Cfnm amateur facialized with voyeurs at party

Cfnm amateur facialized with voyeurs at party
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I'm sitting in my living room reading, some movie on TV. When there's a knock at my kitchen door. It's him. Now before I go further let me tell you about me. I'm Aimee. Your standard goth, nerdy teenager. 5'10",Short reddish brown hair, b-cup tits. And slightly wider hips/waist but still looking pretty good. And on the other side of that door is my boyfriend. Josh. Black hair, glasses, nice body. He's sweet, funny, charming, and also my dominant.

Sir. I open the door and he gives me that smirk. "I see you're wearing the outfit I picked out for you." I blushed. I was wearing a black tank top, a black bra, (fully showing off a good amount of cleavage). Along with my black skirt, peace leggings, and combat boots. You see, that was how our relationship had started. We had been friends for a while and then one night we started chatting about sexual quirks/fetishes and i completely opened up to him about wanting to be dominated. And part of that he liked.

Controlling what a girl wore. So I asked him "what would you have me wear" and he chose that outfit for me. We sexed a few times after that and .our relationship just kind of developed from that. He stepped through the door and kissed me on the lips. "Is your mom home?" "Nope. She went out of town to see my grandmother. She won't be back for a couple days." I laugh. "I was just watching a movie. Care to join me?" "Sounds like a plan" He sits down on the couch and pats his knee.

I sit on his lap lay my head on his chest. He starts rubbing my back, kissing my neck, all kinds of cute stuff. But they start making me squirm. And i feel myself getting wet.

I look up at him. "If my squirming gets bothersome, just tell me and I'll sit somewhere else." He raises his eyebrows in surprise. "Never! In fact, I find it adorable." Then he leans in close and whispers to me, "Y'know what is bothersome though?

Being unbearable turned on all day." I bite my lip and look at him, slightly embarrassed. "Yes that could be bothersome. Was that my doing?"I ask, giving him my sexiest wink. "Yes, it was your doing." He replied with his signature smirk.

Teasing me. "Hmm. Well between you and meI understand the feeling. Because I was biting my lip and re-reading our conversations all day." "Hmm, have you now? Well, let me tell you my cock is simply aching thinking about you." He whispered against my skin, biting down gently where my neck meets my shoulder, making me gasp. "Mmmm. Well, then I'd better get on my knees and service you like a good girl" "Mmmm, exactly what kind of service would you be providing me, hmm?" he asked, winking.

"Well, first I have to ask your permission to suck your cock." "Hmm.well, to get my permission, you'd have to take off my belt and slip it between your tits, and unzip my pants with your teeth!" " hmm, challenging but I could definitely do it" "Well, if you managed to do that, I'd allow you to suck me off like a good little slut" So i slide off his lap and undo his belt.

I slip it between my tits. Then i lean my head in and take his zipper between my teeth. And pull it down slowly. He looks down at me. "Good girl. Now you may suck my cock." So I pull his pants and boxers all the way down exposing his semi-erect cock. I start stroking his cock. Slowly at first but then going faster and blonde teen brooke lee hitchhikes and banged hard in public flashing and reality. Then I start licking the head and swirling my tongue around it.

Then I start taking it in my mouth. Inch by inch. Slowly. Moving my tongue around it so he really feels it. I keep taking him in until i feel him all the way in my mouth, down my throat. (thank god for minimal gag reflex)I hear him moaning, gasping, and telling me what a good slut I am.

That's when I start sucking. And then I start moving my head back and forth, faster and faster until finally i feel his cum in my mouth and I swallow it all like a good girl. He starts to run his fingers through my hair. Telling me how much of a good girl i am. "Mmmm.Make sure you clean off every drop" "yes sir." I run my tongue all over his cock, cleaning it thoroughly.

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I sit back on my heels, Then i realize something. "Sir.doing that made me EXTREMELY wet.if i ask nicely, can you help me out? Please?" i look up to him with wide pleading eyes.

He thinks for a moment. "Hmm. Maybe you can seduce me into helping you out. Let me see what you can do!" I thought for a moment. A strip tease should do the trick. So i stand up, take his hand and lead him to my bed room. "Here, sit on my bed." He looks and gives me a curious look. I wink back at him. I start by removing his belt (and put it off the to side in case I misbehave later) Then, I take the combat boots off first.

Followed by the leggings. Pulling them down slowly to show off my smooth, long, legs. But I leave the skirt on (even though he and i both know I'm not wearing panties) then I take my shirt off slowly, practically peeling it off my skin.

Leaving me there in my bra and skirt. I take my bra off, exposing my tits.

Then finally, it's time for the skirt to come off. I pull the off Until finally, Xxx rape teacher and student standing there completely naked. Then I walk over to him, straddle his hips, place my hands on his shoulders and look at him with pleading eyes, silently begging for him to make me cum.

He looks back at me, lust ablaze in his eyes. He gives a sigh of relent and lays me back on my bed. I start biting my lip in anticipation. And let out a silent gasp of air as I spread my legs as wide as I can so he can fully see just how wet I am. He hovers over me and whispers against my skin. "that's a good girl. Make me even harder" and begins to kiss a trail down my throat, biting along the way. Making his way to my tits, sucking and nibbling each nipple, before continuing down my body, grabbing and kissing my thick thighs, and lightly fingering my wet pussy, teasing me with his demonic smirk.

My toes start curling, I gulp, loudly. I'm so anxious. So ready.

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Every kiss sends a shiver through my body and my spine. A soft moan of "oh sir." escapes my lips. Then when he starts to finger my pussy, I stiffen up and start moaning even louder.

My eyes roll back in my head as my hips arch off the bed. He's barely begun and already the pleasure is immense. He smirks smugly and inserts a second finger. He leans down and swipes his tongue over my clit. Then he starts pinching and twisting my nipple with his free hand. I silently whisper to myself "oh crap.oh crap." My hips bucking like crazy. The pain and pleasure mix of his fingers and tongue on my pussy and him pinching my nipple crash together and I go crazy.

I look at you with wide eyes and whimper "sir.please.I can't take this.much longer.I cum" trying to make a complete sentence while gasping for air from the pleasure. He stops for a moment, smiling. "Do you want to cum? Then you will have to taste your own wetness first!" He steps back and strips off his own clothes then returns to his place.

He rubs the head cock against my slit, wetting it, and then bringing it to my mouth. Him rubbing his cock on my pussy causes me to squirm even more. I gulp again. I'm hesitant at first. But I look into his eyes and I know, EXACTLY what he expects of me. So with a sigh of submission, I part my lips and open my mouth to give him access into my mouth. I stick my tongue out and start licking where he rubbed his cock to my pussy, tasting pretty teen gets covered in sticky cum own juices.

And realizing, it's not as bad as I expected. "Do you like how you taste?" He leans down close to my face and whispers "Because I love it!" "Yes sir, I do." He then kisses me deeply, our tongues dancing together. When he kisses me, I moan into it. As we part for air, I feel a loss. But he slides back down to my cunt and renews is oral assault on my pussy. He spreads my lips with his thumb and index finger.

Then i feel him slip his tongue slowly into my pussy and rubs a finger over my clit. I lay my head back and give in to the pleasure running throughout my entire body. 'Oh yes.yes.oh dear god yes.' He finds my g-spot, and takes full advantage of it with his tongue. He moans milf masseuse gets fucked in many poses on the couch pornstars big tits my pussy, sending vibrations deep into my body, causing me to shudder and teeter on the edge of climax My whole body begins to shake and shiver and twitch.

My hands are grabbing at the sheets. My breathing becomes shallow, more ragged as I'm fast approaching my orgasm. I need to cum. Badly. But I haven't asked in permission. In between each gasp of breath I manage to get out "sir.c.can I.cum.p.p.please?" "Hmm. Y'know what?

Yes. You can.

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This time" He says with a dark grin as he sucks my clit into his mouth and nibbles on it. At the same time, he pushes 3 finger deep into your pussy and renews his assault on my g-spot, using his other hand to knead my left tit I open my mouth fully letting out a gasp. My whole body arches completely off the bed "OH YES!' I cry as the wave of pleasure hits me and I orgasm into heaven.

I cum hard. Soaking his black girl white guy cream pie with my juices. My body writhing from pleasure. It takes me several minutes to regain myself. I continue to breathe deeply, having just experienced possibly the best orgasm of my life.

But I stare up into his eyes and at his dark grin. With gasping breaths, I mutter "thank you sir" "You're more than welcome" He tells me as he gently caresses my stomach and hips. "My hand is all messy." He leans down close "What are we gonna do about that?" I bite my lip then give him a sexy smile and seductively purr in his ear "I'll take care of that sir" He brings his hand to my lips and starts sucking on each finger, one at a time. Then running my tongue all over the rest of your hand, over the palm, in between each finger.

Cleaning it completely. "Better, sir?" He sticks out his tongue and mumbles around it "You missed a spot!" "Oh, I did, didn't I?" I kiss him. Deeply and passionately. My tongue intertwining with yours, tasting myself on his tongue. Mine exploring every corner of his mouth. I moan into the long, lingering kiss. Reveling in the passion and romance.

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As we pull away for air, I gently bite down on his lip. Then give you my sexiest wink. He chuckles and gives me a peck on the nose, laying down beside me, and wrapping me in his arms I give a sigh of content feeling so happy, so warm, and so dirty. Knowing I've given him pleasure.

And wrapped in your arms, so safe. I fall asleep there, cuddling with him.