitchen could see a way to get the leverage he needed. If God would allow him to bend the rules this one time, yes… he could put himself back on top, get his revenge at least, and maybe even consign the Walker boy to a lifetime of rape at a State Penitentiary where he belonged. Meanwhile word spread that the kid that Mandi Dart had belonged to none other than Thomas Walker.

Overnight, he went from "faggot" to "stud" in the hallways at Huln-Dawson High School. Fucking Mandi upped his cred quicker than anything could have. She was a little nerdy, but every guy in the school knew who she was and had wanted to be the one to lay knowledge on her the first time.

Knocking her up the first time out made him something of a legend. With Mandi's big brother, Jay, gone to college, there was no one there to enforce any social consequences on him for his misdeed.

Thomas was somewhat story sex 18 old beautiful french with the new attention but enjoyed getting to go to the parties and the new sex partners that it opened to him. With the added access to weed and alcohol, he became something of a weekend drunk.

When he was out fucking chicks from school, he couldn't help but see Mandi's face and he had a nagging guilt even though his Grandpa had assured him it was "The Walker Way." It just wasn't the way he had been raised, but the damage was done, and he might as well enjoy the positives the outcome brought his way.

Thomas was enjoying his newfound status. His victims were left devastated. First, by the loss of their security. Being raped had left them feeling vulnerable and scared. Jeremy was scared to take a drink of anything to the point that he ended up in the hospital dehydrated twice that fall. The Reverend had caught him jacking off to gay porn several times since the incident.

He feared that his son was turning and there was nothing he could do. Mandi was taking care of an infant and kept having dreams where Thomas made love to her. The dreams weren't scary or terrifying, but rather they made her feel embarrassed and ashamed because she hadn't had any choice to participate in what Thomas had done.

She reasoned that she should feel violated and angry, but instead she was sad and horny all through her pregnancy. Having the baby just meant being tired from having a newborn, breast feeding, and dreaming. The Reverend watched as his middle son slowly lost his mind and as his daughter's exhaustion mounted. The Reverend might be a man to hold the line a bit harshly, but he loved his family and it killed him to see this happening. Seeing Thomas Walker strut around town like he owned the world and the look he gave the Reverend when he came to pick up his son galled him to no end.

Finally, the final bounds of his restraint were gone.

He went down into his cellar and began drawing his plans and setting up the room. He knew the only way to get revenge would be to do something as bad to Thomas as Thomas had done to him. His older son Jay had already knocked up Thomas's sister, so he figured they were even on the DNA side of things, but there was still the humiliation and the queer fucking of his son. He purchased a custom chair for his cellar and numerous sex toys.

They were all delivered in non-de boxes. His kids thought he was finally breaking under the stress and was using some new hobby as a reason to never come out of the cellar and deal with the new reality.

Mandi and Jeremy had no Mother to fall back on. Their Mom had been killed in a freak accident several years ago. So, they called their older brother and were considering having Jay fly in and stage an intervention when their Dad finally came out and said, "Okay, it is time for us to talk." Mandi started crying, "Dad, I'm so glad you finally want to talk. I know you've had trouble even looking at me… I, I, you know I didn't choose this Dad!" The Reverend put up his hand "Now, now… stop this Mandi.

I love you. I don't blame you, darling. I know that Walker boy took advantage of you. That is why I wanted to have this conversation. I have been thinking hard about this and I think it is time we make sure that Thomas never shows those pictures to anyone.

If it all works out, not only would we get the pictures, we might even be able to finally go to the police and have him put away for what he has done." Jeremy looked up, tears were forming in his eyes, he made eye contact with his Dad for the first time since he had been raped.

He gave him a meaningful look but stayed silent as his Dad spoke. "God says, "Vengeance is mine, I will repay." You demi sutra in black booty make some move know I trust God. I believe in Him with all I have, but I can't wait this time. It is TOO much to bear." The Reverend was preaching now and slammed his hand on the table.

"I won't have that Walker boy mocking my family and my God strutting around this town after what he did to the both of you!" He was almost shouting at this point.

"What do you have in mind, Dad?" Jeremy asked eagerly. "Well, that is just it, I don't know what you kids will think of me, of what I've done, of what I'm planning, but I have an idea…" 3 months of planning was explained.

A plan took shape to the utter shock of the Reverend's kids. Sexy teen gets fucked by her boyfriend Reverend had turned the cellar into something of a sex dungeon. He had installed chains and a custom chair that could be adjusted in multiple ways to the discomfort of the human form but leaving it completely accessible to someone fucking that body.

"Now, you both know how I feel about gay stuff, but I think this time, God would be okay if you wanted revenge Jeremy. I can join in using toys, but I just could never bring myself to do that gay stuff myself." The Reverend said, an eager edge to his voice.

"Dad, are you seriously suggesting Jeremy rape Thomas?" Mandi asked incredulously. "No, quiet Mandi, that is exactly what we have to do. Think about it! This is it! I can get my revenge and then we can take our own pictures. Pictures that will expose that Walker! He will have to give up our photos to keep his own off the internet!" "Exactly, Jeremy. Good man!" The Reverend leaned back and smiled.

"Dad, I can't believe you would suggest such a thing." Mandi was shocked. This was not her Father. He'd been replaced by a mad man. "Mandi, I need you in on this sweetie, I want to put Walker in prison where he belongs, that is where you come in." The Reverend leaned forward and looked at her as he spoke with that serious tone and look he gave her when telling her something important.

"Dad…" "Listen… I need you to let Thomas fuck you bareback again. I know it is a risk, but if his DNA is in you after we do this, we can go press charges for rape and he can end up gone and not strutting around OUR town like the cock of the walk! HA! The Reverend leaned back in his chair again. They were all silent for several handsome client fucks his sexy masseuse after massage handjob and blowjob. Mandi knew it was wrong.

She knew she should say no. She didn't want yet another baby already.

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Having one at 15 was horrible, having two at 16 or 17 would be even worse she imagined. And yet… and yet… her dreams came at her. She hardcore naughty blonde erica fontes seduces her stepdad and gets anal fucked deepthroat pornstar them. Thomas hadn't even looked at her since he had fucked her and wouldn't talk to her outside of picking up their son for visitation.

She longed for him but couldn't find a way to let him know and couldn't catch his eye. Also, she was angry at him and did want him to face some revenge. Love and hate warred in her. Jeremy's thoughts were much simpler. He had a boner just thinking about fucking Thomas's ass. He had felt used when his Dad told him about the photos. He wished his Dad had kept that information to himself. Ever since then, he was sure he had become gay. He hated Thomas and wanted to punish him and make his asshole bleed.

He also longed for gay sex and this was a convenient easy way to get to try what he wanted with no risk of exposure to the town. Jeremy spoke first, "I'm in. Tell me what to do, Dad." The Reverend reached out and patted his son's hand. It was the first time he'd touched him since Thomas Walker had raped his ass. He looked at his daughter and waited… "Ok, Dad. What did you have in mind…" The Reverend explained his plan and they began to work things out.

It had become common knowledge that Thomas had developed a bit of a drinking problem. Thomas had picked up his son drunk more than once. The Reverend had tried to keep his Grandson from going with his drunk Dad, but Thomas always reminded him of the leverage he had and what he would do if the Reverend didn't comply.

He had decided this was the perfect time to hatch his plan. The plan could be sprung at any time and he could just wait until Thomas showed up drunk, it was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Finally, the day came. Fall had worn away and Winter was beginning to bring its icy touch. The Reverend was as busy as could be with preparation for the yearly Christmas Cantata, but that didn't make him less attentive to Thomas's state when he came to the door that fateful Friday night.

Thomas staggered to the door and began to pound on it. "Let me in you old bastard." Thomas slurred. The Reverend sensed his opportunity. He stepped out on his porch and said loudly to Thomas, "Son, you're drunk. How did you even drive over here like this?

I can't let my Grandson go anywhere with you in this state." Thomas laughed. When he stopped, his face went cold and he looked at the Reverend and reminded him, "Rev, you now I've got some sexy ass pictures of your fine daughter and fag son. I tell you what is going to happen, not you to me." The Reverend was delighted. He feigned a sigh of defeat, and said to Thomas, "Fine… well, will you at least come in and let me make you a cup of coffee? I don't think Mandi even has him ready to go yet, she was bathing him last I saw.

You can sober up a bit and get out of this cold. Thomas had never been invited into the house since all that went on between them.

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Maybe the Reverend wasn't as bad as his son. Thomas felt bad for the collateral damage that his actions had caused. He got his revenge on Jay, and then Jay was gone. Meanwhile, it was Mandi, Jeremy, and Reverend Dart that had to live with the day to day consequences. Depression overtook him. He looked forward to the bottle of vodka stashed under the driver's seat of his car.

This was a good man, he thought. A good, good man who cares even about the bastard child I foisted on his daughter because my Grandpa told me to. Thomas sighed, shook his head, and followed the Reverend inside. The Reverend stepped back holding the door. Thomas walked through the threshold, the reverend shut the door with his left hand.

With his right, he reached back for the hall way table and grabbed the taser he had placed there. As Thomas was unbuttoning his coat, suddenly he felt metal jabbed into his neck and a jolt of electricity. Then the world went black. When Thomas awoke, he was in a dark room. He tried his right arm, then his left, but quickly found that he couldn't move his arms.

He tried his legs and realized he couldn't move those either. He was cold. He knew he had dressed warm enough. He had been wearing a coat… Suddenly Thomas realized he was naked! Thomas cried out shouting, "What the fuck is going on here." The Reverend's voice came from behind him. "Language, language, your baby might here." As he spoke, he felt a searing pain in his back just before he heard a pronounced THWACK.

The Reverend was getting his revenge. He was hitting Thomas as hard as he could, again and again. At first, Thomas made no sound. The shock of being beat had him confused as to what was going on. As the nerves in his back transmitted the information being beat into his skin, he began to feel the whip in earnest and began to scream. "Oh yes, scream for me, Thomas. This is just the beginning!" The Reverend yelled over Thomas's screams. Thomas was in pain, he was bleeding. He was infuriated at being in this position.

He had never imagined the Dart's getting any kind of revenge, but he realized he was entirely at their mercy very quickly.

The Reverend stopped striking Thomas. The only sounds in the room was the Reverend's heavy breathing and Thomas's moaning. Thomas mouthed the words in a feeble whisper, "Why? How?" "WHY?" The Reverend roared. "I think you KNOW EXACTLY WHY. It won't STAND you little FAGGOT. As for how, you'll see…" The Reverend put the whip on the table and walked up to the cellar. He called for Jeremy. "Are you sure about this, son? Can you go through with it?" "Yeah Dad, I got his." Jeremy said eagerly.

"Ok, don't worry about anything. I left the camera running. The memory card should be big enough to get all the action. Enjoy yourself, bud." The Reverend smiled at his son even as he was revulsed at what was to take place in his cellar. Jeremy walked down the stair and removed all his clothes before stepping into the room.

The room was well lit because his Dad wanted to get a perfect video to blackmail Thomas with. He approached the naked, crying boy in the middle of the room. Jeremy was already hard. He didn't look for any lube and gave no ceremony whatsoever. He took his cock in his hand and pressed it against his former friends' ass and began to split him in two. Jeremy had grown since Thomas had fucked him. He now sported a respectable cock like his older brother and Dad had. He was glad, too, it meant that this would be all the worse for Thomas below him.

At first Thomas sphincter denied him access. He just pushed and kept pushing. Thomas was trying to wiggle and resist, but the restraints were too good at their job. Finally, his ass gave up the fight and the head of Jeremy's cock crossed his anal ring.

Jeremy just kept pushing and ripped Thomas's ass as he pushed himself to the hilt. When Thomas felt Jeremy's balls against this ass, he screamed and began to weep. Jeremy was still for a moment enjoying his conquest. He then began to pick up the pace. Every movement felt amazing on his cock. Every movement brought new agony for Thomas. Jeremy continued to add speed, moment upon moment.

After a good ten minutes of raping his former friend, he pulled out. "Ok, This ain't so good for me either. You're making my dick raw." Jeremy went and found the petroleum jelly on the table, applied it to himself, and immediately re-entered Thomas.

Thomas grunted and groaned as Jeremy continued to build pace. It hurt more than anything he could recall. His back was in agony from where the Reverend had whipped him. His ass was being ripped apart, but at least Jeremy had put some lube on. For a virgin Jeremy proved to have some stamina. He edged himself up as he used Thomas's ass.

Finally, he decided it was time to finish. He pulled out of Thomas's ass and walked up to his face. Thomas seemed to sense what was coming.

"No, no Jeremy, that has been in my ooophhgrugh." Jeremy had slipped his cock right in Thomas's mouth as Thomas was pleading with him. Thomas's hot tears were falling on Jeremy's pubic region and balls as he face fucked Thomas. After a couple of minutes Thomas could feel Jeremy's cock expand.

Thrust, thrust, thrust and finally… catharsis. Jeremy released his massive load down his former friend's throat. Spurt after spurt of semen came out. Thomas tasted the bitter seed and felt it run down his throat, lips, tongue, and face as he sputtered and coughed from the sheer volume.

Jeremy stepped back and wiped his cock in Thomas's hair and face. He then did something Thomas wasn't expecting. Jeremy pulled him up to semi-standing position and kissed him. He kissed him deep, tongue down the throat of Thomas. Thomas was so shocked he simply had to allow Jeremy to use his mouth yet again for this kiss. When Jeremy pulled his head back, he lifted his knee and connected with Thomas's groin.

Thomas howled in pain. As Jeremy walked up the stairs, he spat at Thomas "I still fucking hate you. I'd cut your balls off if my sister didn't need them next. I may do it after she finishes with you." Jeremy walked out. When Jeremy walked out of the cellar, his Dad and Sister were sitting at the kitchen table. Neither had been able to bring themselves to watch what was happening. To their shock Jeremy emerged from the cellar with blood on his stomach and legs… blood from Thomas's asshole and back.

Jeremy turned, faced them, then smiled. He then turned away and walked up the stairs to take a shower. "Dad, I'm going to clean him up and bandage him." Mandi said to her father. "Now why would you do that?" The Reverend asked. "I… I want him to make love to me. I don't want to rape him." Mandi cried as she spoke. The Reverend walked over to his daughter. If he didn't need Walker's seed in her to make sure he got what he wanted for his revenge, he'd stop her now.

As it was, he hugged her for the first time since she'd been raped and handed her the first aid kit he had planned to use after he'd tortured the boy a little longer. Mandi opened the door to the cellar. She walked down.

She knew what holly jade is a cock loving fatty wanted. Thomas was tied to the chair in the middle of the room still. He was bleeding from his back and asshole still. He felt weak from the beating, raping, and loss of blood he was enduring. Mandi got some gauze and some bactine from the first aid kit. She loosened his restraints, so she could access the injured areas and began to clean off Thomas's back. Thomas was stunned.

"Why are you helping me?" He asked. "I can't bear to see you like this, Thomas. We've been friends a long time haven't we?" She asked in a friendly tone. "Yeah, but what about what I did to you and to Jeremy. I deserve the pain I'm in." He winced as she continued to clean him up. "You deserve a lot of things, but I believe in a God of forgiveness. You did me wrong, but God blessed us with a beautiful son. And… I still love you. I've been in love with you since you started coming over your Freshman year." She said.

Thomas began to cry profusely. Mandi took out the gauze and began to wrap it around his torso covering the wounds on his back. She then stepped behind the chair, dropped her pink panties and pulled her yellow sundress over her head. She was completely naked. She dropped down in front of Thomas. His shock was obvious. She took his cock into her mouth and began to suck him off. Even with the pain and the awkwardness of the situation, Thomas masseur cumming on his client hardcore and european still a teenage boy and his body couldn't help but respond.

Mandi took her time blowing Thomas. All the time he was groaning his approval. She felt his cock began to harden that little extra in her mouth, so she backed off. Disappointment showed on his face but didn't last long as she climbed up in his lap, put her hands around the back of his neck, and impaled herself on his cock. Thomas was overwhelmed and knew he was going to come any second. Mandi sensed it was coming too and began to talk… "Dad's plan" She gasped as she talked.

"Is to have you drop your load in me and me report you for rape and then have proof. He wants your pictures to be obsolete because we're recording this. But he wants more than that even, he wants you in prison.

Thomas Jr. doesn't deserve having a Father in prison." As she said that last line, Thomas unleased his load, albeit reluctantly now, into Mandi's hot vaginal passage. Mandi shuddered as she realized he came in her and then had an orgasm of her own. The heat of the situation and the realization that he had left his seed in her took babe shows ass pussy watch part on flirtsexlovecom over the top too.

When she recovered she continued… "So here is what is going to happen. I know where Dad is going to keep that memory stick with this session on it. You bring me the pictures and I'll give you the memory stick. As for the rape charges, leave that to me, I'll make sure you don't end up in prison. You've suffered enough I reckon." She gave a wan smile to Thomas.

"Man… Mandi… why?" Thomas stuttered. Mandi interrupted, "Because, it is like I said, and from now on you're not going to ignore me, we are going to be a good team for Thomas Jr. We are going to forgive and start from scratch. We are going to date and if we can really move on, we are going to marry because that is what Thomas Jr.

deserves." Thomas was flabbergasted by this girl, but he wasn't in much of a position to argue. He considered his options and nodded his head. He then smiled as he realized that his guilt and shame was lifting. Here he was, paying the penance he so richly deserved for all the wickedness he had let his Grandpa talk him into and now, he was going to get a second chance with Mandi, a girl who would've completely ignored him a short time ago. Mandi walked over to the table where the petroleum jelly and other toys were.

She hadn't even used any of them. She knew she never could've brought herself to truly harm Thomas.

She picked up the taser. She had to put him out so that her Dad wouldn't have cause to torture the boy any more. She placed the metal to Thomas neck. To Thomas's surprise, he again felt that jolt of electricity and knew no more. At 2 AM, Jeremy shoved a naked Thomas out of his van and onto his parent's front lawn. His Mother found him in the morning and called the ambulance. Thomas spent two weeks recovering from his injuries.

He was visited daily by Mandi. The Reverend had been furious when he found that the memory card he had used for his camera had no data. Mandi had taken the original card and kept it to herself. She exchanged it with Thomas after he got out of the Hospital.

She gave the pictures Thomas had to her Dad and he was satisfied that Thomas no longer had the leverage he once had. She had refused to let her Dad call the cops or take a rape kit so that he could get Thomas in trouble with the law. The Reverend decided to be satisfied with the pain that Thomas had received and the humiliation of being raped by a gay and a girl. The Reverend found it curious as Mandi began to spend so much time with Thomas and it became clear they were dating but he consigned that to the mighty mysteries of God's providence.

He learned to accept his son Jeremy's new sexuality and stopped preaching his hardline messages against the LGBT community. After 3 months it became clear that Mandi's belly was growing. The Reverend knew he had his 5th grandchild on the way. He decided to be at peace with it and welcome the new baby sexy brunette with a clean and loose ass, his first Granddaughter!

The Reverend listened when Mandi and Thomas came and asked if they could be wed. He agreed to do the ceremony and set them up with a house on the edge of town.

He used his connections in the community to set Thomas up with a job at the bank after he took his GED and agreed to take online classes towards his bachelor's degree. As for Jeremy, Mandi, and Thomas's relationship, there was some awkwardness at first. Eventually Jeremy came to them and told them about his fantasy of being with the both of them. Thomas being bi was more than down for it. Mandi had to do a little prayer and soul searching but decided that it couldn't hurt and seeing her husband and brother happy would be well worth a little discomfort on her part.