Gratifying of a very nasty amazing bitch hardcore massage

Gratifying of a very nasty amazing bitch hardcore massage
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Note none of the names used here are genuine but you can probably work out who they are. The trial Me and Al had nothing better to do so we went down Weatherfield Assizes where they had the trial of the Weatherfield eight going on. The Judge looked a right twat with a grey wig looking like it were full of dust and robes like something out of King Dick three by Will Shakespeare what we done for the end of term play at Weatherfield comp years ago.

Angie one of the local tarts was giving evidence. She usually worked viaduct street from the Wethy Arms to Timothy Whites.

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Peroxide blonde, top heavy, nice legs shame about the face type, dressed like Mother Theresa very near, must have been down Oxfam because I never seen her without a Miniskirt and fishnets before though the twin set still couldn't keep her rack under control.

"Order in Court," the judge bellows.

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To be honest I was dreaming about having a few bevvies later and looking at Angies tits and weren't taking much notice of what was going on until then. People were laughing. "Mr Mollineaux, may I remind you that you act for the prosecution?" the Judge bellowed at the weasley git doing the prosecuting. "Yes your honour, may I continue?" the weasley git asked. "The witnesses sexual history has no bearing upon this case Mr Mollineaux," the Judge continued. Sexual history, bloody hell this could take hours I thought.

"Yes your Honour," Mollineaux replied, "May I proceed?" The Judge nodded. Mollneaux was a waste of space, he was being chucked round like a rag doll in a pit bull's gob by the defence. The "Eight" though there was actually fourteen of them, paid some fancy London lawyer a bloody fortune to defend them, and they must have been wondering why they bothered as Mollineaux continued to fuck up the prosecution case. "Miss A," he asked "Is it not the case that you are a horny little bitch who fucks all comers just to get some relief?" He had to call her "Miss A" to give her an "Onimity," Angie as we hot blonde with perfect ass with her lover in nasty doggystyle action hardcore babe her, went red in the face.

"I only fucks for money your Honour, not cause I likes it," she replied. "Come come my dear, remember you're under oath," Molineaux prompted. "What the fucks he at," Harley Charlie the boke with the moped whispers in my ear, "He's supposed to be on our side." "Dunno," I says, "If she gets off he's spending the night at A and E down Weatherfield General." I saw Big Dave nodding, "Fucking Cemetary more like?" Mollineaux tried again, "Do you like fucking, it's a simple enough question?" "No, yes, I don't know," she snapped, "Its them on trial not me." "Is it not true that the very mention of fucking is making you wet down there?

" Mollineaux asked. "Fucks sake," "Steely" Dan muttered, "I'm getting a hard on." "So's the Judge," I added, hot brunette natasha malkova richie calhoun make a romatic sextape babes they're listening to the bloke now." "No," Angie insisted.

"Remember your are on oath," Mollineaux insisted. "No," she said again as she squirmed awkwardly. "In that case you won't mind dropping your knickers so we can all see?" Mollineaux continued. "I ain't dropping my knickers for no one," Angie insisted. "That fucking Molly's fucking twisted," Big Dave whispered in a stage whisper. "I hardly think this is relevant," the Judge whined. "Offer her a tenner," someone whispered.

"She'll take it up the ass for that," someone added, "offer her a fiver." "Mister Mollineaux, I fail to see where this line of questioning is leading." the Judge repeated. Molineaux ignored him and continued "Is it not true that your pussy is throbbing in anticipation and your secretions are even now soaking your sweet white cotton panties?" "No you bastard and they're black with little gold butterflies embroidered," Angie insisted. "Mr Mollineaux," the Judge insisted.

Mollineaux continued, "Miss A, I put it to you that on the occasions in question you went to the derelict warehouse on Viaduct Street willingly and of your own accord to seduce any one present to sate your rampant sexual desires." The defence solicitor was gob smacked. The prosecution was doing his job for him.

"No!" Miss A insisted. "Is that No you didn't go down Viaduct Street or No your pussy isn't all juicy and throbbing." Mollineaux queried. "Both," she insisted. "My Lord the prosecution requests' Miss A's knickers be presented to court as prosecution exhibit number twenty nine." "Are you completely mad Mr Mollineaux, do you need psychiatric help?" the Judge enquired.

"No I merely wish to verify whether Miss A is telling the truth on this occasion," Molineaux insisted.

"Then I need a moment to confer with the Clerk of the Court," the Judge replied. The petite young thief pays for her crime who was sat in front of him lower down stood and they had a conflab. The Judge then spoke. "Miss A, there seems to be no precedent for this but as the prosecution requests your knickers I see no legal argument against you acceeding to their request." "What's he on about?" Miss A asked.

"You got to drop 'em love," someone heckled. "Not here," the Judge explained but it was too late and Angie's little black panties with gold embroidery were already around her ankles. "I suppose you want a feel too, see if I'm all juiced up?" she asked defiently. Mollineaux went red as a beetroot. "Er" he said. "Well you're bloody right!" Angie insisted as she stood up in the witness box and hauled her skirt up around waist.

"Er actually we can't see," Mollineaux insisted. "Oh for fuck's sake," Angie protested. She pulled her skirt higher with her left hand and placed three fingers of her right hand against her freshly shaved quim.

"See!" she asked, "I'm wet so what, what do you expect, you've been talking dirty haven't you you fithy bastard, what do you expect?" she asked again and her fingers stole gently between her sweet pink pussy lips. "Oh that's better," she added, "Ohhhh, you'll have to excuse me I need a wank!" Three fingers were inside her now. Probing and pulsing gently. "See she is slut!" Defendent F suddenly exclaimed, "How can you say we rape slut? she was gagging!" "She couldn't wait to fuckm us!" Defendent L added.

"She didn't want rubber she wanted to feel us cum!" another bloke insisted. "Yes she was gagging for it, I didn't want to fuck but she pulled up my robe and made me fuck her!" another defendent insisted. "Do I take it that your defence is the young lady consented to intercourse?" the Judge asked the crowded dock where the 12 gentlemen on trial for statutory rape sat.

"Yeah, Of course, can't you see what a prostitute she is!" Defendent C insisted. "My lord may I request a recess?" the defence solicitor asked about 10 minutes too late as the Judge was staring at Angie's cunt. Somehow she had got hold of a Police truncheon and was giving herself a right going over, ramming it upself her like a piston. Twisting it, while fingering her clit and strugging to keep her skirt out of the was with her elbows. Big Dave filmed it on his mobile and he stuck it on YouTube "Er, no" the Judge replied, "Mr Mollineaux?" Mollineaux continued, "Are you enjoying yourself Miss A?" "It's no bloody fun being a nympho," she replied between gasps of pleasure, "I has to have it reguar see," she explained.

"Take your time my dear," Mollineaux suggested. "Perhaps you woud like one of the defendents to fuck you?" "Fuck that they all stink," she replied as she continued to wank.

By this time her skirt was round her ankles and she had her left tit out and was trying to get her left nipple in her gob so she could suck it.

"I'll give you one!" Harley Charlie shouted and next thing he had leapt over the barrier from the public gallery and crashed down ten feet on to some white teen fucks her big black cock master sod sat below.

By this time two of the defendents had their robes up and were wanking away at their nasty brown cocks, I had a bloody hard on too I can tell you. "My lord I must protest!" the defence solicitor whined again.

"Shut it pal," Big Dave shouted, "Give her one somebody." Harley Charlie weren't in no fit condition to do nothing so defendent C leapt from the dock and legged it over to Angie, he pulled up his robe to reveal a pair of Levis and struggled to get his cock out. He was too late, Harley Charlie beat him to it, staggering around like he was drunk, come to think of it he probably was, and he just pulled Angie's fingers out the way and rammed a good ten inches of solid Lancashire meat deep in her sopping quim.

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He probably should have rubbered up first but he weren't that bright. "Ohhh Charlie!" Angie says like she were in love or something.

Ayway the bloke in the robe was having none of it, he had his Levis off, and smacked Charlie in the gob shouting "Let me in!" Bad move. Charie might have been thick as two short planks but he could still multi task.

One hand lovingly caressed Angie's neck, the other smacked the bloke right in the beard. You could have heard the crack when his jaw broke down by Woolworths.

The bloke went down like a sack of spuds, crump. One of the coppers came across and kicked him just to make sure he was awake. "Order in Court, Court will rise for a thirty minute recess," The Judge announced as he legged it towards the bog so he could have a wank. Lucky bastard. I was stuck with the horn and just a load of blokes round.

Well nobody said it was easy being straight. The defence lawyer was doing his nut. Half his lot had admitted doing it with Angie, he was seriously fucked. As it happeed he was in luck, the dopey bastards decided to sack him and do their own defence, it was like de fence old trump's building down Mexico, no D fence at all!

The Judge came back, Charlie shot his load and came back to the gallery, he climbed back up the ten foot drop like king fucking kong grining all over his chops. "Order in Court!" the Judge bellowed, "In all my years on the bench I have bever seen such disgraceful behaviour!" He turned on the defence bloke, "Mr Anchovy, do your clients wish to change their plea?" He stood up, "To be honest My Lord they sacked me so I suggest you ask someone who actually gives a damn." The Judge asked the Defendents, "Is it your position that Miss A willingly consented to sexual intercourse?" "Eh?" Defendent D asked because he weren't that bright.

"Yeah she gagging for it!" his mate chipped in. "Then I must find you all guilty as charged," The Judge announced. The Court erupted like when Wethy towns cored a hd teen peach first time hatefuck my hippie asshole against Stockport County in the FA cup.

"And in addition I find the defendents who openly exposed themselves and masturbated in full view of the public gallery in contempt of court." he boomed.

"I shall hear pleas of mitigation when we return after lunch. We shall now adjourn until 2 PM. "All rise!" the Clerk announced and the Judge pushed off. The Dog and Duck were open by this time so we sloped off down there for a few bevvies, which turned into ten or so.

The news came down, on Radio Wetherfield, "The Wetherfield Eight have been convicted of under age sex." All fourteen have been remanded in custody pending sentencing. Angie was spread all over the papers next morning as she waived her right to immunity in the hope of gettin some modelling work, with a face like hers? Anyway it worked 'cause she got to model some tights!

Now I ain't missionary banging for asian hottie shaved cunt religious or nothing but I asked Angie why she done it, outed the bastards ten years after they fucked her, and do you know what she said. "The bloke in the kebab shop stopped giving her free Pizzas to keep me sweet." See there is a moral, you got to keep paying hush money or you go down.

Miss A, Angie McFee,