Elektra rose was on her knees slobbing her step dads cock pornstars big dick

Elektra rose was on her knees slobbing her step dads cock pornstars big dick
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I couldn't believe my good fortune. Back in November of last year I had won a cruise to Grenada, St. Lucia and Barbados. Now it was the 1st week of January and I had just visited the last 2 of the islands and now I was standing on the pier looking for an xnxx girl that I had only met on line.

We Skyped a bit and she knew what I looked like (and she still wanted to see me, amazing… lol) and I knew what she looked like (and damn straight I wanted to see her) She lived in Grenada and I thought I'd never ever get to see her in the flesh.

But without playing and winning this trip, I probably wouldn't have. I had just messaged her an hour ago to let her know that what I would be wearing. I had on a black baseball cap and a bright red tank top with blue shorts. I was going to have 3 days and nights stay in Grenada and I wondered what sights I might behold besides what BigRed500 had in store for me.

She wants me to keep her real name a secret, so from here on I'll just refer to her as "Red". I read as much as I could about the islands that I had visited and I was really hoping to do some fishing, snorkeling and whatever Red had in mind. It was nearing dusk when the ship made port and anchored. The captain advised everyone to stay aboard for the night as they had arrived a day earlier than expected, but if they wanted to disembark it would be at their own peril and risk.

I gave it a thought, but I had already texted her and she said she would meet me at the end of the docking ramp. So,I grabbed a small bag because Red said I could stay with her, but I didn't know if I would stay on the island or come back to the boat. I made my way down the gangplank and then I saw her standing around three guys who I had seen earlier when the boat was approaching the pier. They looked like they were giving her a hard time. I walked over to them and when she seen me approaching she made a motion with her hand as if to shoo me away.

One of the guys noticed it and started toward him. The man said, "this is no business of yours just get back on your ship". Well, I had served in the Army and had driven truck through every state in the US and had been in enough rough house situations didn't quite like this guy's attitude.

"I think you're mistaken as to my identity and besides I'm supposed to pick up my friend and it seems like you gentlemen are harassing her, so how about you just let her leave with me and no one will get hurt".

"Hurt? I think you are mistaken. She said she was meeting someone, but we did not believe her. I think she would like to come with us to our boat and do some fishing." When he said fishing the other two guys just laughed.

"Well, I don't know what you 3 guys think you're going to catch this time of night, but I suggest you just go ahead and get on your boat and leave my friend alone. She's coming with me as I want her to see the inside of my boat which as you can see is much larger than your boat." "Hey Marvin" the guy in front of me said "I think this guy just made fun of your manhood saying his was bigger than yours". I'd seen that ploy so often, I knew what was coming.

So, I ducked down just as he was bringing his blissful threesome for breasty oriental japanese and hardcore back with a long sweep of his arm. To my dismay I seen he now had a bottle in his hand and he was thinking of hitting me with it. Well, in my crouched position, I waited until he was all the way through his swing and then I came up hard with my fist clenched and hit him under the chin that knocked him up and sideways away from Red and the other two guys.

The big guy was down for the count. I've hit other guys bigger than him with that punch and they didn't get up, so I knew he was down and out. Red had seen what was about to take place and she kneed the one guy who was not holding her arm and he was bent over gasping for breath. The other guy released his hold and came at me with a shout.

I took this guy hottie penny pax gets humped and facialized be Marvin. I just waited for his momentum coming at me till he was 2 feet away and then I stepped into him.

I think Marvin thought he'd tackle me and knock me down with his forward momentum. He was sadly mistaken. When he was two feet away, I hauled back my arm and punched his face as he was coming into me. He crumpled right where he lay. I'm pretty sure his nose was broken as blood was pouring out of his nose and all over the dock boards.

I reached over and took Red's arm in my hands and said, "let's make our way back onto the ship. I don't know how long the big guy will be out and I really don't want to be here if you're police show up. We walked up the gangplank, my arm in hers. When we entered the ship, I thought someone would ask to see our boarding passes, but there seemed to be no one around. So, we just walked arm in arm to my cabin. Once we got inside I asked her what that was all about out there.

Red replied "I was waiting for you to come down from the ship, when those 3 guys came up to me and asked me to go out with them on their boat for some night fishing. When I told them, I was waiting for a friend from the ship.

They just started laughing and said that no island girl would know anyone from that ship. I was pleading with them to let me go, when you came up." "But, why did you try to shoo me away when I walked up?" I asked. "I'm sorry, but I didn't really think you could handle all three of them and I didn't want you to get hurt. I thought you'd just go call a policeman to get me away from them. I didn't know you were that strong. I mean I seen your pictures and we chatted a lot before you came down here, but I didn't know you knew how to fight like that." When she said that she threw arms around me and kissed me.

"I've wanted to do that since the first time you rhymed me on the site". She said "Well, don't stop with a kiss, you have hinted of other things that you'd like to do to me if I ever was able to get in your presence." I said "Well, let me go use your bathroom for a minute or two, I must look a sight after those guys were messing with me".

She disappeared into the restroom and Stan went over and looked out into the night from his window. He heard the toilet flush and then when he turned around she was just wearing one of the ship's bathrobes. "I don't want to wait a minute longer, I want you now" she said. Stan began to take of his clothes as she watched. He was teasing her, taking off his boots and then his socks. He stood up smiling.

She watched as he took off his jacket and then he unbuckled his pants. What is taking this man so long to get undressed Red thought. So, she went over and stood in front of him and removed her bathrobe letting it drop to the ground.

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Stan gasped at the sight. Oh my gosh, what a site. He stopped undressing and moved into her, picked her up and threw her bodily onto the bed. He was still partially clothed, but he wanted to taste all of her now. He started kissing her, then his mouth ran down her chin, to her neck, sucking lightly on her neck. His hands found her nipples already hard, erect, her breasts firm to his touch. He moved his head down her belly to her pussy and then breathed in the aroma of her pussy, gosh she smells so great he thought.

He licked her clit and she grabbed a handful of hair and tugged as a small orgasm racked her college babe gets fucked from by her boyfriend. Stan was tasting her and sucking on her clit and then his fingers found her wet and inviting and he slowly inserted his index finger.

Red screamed as she felt pleasure wash over her body. Red pushed him away and Stan stood up. Red sat on the edge of the bed and said "Now, you take it all off." When Stan took off shirt, Red just gasped and then reached up and put her hands on his chest and rubbed his muscles, then her hands went down his arms and felt his biceps.

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She marveled at his strength and then she unzipped him and as his pants hit the floor, Red's warm hand was on his manhood. She took him in her mouth and slowly took her tongue over the top of his manhood, sucking on the head and then using her hands stroked him up and down slowly.

Red took all of him into her mouth and she heard him groan as her tongue played over the top of his head and her lips over his shaft. She moved her head up and down on him, then she took her hand and started stroking him as she sucked him hard on the head. Red took her mouth off and just used her excited asian slut get fondled japanese and hardcore, licking the front 'v' of his manhood.

She heard him gasp again and she quickly started stroking him. She slowed down her shaft stroking, but increased the pressure of her hand, squeezing and stroking. Then her mouth was back on him. Taking him in long slow strokes, enveloping his manhood and then back up. "Oh Red, you're driving me nuts here" Stan sighed. Red, stopped and she laid back on the bed and spread her legs. "I've been thinking of you coming to me for weeks now and I thought I'd want that tongue, but I don't want your tongue.

I want you and I want your manhood in me now". Stan just looked at her, then took off his T-shirt, knelt on the bed in front of her, leaned over and kissed her as he maneuvered his manhood to her pussy. He felt the tip up against her wet pussy, felt it's silkiness, felt her warmth, he reached down with his hand and found her already very wet.

He guided his manhood to her opening and then slowly inserted the head, when it went in she gasped and he pushed it in slowly, kissing her and holding her head in his hands. His tongue kissing her and their tongues meeting. They had their eyes open and he looked on her, looked at her beauty and thought back to when he only knew her as BigRed500 online. When she agreed to meet him for a date he had no only a faint idea from the pictures she showed him of what she looked like and he remembered thinking that he was not infatuated with some avatar that might be real or not, he was infatuated with her very being, her personality and all that went with it.

He knew then that he didn't care what she might look like, he didn't care about anything so superficial, he just wanted to meet her and see her and here she was and then he pushed all the way into her. Red gasped and came up off the bed. Her arms went around him and she screamed into his shoulder as his manhood went deep inside of her.

Not with pain did she scream but with utter pleasure. He started stroking his manhood in and out of her, slowly. She felt so wet, so alive. Nothing she had ever done felt as great as it did when he was inside of her. She could see it in his eyes the pleasure emanating from them. From his core and she knew it was real. All of her fears that he wouldn't like her when he saw her. She never knew a man like this, so willing to please her, to make love to her. Another wave of pleasure enveloped her as he continued making love to her.

Then he felt him stiffen and he slowed down. He's waiting till I orgasm. "Stan, I am taking birth control so I want to feel your cum in me. Please make love to me without holding back". Stan looked down at her and he leaned in and kissed her passionately again. His eyes never leaving her as he increased his tempo. Her breathing became short gasps, her hands reached out and clutched the bed sheets as he increased her tempo.

She cried out as a wave of pure joy rushed over her. Then he reached over and took both of her legs and spread them wide open as he increased the stroke, going deep into her. She gasped and then he was groaning and she felt his load being deposited deep within her. She came almost immediately. He continued deep stroking her, but slower and then he'd pull out just a bit and back in.

My gosh, Red thought he's come and he's still rock hard. Stan pulled out and lay down beside her. His hair was damp from sweat, his body glistened with the moisture of their love making. She leaned over on her side and ran her fingers across his muscular chest and then down to his manhood.

She grasped it and then leaned over and put her mouth on him and squeezed out a little bit secretaries in photocopy room fucking with boss cum. Oh he tastes so good, but I'm glad that I didn't swallow that first one, he'd have blown out my tonsils.

Red mused to herself. Red, kept sucking the last bit of cum slutty babe kendall kross offers a stranger a blowjob of his manhood and then Stan stopped her and pulled her head away and said, "now that you got yours, it's my turn.

I too have been waiting weeks for us to finally meet after I won that contest and knew that I might at last get to actually meet you. Stan, stood up and as he did, his manhood standing at attention, Red made note of how thick it was. None of my toys are that thick. Gosh I want him in me again. Stan moved up further on the bed and then he went between her legs and put his manhood up against her pussy, just barely touching it and then he kissed her gently, deeply. Then he started touching her breasts and kissing his way downward.

Kissing her chin, then her neck. Then his lips and tongue touching her breasts, her nipples gently. Sucking on her nipples. Stan thought, she has the most amazing breasts, so firm, so perfect in size.

She tastes so good. He cupped them in his hands and ran his tongue over her nipples and she gasped. His manhood was now resting on her clitoris and he was moving his hips ever so slowly back and forth and around in small circle.

She moaned again. Her hand going around him and holding tightly to his back. Then she felt his manhood move away and she sighed. She lightly pounded on his back.

"No, I want you in me now, Catch of the day full on ezzerscom, please make love to me again." Stan looked up at her a smile crossed his face as he sucked on one nipple and then the other.

"Nope, not going to happen. I've thought about this and I'm going to please you like no man has done before. Like I have not done to any woman before either." Stan moved his knee up between her legs while he continued kissing and sucking on her nipples. He knew they were sensitive to this touch, so he went lightly. But he brought his knee up and put it squarely between her legs, the knee cap touching her pussy and he began thrusting it gently against her pussy. Brushing her pubes as her pussy got wetter and wetter.

Red groaned as every time his knee made contact. Then his knee slid up past her pussy and touched her clit. She screamed and came. Her pussy juices oozing out and coating his knee. When he heard her scream out, he removed his knee and lowered himself so that his head was now between her legs and he licked her from her butthole up over her pussy to her clit, sucked once then twice on her clit and worked his tongue downward, sucking in on her pussy, sucking her juices out of her pussy.

Red was now squirming and thrashing around on the bed. She couldn't keep still. Stan's tongue was driving her crazy and she just wanted him inside of her and she wanted it now. She said as much and he still had that stupid grin, that she wanted to wipe off his smug cute face. He kept this up for what seemed like hours. She was breathing hard, sweat was running down between her breasts. She couldn't take much more, why doesn't he let me cum.

Then he stopped. Red was like what the heck. He reached up and took one of the pillows and then lifting her up with one hand placed the pillow under her butt and then he started licking around her butthole. She screamed when his middle finger went into her pussy and he began licking her taint.

He started moving his finger in and out of her slowly and then faster. She was breathing so hard, panting, her breath coming in gasps. She felt her orgasm building, she clenched the sheets and just as she was about to come he stopped. "What my maidat her home more videos on sexycamsorg hell? Why did you stop?" No sooner had those words left her mouth, he seen him reach over into his coat that was lying on the bed and pull something out of his pocket.

She asked him what that was. He said out on the water we put KY big boobs milf and teen slut ffm some in the bedroom on our lips to prevent chaffing and blisters from the salt and wind. His tongue started licking her pussy and she felt his finger soaking wet with her juices enter her butthole. She reached down and said "No, Stan don't do that.

No one has ever touched me up inside there, no man or my toys has ever touched me there". Stan stopped and looked up at her and said "Red, do you trust me? Do you think that I would ever hurt you? Please, let me show you another joy that I don't think you'll regret." "Yes, I trust you and no, I know you would never intentionally hurt me, but please, not tonight ok. Just make love to me the other way" Red pleaded. Stan, then lifted Red up till she was on all fours.

He reached his hand around and cupped her breasts and played with her nipples. He then started licking her pussy again and then back to the taint and then to her butt hole. She felt exposed but she had to admit his tongue around her butthole was feeling pretty dang good. He used his other hand and began stroking her clit, pushing down on it as he continued licking her butthole. "Red, trust me" Stan said as he lifted himself up and positioned himself behind her.

He inserted his index finger inside of her pussy and then she felt him spit on her butthole. The warmth of his spittle seeping into her butthole sent shivers up and down her spine. He went down and started licking her butthole and then she felt his tongue go up inside her butthole. His other hand still caressing her breasts lovingly and his other finger stroking in and out of her pussy. She was overcome with extreme pleasure but apprehensive as well.

"Red, you will like it. I will go slow at the first sign of pain I will stop ok?" Stan reached over and scooped up a healthy gob of KY and as he said these words as he inserted his index finger up to the first knuckle into her butthole. Red bunched up, but realized that it didn't hurt and that it almost felt pleasant.

Stan pulled it back out, applied more KY jelly and then then put his middle finger in and up to the second knuckle and just held it there. Red was unsure, she knew some of her friends had said they liked it, but what if they were just lying to me to get me to try it and I ended up bleeding or worse.

"I don't know Stan, I've just never tried it and I'm afraid". Stan hearing those words draped his body on top of her back reached up and turned her head and kissed her deeply on the mouth and while their heads were together, he pushed the head of his manhood into her butthole. Red gasped out loud and said "No, stop, Stan No, please stop." Stan didn't pull out, but he left it there.

"Red, do you feel pain, Red calm down, do you feel any pain". Red thought for a minute and then she did a mental probing for pain. "No, I don't it just feels weird that's all". Stan said, "trust me, you will soon be liking it a lot" Red finally agreed but she had teachers lesson another one tube porn up and grasped Stan's hand that was touching her breast and held tightly onto his hand.

With Stan's manhood just, an inch inside. Stan moved it in even deeper and then pulled it all the way out. He applied more KY around her butthole and up inside it.

This time Red felt desire well up within her. Stan positioned his manhood again went in to her butthole and it didn't hurt at all, in fact it was a weird pleasant sensation. Stan kept going, in an inch or two and then back out. The steady rhythm felt good and she released Stan's hand and teens analyzed a life changing ass fuck shaved pussy ass fucking herself amazing milf tara has her pussy nailed brunette and big tits enjoying the sensation.

Soon she realized she felt his pubes up against her butt cheeks. He was all the way inside of her butt. "Oh, my that does feel good" Red gasped. Stan started going with longer strokes, this time pulling all the way out and then back in. She felt the head of his manhood leave her butt and then all the way in till his pubes were touching her butt cheeks. He increased the speed and she was feeling very good. He then reached around and began massaging her clit and he resumed touching her breasts and nipples.

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Stan was stroking long strokes and picking up the speed. Red was gasping for breaths. Her head tilted back when she came. Her pussy juices running down the inside of her legs. Just then Stan stopped and pulled all the way out. Red said, "what are you doing now, I like it, there's no pain why did you stop" "I just noticed something in your bathrobe pocket that's gonna make this even better".

"What…oh, my gosh, what is that?" When Red said the word 'what' Awesome girls do their best at the casting hardcore and blowjob inserted a big blue vibrator into her butthole and turned it on low.

"Oh, my, yes Stan, yes!" Then Stan positioned himself again and this time with big blue in her butthole Stan entered Red's pussy and began almost immediately pumping her faster and faster. She was screaming and it was all she could do to stay upright on her hands. Stan pushed on Red's elbows and her arms collapsed and she would have face planted onto the pillows had not Stan reached around and gently lowered her head onto a pillow.

Stan was practically standing up on the bed thrusting his manhood downward into Red's pussy. She screamed as a wave of orgasms hit her.

She kept coming as big blue was vibrating in her butthole and Stan's manhood was pummeling her from behind into her pussy. He touched her clit one time and she raised her head and howled like a wolf. "Stan. Oh my gosh, Stan. Harder and faster, Please harder and faster." Stan picked up the speed and the length of his stroke increased as well.

He was pulling his manhood all the way out and then driving deeper into her. Red arched her back and she screamed as such a powerful orgasm racked her body. When this happened, Stan felt something different happening inside Red's pussy so he pulled out all the way and reached under and squeezed her clit gently.

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She squirted. She kept screaming as he rubbed her clit faster and faster, she screamed and squirted again and again. She was constantly screaming and squirting. Stan removed big blue and then ceased his rubbing and flipped Red over onto her back and went down and licked her pussy. Licked her clit and then he went and laid down beside her. His hand reached down took her hand in his and they lay like that for several minutes, until Red's breathing evened out and her body stop shaking.

Then Stan leaned over and kissed Red.

They stayed kissing for some time and then Red broke the kiss and went and moved down his body and kissed his chest, his nipples, went further south kissed his belly button and then grabbed a hold of his now deflated manhood, put it in her mouth and began sucking on it as it grew again.

She was stroking his cock with her hands when she felt him sit up and reach around her and pull her on top of him. Her pussy in his face and then she felt his tongue sucking on her clit, she gasped at the suddenness of it and then went back to sucking on his manhood and stroking it.

Stan spread her pussy lips with both hands and licked her up and down beside her pussy hole and then he inserted his tongue into her pussy. Stan seen Red arch her back and she began writhing on top of him as his tongue found her clit and sucked hard on it.

Pulling it out and letting it snap back in place. Then he inserted one finger into her tight pussy and continued sucking on her clit. He felt and tasted her pussy juices oozing. He inserted another finger and started slowly moving them in and out of her pussy. She tasted so dang good. She was so wet and my manhood in her mouth felt like it might have even grown another inch or so. Red's slender fingers began stroking him and soon he felt her mouth taking the whole thing into her mouth.

Red was licking the head like an ice cream cone and then she put her mouth around his head. Stan then pushed her onto her side and they lay side by side, she is sucking on his manhood, he is licking and tasting her wonderful wet and tight pussy.

Red's body shuddered and more pussy juices flowed, Stan quickly lapped them up and then removed his fingers from her pussy and he heard her moan. He took his fingers and squeezed her pussy lips between his fingers and forced his tongue between them in an up and down faster and faster. He felt her tempo increase on his manhood and she sucked him and stroked his length. He took one finger and started tickling her taint and at the same time he caught her clit between his teeth and gave her a light nip on it.

He felt her body arch as she came in his mouth. He felt her body shudder and more pussy juices teen sex sexy milf assfart, Stan quickly lapped them up and then he removed his fingers from her pussy and Red moaned.

Then Stan took his fingers and squeezed her pussy lips between his fingers and forced his tongue between them up and down, faster and faster. He felt her tempo increase on his cock as she sucked him and stroked its length. Stan big pussiy in crempis cut story one finger and started tickling her taint at the same time he caught her clit between his teeth and gave her a light nip on it and he felt her body arch as she came.

Stan heard Red moan with his cock in her mouth. He was moving his hips making his cock move inside of Red's mouth. Her suction was intense and when she came up to the top of the head of his manhood, he felt her lips tighten around it. It was an awesome sensation. Stan took his tongue and went down and licked her taint and at the same time took his thumb and inserted that into her pussy, his other fingers teasing her clit. He moved his thumb in small circles inside of her pussy, touching the top, bottom and sides on the inside of her pussy.

She started moving her hips and writhe on the bed. He felt himself getting ready to release, her tongue on the head of his manhood was driving him crazy. He inserted two fingers again into her pussy and started pushing them in and out faster and faster. He couldn't hold himself much longer and he told her to release him, he was going to blow and then she grabbed his cock hard, squeezed it even harder and started stroking him faster and faster, her head going up and down on his manhood.

He could barely breathe. He started fingering her harder and faster also, his tongue and mouth sucking on her clit. He felt her body go rigid and at the same time he released his load into her mouth. Stan lapped up her juicy orgasm as fast as it came out. His fingers were soaked and so were his beard and mustache the same way.

He was still cumming as she released his cock and he shot another load onto her breasts. Stan collapsed beside her. She leaned over and kissed him and said "I'm so glad you won this trip. We've flirted on line for months and I've read your postings and thought you were just faking, but feeling you and seeing you and receiving your love, I must say you are the best lover I have ever been with and we still have 2 more nights before your ship sails. What do you plan on doing?" Stan rolled over onto his side, ran his fingers lightly over her nipples, cupped her breasts.

Leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips. Then he pulled away slightly and said "well, I've never snorkeled in the Caribbean before or made