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Chapter I: The Assignment / The Audition "Today's the day. Are you sure you're ready?" Tom didn't look at her when he spoke. He was trying to appear casual. Jeanette thought that he certainly looked inconspicuous enough. He was a skinny man in his mid-forties, with a ring of curly black hair around the sides of his bald head. He wore thick horn-rimmed glasses and an ill-fitting tweed suit. She thought he looked rather more like a librarian or an accountant than a secret agent.

She smiled, but followed his lead, not looking directly at him. "Of course I'm ready." They were sitting on a bench in a public park on a chilly morning in late October. Nobody fuck mom son in home have suspected that they had intended to meet each other there, because the two appeared such unlikely companions. While he was older, anemic and shabby, Jeanette was young, voluptuous and beautiful.

She wore a tight-fitting red dress the hugged the curves of her body, and dipped low on the chest to accentuate chubby and slutty blonde with huge tits show impressive cleavage.

Her feet were adorned with a matching pair of red high-heeled shoes. The colour of the clothing was only improved by the matching red of her long hair, which blew carelessly in the morning breeze.

Tom reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper. He placed it nonchalantly on the bench between them. "The Agency has set up a job interview for you at this address in exactly one hour. You are to applying for a position as a maid. We were made to understand that there is no prior housekeeping experience required, and on the back of that sheet we have provided you with a new history." She picked up the piece of paper without looking at it, and stuffed it into her bra.

"Memorize that history before you got to the appointment, and then destroy it." Tom continued as he pretended to watch a pigeon pecking at the ground.

"It shouldn't be too hard to remember. Most of it is consistent with your true identity. You'll maintain your name, address, family, etcetera… But you no longer have any connection with the Agency." Jeanette knew, of course, that she would not be able to allow the target to know about her affiliation with the Agency. That was the main part of being a spy. Ever since she was a child, she had dreamed of being a secret agent.

It was her only true career college babe gets fucked from by her boyfriend. By the time she was twenty-years-old, she was already training with the Agency in uncover operations and counterintelligence.

Now twenty-two, she was still not technically an agent. She was supposed to have two more years of training before being able to participate in even minimal active field duty. However, the Agency required a young woman for a special operation, and since there were no official agents that fit the bill, they had reached down to the trainees and selected her. Jeanette was elated at the opportunity. Tom promised her that if the operation was a success, she would immediately be made a full agent.

She would finally be a spy, and still much sooner than she had anticipated. "Whose maid am I supposed to be?" She asked. "The target is a man named Thorwald. He has his hands in a bit of everything.

A very powerful and dangerous man. Our intelligence tells us that he only employs pretty young girls, and he's recently fired his maid for stealing. If you get the job, you'll be working in his house.

It is our hope that you will be able to overhear certain information about his business, his associates and any plans he might be making." He looked at her from the corner of his eye. "Don't do anything brazen. Don't go rifling through his files. Don't do anything that might get you caught. All we want you to do is look and listen. If he discovers who you're working for, we can't help you…" A heavy silence fell between them. He cleared his throat and asked again, "Are you sure you're ready?" "Yes." She affirmed without a moment's hesitation.

Tom got to his feet and lit a cigarette. "Good luck, Jeanette." He strolled away casually through the park. A huge smile appeared on Jeanette's lips. She practically skipped away, excited at finally being a spy on a top-secret mission, just like she'd always dreamed of.

Her life's goal was within her grasp, all she had to do now was grab onto it. *** An hour later, Jeanette had memorized the directions and her new history. She walked purposefully through the city with daydreams of success floating in her mind. When she turned off of the busy street and down a narrow alleyway, the deafening sounds of the city seemed to recede into silence in an instant. All she could hear was the clicking of her heels on the pavement.

Surely she had taken a wrong turn. She was walking past overflowing dumpsters and vandalized brick walls. She was just about to turn back when she saw the door. It was unassuming enough, with peeling burgundy paint and a rusty handle, but there were no other doors in sight.

Timidly she stepped up and knocked loudly three times. Minutes seemed to pass, but it might have only been seconds, before she decided that her first instinct was correct and that this was the wrong place. She turned to leave.

Before she could walk away, the door lurched open with a loud metallic screech. A little old woman with a long, crooked nose was glaring out at her from the shadows within.

The woman was silent, so Jeanette spoke first. "Hi, my name is Jeanette. I was told that I should come here about a job…" It was said with the lack of confidence of one who was still expecting to be told that she had the wrong address. But the old woman just nodded and beckoned her inside with the curl of one ancient finger. The room was so dark that it took a moment for Jeanette's eyes to adjust from the light of the midday sun.

As the shapes slowly formed around her, she found herself in a small yet lavishly decorated room lit by a single candelabra on a stand against the far wall. The candlelight danced over walls lined with paintings and cases loaded with thick, leather-bound books. In the centre of the room was a huge wooden table with two chairs on either end. The old woman sat down on the far side, and motioned for Jeanette to join her in the opposite seat.

Jeanette sat, and then woman cleared her throat. Her voice was deep and strained. "My name is Esmeralda. I oversee all the hiring for Mr. Thorwald. That is what you're here for, yes?" "Yes," Jeanette responded with a friendly smile. "I was told there was need of a maid." The old woman Esmeralda seemed confounded by this.

"A maid?" She spat. "You've been misinformed, young lady." "Oh…" Jeanette didn't know what to say to that, but before she could think of a reply, Esmeralda continued. "I am looking for girls to work in entertainment." This time it was Jeanette's turn to look confused. "Entertainment?" "Yes…" She went on. "Mr. Naughty teen giselle punished in a lesbian way is the proprietor of a house of pleasure.

It is my job to keep the house running, by supplying fresh young women to entertain the gentlemen. This is a high-class establishment, mind you; we don't just accept any little tart with a pretty face and pair of perky titties. I am a woman of taste, and therefore it falls to me to select only girls with class as well as skill." Jeanette just stared at her, blinking.

When she finally found her tongue, all she could say was, "You mean a… brothel?" Esmeralda scrunched up her old face and gave Jeanette a withering look, as though she could not believe how stupid this girl who just stumbled into her office was.

"Yes, a brothel." "I… I thought there was job for a maid," Jeanette stammered. "Somebody to clean Mr. Thorwald's home." "The job is in Mr. Thorwald's home, as it happens." Esmeralda explained impatiently. "Mr. Thorwald keeps his apartments within the house of pleasure. However, I'm not looking for a girl to clean his kitchen. I'm looking for a girl to clean his cock." The old woman started to laugh. It was an ugly laugh that sounded like a witch and made Jeanette's skin crawl.

The laughter deteriorated into a coughing fit that lasted almost a minute. When that passed, Esmeralda looked at her seriously. "Well? Are you interested or are you wasting my time by sitting there with your eyes wide and your mouth shut?" Jeanette sat there, thinking carefully. The Agency must have made a mistake and given Tom some bad information. She would have to return to him and explain the mix-up. Yet, there was something in the back of her mind that gave her pause.

This job would still put her inside Thorwald's house, which was the plan. Furthermore, if what the old woman said was true, it seemed as though she might actually get more personal contact with Thorwald himself this way. Although, the type of contact was not quite what she was expecting. She looked down at her body. Her red dress clinging tight to her form. She examined the shape of her curves, her breasts, and her long legs.

There was no denying that she was beautiful woman. She knew this. She had seen the way men have looked at her since her body first developed. She'd seen their hungry eyes. So, she knew right away that she had the looks for this job, but the idea of becoming a prostitute made her stomach turn. What finally convinced her was a single image that suddenly sprung to her mind. She was standing in a hall filled with her fellow agents. They were honouring her for going above and beyond the call of duty to collect vital information leading to the arrest of notorious criminal.

Not only would she be the youngest spy working for the Agency, she would be a female agent, which was a rarity unto itself. Before her courage had a chance to leave her, Jeanette decided petite asian amateur fucks her first big dick. "I want the job." A smile bloomed on the old woman's pale lips. "Good. You'll find the pay is more then satisfactory, and you will have ample opportunity to earn extra by performing special services.

But first comes your audition." "My audition?" Her mouth went dry and her hands were trembling. As soon as she had agreed to continue, she had started to lose her nerve.

"Yes," Esmeralda snarled. "You don't think we just give the job to anyone who wanders in off the street. Climb up onto the table, young lady." Jeanette swallowed hard, stood up and stepped up onto her chair, then onto the table. She noticed for the first time how high the ceiling was. It stretched up past the glow of the candles and simply faded away into darkness, as though the room just kept rising without end.

She looked down at the old woman, who looked tiny with her neck turned up to look at her. "Spin for me." Jeanette turned around slowly, giving the old woman a view of her from every angle. She was concerned that her nervousness, in combination with her high heels, would cause her to trip and fall from this high table.

"Now take off your clothes." The words horrified her. She had come here expecting to interview for the job of a maid. She had not been prepared to take off any clothing so that some old lady could scrutinize her naked body. This made her shiver. But things had gone too far to turn back now. She had decided to follow through with the plan, and if she was going to be a spy, she had to be able to play the part. That meant she couldn't be shy about her body.

She stretched her arm to grab the zipper on the back of the dress. She pulled it down slowly, and when it opened up, she shrugged her shoulders gracefully out of the sleeves. With her hands on either end of the dress, she tugged it down over her body. Esmeralda's eyes followed unblinkingly as her black bra and panties appeared beneath the dress. When it got to her legs, her dress fell limply around her feet.

Esmeralda nodded approvingly. "Keep going." Jeanette unhooked her bra and removed it from her chest. Her heavy breasts spilled out with a little bounce. They were large, with big pink nipples. It must have been colder in the room than she realized, because her nipples were poking out straight and hard. Without pausing, she slid off her panties and kicked them away. There was a little red bush above the cleft of her pussy lips. She would have trimmed in the morning, if she had only known anybody would be looking at it.

The old woman stood up, her eyes crawling all over Jeanette's curvy body. Her skin was soft, smooth and unblemished. It was pale with small clusters of little freckles on her chest and arms. Her limbs were long and shapely. Esmeralda walked leisurely around the table, making a circle about Jeanette. She felt the woman's eyes on her ass, which was plump but firm. "Lie down on the table." The voice of the woman came from behind.

Jeanette sat down and then laid her body out of the table with her face up. Her breasts flattened against her body, rising and falling with each breath.

She found herself looking up into the blackness of that never-ending ceiling, when Esmeralda began hovering over her. Now the old woman was looking down at her. Cold, wrinkled hands began gliding over Jeanette's skin. She closed her eyes, hoping that this would make the examination bearable. It didn't. Then the woman's mouth closed around her nipple, and a dry tongue extended to lick it. The mouth was gone as fast as it came, and she felt the hands moving up and down her legs.

They rubbed the soles of her feet and between her toes. They massaged the inside of her thighs. Finally, Jeanette gasped as two slender fingers slid down between her pussy lips and spread. She forced herself the open her eyes and look across her body to where Esmeralda was leaning between her legs. The woman massaged the lips and the clitoris, before inserting the fingers into Jeanette's vagina. The old woman leaned forward and placed her lips on Jeanette's clit, and started flicking it with her tongue as the fingers slid in and out.

Jeanette let out a soft whimper. It was a startling realization, one that filled her with horror, that Esmeralda was actually very skilled. An incredible feeling of pleasure drifted up from her loins, warming her body, giving her goose bumps. She closed her eyes and resolved to ignore the touching until it passed, but she could not resist it. She began to moan as the fingers found her g-spot and the nimble tongue danced on her clit. Jeanette arched her back, suddenly forgetting where she was or what was happening.

Her hands reached up to hold her own breasts and gently pinch the nipples. The moans gave way to screams. She could feel the creamy wetness between her thighs where the mouth and hand were doing things like she had never felt before. The orgasm came on like a storm, making her whole body grow suddenly stiff. Her face contorted. It might have been minutes before her head finally stopped spinning and Jeanette was able to sit up.

She hadn't even felt Esmeralda removed her hand, but the old woman was once again seated in her chair with pleased look on her face. Jeanette was breathing heavily and covered with sweat. "Might be you'll do." The woman allowed wanly. Chapter II: The Education / The Second Audition Esmeralda had gone over the finer details of the position while Jeanette redressed herself.

Before pushing the younger woman unceremoniously back through the door, Esmeralda handed her a card with another address on it and told her that she would be expected there in one week at a specific time for the second stage of her audition. The moment that door slammed shut, Jeanette was overwhelmed with guilt and shame. As the week progressed, she found her mind in constant conflict about her decision. She wanted to call the Agency and speak with Tom. She wanted to let him know the details of the position and ask him whether he still wanted her to go through with the assignment.

Half a dozen times she had started dialing the secret phone number that would direct her to his office. But each time, she hung up before it started to ring.

First of all, she had been explicitly instructed during training that it was dangerous to both her and her supervisor to attempt any kind of contact before the time was right.

It had been emphasized that she was to wait until they made contact with her, not the other way around. Secondly, she was not sure what kind of answer she wanted from Tom. If he told her that this was not the plan he had approved and that she should abort immediately, she would be relieved, but it would also mean losing her big opportunity.

So she spent days locked in her bedroom, feeling like a nervous wreck. She wondered what kinds of things she might be required to do if she got the job, and she reflected on what had happened during Esmeralda's audition.

The latter made her blush every time she thought about it. In all her twenty-two years, Jeanette had only ever had sex with a grand total of two men. Both approached the act conservatively, and it had never yielded her much pleasure.

It was possible, she considered, that she had never really had a real orgasm until that disgusting old woman had examined her. Her lack of sexual experience was filling her with more and more self-consciousness and apprehension. It would not be in her favour to approach this operation as an amateur. She would look out of place from the outset, and bring unwanted attention to her motives for seeking employment in a brothel.

It occurred to her that if the men she had been with had not particularly satisfied her, she was equally uncertain that she had truly satisfied them. She wondered how one pleased a man. Three days before she was to have the second stage of her audition, Jeanette resolved to go out and do some research. She put on a big raincoat and a wide-brimmed hat, which hid most of her face, and went to a local adult bookstore a few blocks away from her apartment. The place had a dumpy exterior, covered with buzzing, fluorescent, pink tubes of light.

The window displays featured all sorts of mannequins wearing revealing underwear or full leather, bondage outfits. But Jeanette's only focus was a little sign on the door that said "Adult Videos". A bell of the door rang as she walked in, and a surly looking man behind the counter looked up at her from the behind the counter. After only a quick, disinterested glance, he returned to perusing a dirty magazine that was sitting in his lap. She walked past the counter and down aisles of sex toys, lubricants, dolls and flavoured condoms.

At the back of the shop, she found a little rack with a wide selection of videos organized by genre. She scanned these with her eyes, wondering which ones would be the most educational. She grabbed a few and facial cumshot music video exxxtra small casting call them under her arm.

She didn't hear the young man come up behind her, but she suddenly felt somebody's presence. She turned her head over her shoulder and looked at him. He appeared to be about eighteen-years-old, not unattractive. Tall with shaggy blonde hair. He was also looking at the videos, and didn't seem to be paying her much notice, so she returned her attention to what she was doing. She selected another video and added it to the pile, but dropped it when she abruptly felt hands grabbing her ass cheeks. The grip was strong as the fingers massaged the meat of her butt.

Jeanette quickly struggled to get away, pushing the young man back. She turned to face him, he was smiling at her. Noticing the motion of one arm, her gaze drifted down to see that his penis was poking out of his jeans.

It was flaccid, but shockingly long and thick. His hand was stroking it languidly. Filled with panic, Jeanette slapped him hard across the face.

This took him aback and forced him to let go of his cock. Quickly, she picked up her stack of videos and elbowed past the young man, running to the front of the store. She zoomed past the counter without paying, but the cashier didn't even look up from his magazine. As she walked off into the night, with her pornography grasped tight against her breast, she looked back and saw the young man was standing in the parking lot watching her go.

He had a perplexed look on his face. Jeanette kept walking. The blonde boy must have assumed she had come there looking for action, or that she was a prostitute. That was when it struck her that she was becoming a prostitute.

Her gut turned. Once she was safely home, behind a locked door, Jeanette studied the pornography with the attention of a student in a university lecture. She was splayed out on her bed in her underwear, with a notepad in hand and her eyes squinting in concentration. She wanted to understand sex. She wanted to know what men liked. Her only hope was that these videos were leading her in the right direction.

She even tried to masturbate to the videos, but found it to be no good. It wasn't very arousing to her. For the next two nights, she would fall asleep with pornography playing on her TV, and a hand stuffed into the front of her panties. Snoring peacefully with a finger resting between her pussy lips, while inside her head, her dreams were filled with fear.

*** Thorwald's brothel proved to be an immense mansion on the outskirts of the city. As her cab pulled up in front, Jeanette was awed by the size and elegance of it. She had half expected it to be some rundown shack with loose women calling down to passersby from a balcony where they paraded around half-naked.

Yet, this looked to be a classy place from the outside. There was no indication that there might be anything untoward going to within. She paid the cabdriver and entered the premises through a huge iron gate. She was wearing a white blouse, black stockings and a short black skirt. She had cleaned herself thoroughly, trimmed her public hair into a neat strip, meticulously done her make-up, and applied her best smelling perfume.

For her first interview, she had not been prepared, but this time she needed to be sexy. She knocked on the door and a stern-faced butler answered.

She handed him Esmeralda's card and he ushered her inside, "Right this way, Miss Jeanette. They are expecting you." He led her through a labyrinth a long hallways. White walls with red carpeting. When they reached two heavy wooden doors, the butler threw them open with ease. She followed him into the room. A huge circular space with almost no furnishing. There was only one table on the far side with three people sitting behind it. The one on the left she recognized instantly as Esmeralda. The man in the middle was a petite tammy has her tight pussy hammered brunette and cumshot, middle-aged man with an uncouth demeanor.

He had beady little eyes, unshaved cheeks and greasy, brown hair. To his right was a black man, shaven bald, lean, muscular and shirtless. The three made such an unusual sight, that Jeanette might have laughed if she wasn't so nervous.

Esmeralda whispered something to the man in the middle, and then beckoned her, "Come closer, young lady. Let us have a look at you." Jeanette stepped right up the edge of the table and stood there, looking at them with her hands clasped tightly together.

All three of them were studying her and her body. The man in the middle looked her in the eyes and spoke with a gruff voice. "You want to work here?" "Yes." She replied shyly. "Why?" His tone was huge boobs woman drilled in toilet room and businesslike. "I need the money." She had expected this question to arise and had outdoors fellatio by nasty adorable babe pornstar hardcore the explanation.

"I've built up a bad debt. I've been spending without thinking for a long time and its finally catching up with me. I need to fix my life and this is the only job I storys pornos con viejitas embarazadas do that will help me do that." His expression didn't give any hint to what he might think of that.

"Is that all?" She opened her mouth to speak but no words came to mind. She didn't know what he wanted her to say. Her heart was racing. "No…" She began, trying to find something to say.

Then an answer came to her. It appeared so unexpectedly, it poured out so easily, that it almost sounded as if it were true. "I want to do it… I like it." The man nodded approvingly and looked at Esmeralda.

He snorted something like a laugh, "Yes. This old bat has told me all about how much secret father and daughter mom enjoyed your audition." That made Jeanette blush.

The man didn't seem to like that, "Are you shy?" "No." She responded right away, trying to will the colour out of her cheeks. "We'll see about that," he said.

"My name is Thorwald. This is my house. If you get the job, this is where you will work. Your job will be to provide pleasure to my associates. They have no more need for shy girls than I do. I want hard workers who aren't afraid to get… dirty." He craned his neck to look past her, addressing the butler, "Lock that door and get the fuck out of here." "Yes, sir," replied the butler cordially, as he did as he was bid.

Thorwald pointed to the bare-chested man sitting next to him, "This is David, he's my assistant. He's going to be auditioning you today." David said "Hello." Then stood up.

The first thing she noticed was that David was extremely tall. He towered over her by more than a foot. The second thing she noticed was that David had been totally naked beneath the table. His black cock was massive. It made Jeanette's mouth drop open and her eyes bulge. Thorwald seemed to find that amusing, as he let out another snort of laughter. David stepped around the table and grabbed her by the shoulders, kissing her hard.

She was taken aback, but held her mouth his and returned the kiss. His huge manhood was pressing against her stomach as he held her body. His fingers nimbly worked to unfasten the buttons of her blouse.

He threw it open and tossed it aside. His strong arms wrenched her skirt down, then her panties. He tore her bra off her. He undressed her methodically and almost thoughtlessly. In seconds she was a naked as he was. His big hands fondled her all over. Grabbing her ass, her breasts, and her legs. Then the hand fell on her head, and pushed her down to her knees. She knew what he wanted her to do, but wasn't sure she was able to do it.

Not because she was afraid to perform the act, but because she wasn't sure she could physically fit something that big into her mouth. She opened her lips as wide as she could and wrapped them around the head of David's cock. She started sucking, and trying to work more of the shaft into her mouth. She got stuck about halfway and couldn't go any further. So she wrapped one hand around the base of the dick and stroked him while she sucked what she could fit.

She felt his hands on the back of her head as he started to thrust into her face. He was fucking her mouth. His big cock started entering her throat, making her eyes water. When he pulled it out, she start coughing. Spit was running down her chin. They both went to the ground. He was on top and she was beneath him. He crammed that monster dick into her tight pussy, making her howl.

He was strong, and he fucked her with all his strength behind him. She looked up at the table where Thorwald and Esmeralda were watching them with bemused smiles on their faces. The initial pain of the stretching subsided, and she started to give in to the pleasure. She began moaning and caressing his back with her hands. Her wetness was increasing, making his thrusts smoother as he went. It culminated with fake cop bangs blonde on her way to the beach having a full screaming orgasm on the floor.

The whole world disappeared for a moment. She didn't so much as notice when David finally pulled that big cock out and sprayed her belly with a thick wad of cum. Her audience of two applauded lightly, like spectators at a sporting event.

David helped her to her feet. He shook her hand as if they had just finished a business meeting. Then he returned to his seat. Thorwald considered her for a moment and then turned to Esmeralda.

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"You found a really good one." She smiled at him wickedly. He looked back at Jeanette, "You start Monday." Chapter III: The Rules / The First Customer / The Job On her first day of work, Thorwald's butler showed her to her room. It was about the size of a small motel room. There was just enough space for a big bed, covered with pillows, a dresser and a few bookshelves.

A tiny bathroom with a shower branched off beside the bed. He gave her an absurdly brief tour of the room and then told her to sit down so he could explain her duties. "From the time you arrive in the morning, to the time you leave at night, you are not to exit this room.

Meals will be brought to you." He had a droning, disinterested voice. "Furthermore, once you enter this room, you are to put your clothing in the dresser. You are to be completely naked at all times. Mr. Thorwald's guests are not required to make appointments, so they may be brought here at any time. Some days you might have no guests. Some days you might have many guests. If there is nothing to do, you may make use of these books." He pointed to shelves.

These arrangements seemed very unusual to Jeanette. How could it be that she was expected to just sit naked in a tiny room all day waiting for somebody to show up and fuck her?

There was another thing concerning her, "Will I see any of the other girls?" "No," he replied simply. "Discretion is one of our top priorities. Many of the young ladies working here are doing so in secret. They have regular lives, as I'm sure you do, and it is not our desire to allow anybody to be recognized by a gossipy co-worker.

You each arrive promptly at different times, and you each remain secluded in your separate rooms for the entire duration of your workday. Is everything clear?" "Crystal clear." She said it with a small smile.

Beneath that smile she was angry. If she was trapped inside this room all day, it seemed that there was no way for her to spy on Thorwald. The whole mission was exploding in her face. She had to find some excuse to be allowed in Thorwald's company. She sat there chewing her lip and thinking about that all natural busty blonde milf getting slammed hard by a huge black cock a moment, forgetting that the butler was still there.

He cleared his throat. He was looking at her impatiently. "You're officially on the clock." At first she didn't know what he meant, but then she looked down and saw her clothes. Filled with frustration and embarrassment, Jeanette stood up and quickly undressed herself. The butler stood there and watched as she did so. His eyes lingered on her breasts, and she felt him staring at her ass as she took her pile of clothes and hid them in the dresser.

When she was finished, she sat down on the bed, nude. The butler nodded his approval and left the room. *** Hours passed and Jeanette remained alone in her room. She lay down on her back, finding the bed surprisingly comfortable, and managed to have a short nap.

When she awoke, she was no longer alone. There was a short man standing at the edge of the bed, watching her breasts rise and fall as she slept. She jolted up. "I'm sorry. I must have dozed off." The man smiled, showing a mouthful of big, crooked teeth. "I don't mind." He was wearing a dress shirt, pants and suspenders.

The suspenders he lifted off and the shirt he started to unbutton. Jeanette surmised that this was to be her first costumer. "Let me do that." She said, crawling across the bed and grabbing hold of his shirt. She unbuttoned it slowly and pulled it over his shoulders.

She placed her hands on his chest and looked up at him. He had an ordinary face. There was nothing particularly noteworthy about the way he looked, except that he was a little shorter than most men. She held his head to hers and placed a soft kiss on his lips. "My name is Jeanette." "That's a… pretty name…" He said in an unfriendly voice.

"Thank you," she tried to make it sound seductive, but these damn hot girls get a real cock too wasn't sure it was working. When she slid the man's pants down, his flaccid cock flopped out. She took him in her hand and stroked him gently, while looking up into his eyes for approval. His eyes didn't give anything back, but his cock was stiffening rapidly.

"So… What's your name…?" She asked feebly. He looked down at her. "Shut up." He snapped. She recoiled, not understanding why he seemed so hostile.

The man climbed up on the bed and crawled forward, grabbed her knees and splaying her legs. Her pussy lips opened for him. He jumped on top of her and guided his cock inside. She let out a moan of surprise as his now rigid dick slammed into her. He propped her legs up on his shoulders and thrust into her again and again. The man bent forward to suck on her nipples as her breasts flopped back and forth.

She felt the warmth of pleasure spreading in her loins and heard the wet sounds coming from where she was being penetrated. She started to moan, but before her orgasm had a chance to build, she felt a rush of hot, warm liquid filling her insides. It took him less than two minutes to climax. He leisurely removed himself and got off the bed. Jeanette remained where she was, with her legs open and then man's semen dripping out of her.

"Was it good?" She asked weakly, honestly wondering what the man thought. He was pulling on his clothes as he turned to look at her. "This is your first day, right?" "Yes." "Well, let me tell you something in case you didn't realize it." He was fully dressed again, as he walked back to the foot of the bed and looked down at her. "Nobody is going to come here to be your friend. The last thing I want is small talk. I came here to fuck a beautiful girl, and that's all you are, a beautiful girl for men to fuck." He smiled at that.

"As to how it was, I've had better." With that, her first costumer walked out of the room, leaving her alone with her thoughts. He was her only visitor on that first day. *** There was more business throughout the rest of the week. Jeanette had taken her first costumer's words to heart. As long as she was in the room with the bed, she pledged that her bdsm anal and deepthroat training fps by dominatrix goal would be to satisfy her costumers.

She was there to be beautiful and to fuck. And as time went on, she became much better at fulfilling this role. She became more confident, more bold and more sexual. She soon discovered that some men didn't want ordinary sex from her.

Some men had very specific desires. There was an Asian man with a long beard who visited her twice on her first week. He did not remove his suit; he would simply sit cross-legged on the edge of her bed and massage her back.

He did this for hours at a time. She was not sure if he spoke English, because he would never once say a word.

A different man had her lay back on the bed while he knelt between her legs and licked her pussy. He masturbated furiously while he did so. She would close her eyes and only know he was finished when his mouth disappeared and she felt his cum sprinkling on her body. An older Spanish gentleman arrived with his wife. He sat down on the edge of the bed while his wife took off her clothes and began fondling Jeanette's body. She embraced the dark-skinned woman, kissing her hard and slipping fingers into her.

They sucked on each other's breasts and licked each other's pussies. After this had been going on for a while, she looked up and saw that the woman's husband had decided to join in. Jeanette shared the man's cock with his wife, their mouths with outstretched tongues sliding back on forth on either side of his shaft. Then the man fucked Jeanette as his wife sat on her face.

When he finally came inside of her, the wife put her mouth on Jeanette's pussy and sucked all the cum right out of her. Then they kissed, and spit the semen back and forth while he watched. Her strangest costumer was a huge, mean-looking man who came in with a brief case. When he opened it, she saw he had brought a frilly dress. Jeanette thought at first that he had wanted her to put it on, but was shocked when the man dressed himself in the outfit.

He had also brought a blonde wig and a strap-on dildo. More often then not, however, men would just come in and have her suck their cocks, or have her spread her legs and take them. She seemed to be gaining popularity, as each day it seemed like there were more people coming to fuck her than the last. Some would only last a couple of minutes, and some would fuck her relentlessly for hours.

In only a matter of days she had lost count of how many men had had her. She recalled uneasily that so recently the number had only been two. Not only was she getting good at the job, she had to admit to herself that sometimes she enjoyed it.

Many times, the men were able to bring her to a real orgasm. None of them particularly cared whether she had big fegar and bum xxx orgasm, but that was beside the point.

She had begun to take a peculiar sort of pride in her sexual abilities. She no breathtaking czech girl gets seduced in the mall and screwed in pov felt that nervous feeling when a visitor arrived in her room. There was even a little excitement; although that was something she would never admit to herself. Friday and her weekend off came quickly. At the end of the day, Thorwald's butler escorted her to the front door and bid her goodnight.

As he did so, he spanked her ass and winked. She smiled softly at him and said goodnight. As she was walking to her waiting cab. An unsettling feeling came over her. Jeanette had become so involved with assimilating to the life of a prostitute, that she was almost forgetting why she was really here.

There had been days when she hadn't even contemplated Thorwald. She was too concentrated on whoever happened to be in the room with her. To top it off, there still seemed to be no way that she could get close enough to her target to collect any valuable information. She hadn't seen Thorwald once since her audition with David. As she sat down in the back screw with cute legal age teenager hotty the cab, she knew with dismay that her mission was failing.

If she wasn't getting any information for the Agency, then what made what she was doing any different from actually becoming a prostitute? She didn't want to consider that. Chapter IV: The Party One day the following week, she was informed by Thorwald's butler that there was an opportunity to earn extra pay by making an appearance that night at a private party. After interrogating him further, he told her that the party would be attended by Thorwald and a few of his close friends.

Jeanette agreed immediately. She was elated.

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This was the opportunity she had been waiting for. At long last, Jeanette would be in the same room as Thorwald and be able to listen in on his conversations without arousing suspicion.

She thought about this long and hard throughout the day, as she entertained her clientele. When her regular shift was done, the butler returned for her. She had put all mom son romance full movies clothes back on. When he saw this, he looked perturbed. "You will not need those.

You're still working. Take them off." She undressed herself again, putting her clothing back in the dresser. It hadn't even occurred to her what type of party this was going to be.

For some reason she had imagined that she was only going to be there as a guest. Yet, clearly this was only going to be an extension of her regular duties. The butler guided her through the halls, into a part of the building she had never been in before. She padded after him barefoot, her breasts bouncing with each step. He walked so quickly; she had to practically jog to keep up with his pace. They came to a staircase and she followed him up to the second floor.

Here they entered a lavish room with a small party already in full swing. There were about a dozen men there, all dressed in expensive xxx bule sexy school girl and girl. The guests stood around in small groups, laughing and bantering loudly.

They were picking at plates of hors d'oeuvres and gulping down glasses of wine. Servants in tuxedos were rushing around, refilling glasses and making sure everybody was having a good time. She spotted Thorwald right away with David and two other men huddled around him in the corner. The butler cleared his throat and motioned his arm to her, "Gentlemen, your entertainment for the evening." As she stepped forward, naked and gorgeous, the men began to applaud wildly. She turned to the butler, "What am I supposed to do?" He rolled his eyes, "What are you being paid busty brunette stripping and playing with pussy pleasure photorama He nudged her forward and she walked in amongst the men.

As soon as she got in arm's reach of them, they started pawing at her. They groped her breasts and smacked her ass. One man gave her a sloppy kiss on the cheek while another slid his hand up between her legs and squeezed. They were all roaring drunk, she concluded, and they were swarming around her like sharks to fresh meat. One of them took off his belt and let his pants fall to the ground.

"Suck on this, baby." He urged her, as he rubbed his cock against her leg. She knelt before the man and did just that. They crowded around her to watch and shout bawdy remarks about the size of her tits and redness of pubic hair. She had barely been sucking the one man for a minute when a second cock pressed against her cheek. She moved her mouth between them and soon found that she was surrounded by hard cocks.

At least six of the men had already removed their pants and encircled her, waiting for their turn. She spun herself in circles, tasting each man while she filled her hands with two others. She looked up at their faces and saw with disappointment that Thorwald was not among them. Two of them reached under her legs and lifted her up into the air. She let out a little yelp as she suddenly found herself being carried across the room.

The men tossed her carelessly onto a couch, and as soon as she landed, a third man jumped on top of her. He slid himself into her pussy and began pumping away, while one of his friends stood up on the couch and popped himself into her mouth. As she surveyed the room, she saw that most of the men were completely undressed.

The floor was strewn with expensive suits and underwear. Her hopes of listening to important conversations were fading. Nobody was speaking except to comment on how sweet her pussy was. If these men were players in a criminal conspiracy, they hadn't come to talk shop. They'd come to have a good time, and she was providing it. They kept swapping. Every time she looked, there was a different man fucking her pussy or stuffing her mouth. She saw all different shapes, sizes and colours disappearing inside of her.

Whenever her mouth was free for a pussy licking blak vs evelyn, she released a pent-up moan. She could feel the moistness gathering in her pussy. "Turn the slut over," one of them shouted. "I want to put it in her asshole." She cringed. In all the time she had been working here, nobody had requested that of her. She had never had anal sex and did not particularly want to.

She had been dreading it, but knew it was inevitable. So, as they lifted her up and turned her onto her back, she clenched her teeth together and braced for it. The man's hands groped her butt young cutie with pig tails doing anal and spread, he pressed his finger against the puckering hole and forced it in slowly. It hurt, but not bad.

As her anal muscles relaxed, he inserted deeper and deeper. Once he was in up to the knuckle, he starting to slide it in and out. She was getting used to the feeling. It felt kind of good. But the finger popped out, and was replaced by the fat head of a thick dick. This made her groan loudly. She felt it filling her very slowly, and her ass gradually relented, just as it had to the finger. Then the strokes and thrusts came. Her fingernails dug into the sofa cushions. There was still some pain and resistance when he pushed in, but there was also relief and pleasure when he pushed out.

After the action in her ass was underway, another man jumped in to use her mouth. It was difficult to suck when she was experiencing these new sensations, but she did her best. They turned her over a second him, and while one man remained in her ass, another climbed on top and took her pussy.

She could almost feel them rubbing together inside of her. It was a very unusual feeling. They were becoming impatient and they all wanted a go at once. Before long, in addition to the two men fucking her lower openings, she had two men who were both trying to force their cocks into her mouth mom and sun shipping 1bad the same time.

Her jaw stretched as wide as she could to accommodate, but they were two big to fit at once. Her hands became occupied by another two men who had seen they were free and wrapped her fingers around their own hard members. With all of this going on at once, Jeanette teen sucks her first dick unable to move her body at all.

It was as if she had just become an object and they were all using a part of her body as they pleased to satisfy their needs. She felt an explosion of semen filling her ass.

But as soon as that man pulled out, another was in his place. They continued moving around, trading places, sampling her different parts.

Sometimes she felt mouths and hands on her breasts, legs, ears, neck. "Bring her here!" One of them called. They all climbed off of her at once. She had to stop and catch her breath. She was dizzy and the room looked like a blur. They took her by her arms and carried her to another couch, where a very fat and hairy man was sitting. He was short and round with a big smile. He grabbed her by the chin, "Are you having a good time, beautiful?" "Yes," she replied breathlessly.

He laughed out loud. "You look just like a girl I had a crush on in high school. An irresistible redhead with a gorgeous body. She thought she was too good for me. Are you to good for me?" "No," she said softly. He laughed again. "Then get on the floor and kiss my feet." She did it without argument. She got down on the floor, lifted his fat foot and laid her mouth on his hairy toes.

She kissed each one, then started to suck them. They were sweaty and the tasted foul. The fat man reclined with his hands behind his head, gazing down at her with a smug expression.

All around her were laughing naked men. She stuck her tongue between his toes, and kissed the soles of his feet. "That's enough," he allowed. She was relieved to stop, until he said, "Now lick my ass, honey." He stuck his hands in the pits of his legs, and stuck them up into the air. His furry stomach folded into rolls of fat and his cock slapped against her belly.

His big mom and son in ebony dabbling cheeks spread and opened a tiny hole ringed with hair.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and went at it. She licked around his asshole and then plunged right into it. She licked and sucked and kissed at him. There was uproarious laughter and hooting at that. Then somebody grabbed her and took her from behind as she licked the fat man. It went on like this for hours. They would take her in every hole, until they got bored of that and decided they wanted to try some new way to humiliate her.

Then they would be ready to fuck her again. At some points she found it repugnant, but at other hot and sexy babe alyssa cole riding her bfs big dick pornstars and fingering she was able to enjoy it.

All told, she had four powerful orgasms before the party had started to break up. Men commenced searching through clothing to find their own. They dressed and some of them left for home. Many of them were likely going back to their wives or girlfriends. They didn't feel guilty about using her. They didn't even see her as a person.

Jeanette collapsed on the couch. Her body was sticky from sweat, saliva and cum. Her hair had been caked in it. There was a dull, throbbing pain in her groin and ass. She felt like she could fall asleep right there. The only two men who had not made use of her were Thorwald and David.

They had apparently remained fully dressed well all of this was going on. As his guests were leaving, Thorwald was speaking to David about something in hushed tones. After a moment, the fat man whose big ass she had licked, came over and joined in their conversation. Jeanette pretended to be unconscious, but strained to hear them. "Have a good time, Larry?" Thorwald asked casually. "Not bad. The girl was cute." The fat man changed the subject. "When does the shipment come in?" "Tomorrow night at the pier." Thorwald responded.

He went on at length about a shipment pickup that was going to be made. She heard them say drugs and guns, but maybe more. She made mental notes, memorizing every word that they spoke. They didn't seem concerned about being overheard, because they spoke bluntly about criminal conspiracy and smuggling. When they finally walked out of the room, Jeanette had already heard everything she needed.

The butler shook her by the shoulder. "Wake devoted and mature housewives catherine and lexxi. Get a shower, get dressed and go home. You're filthy." When she opened her eyes she was smiling from ear to ear.

She had finally managed to get some useful information about Thorwald's activities. The butler took her grin to be about the party, "Enjoyed yourself, huh?" Chapter V: The Report She knew she had to speak with Tom immediately. Once the cab had dropped her off in the city, she found the nearest pay phone and dialed the phone number for his office, which she had memorized. He had gone home for the night, but once Jeanette confirmed her identity with Tom's secretary, the woman gave her Tom's home address.

It wasn't far, so she decided to walk. This was a decision she quickly regretted when it started to rain. It began as small droplets, but evolved into a downpour by the time she found his street. Jeanette trusted Tom. He had a fatherly, authoritative quality to him. When she had been plucked from training and given to him as supervisor, he had been kind and understanding. The two had developed a professional friendship and a mutual respect.

She was excited to see him again. It felt like she would be returning to her old life. It was a life that she had left so recently, but seemed like it happened long ago and to somebody else. She counted the numbers on nudist beach brings the best out of two hot t buildings until she came to the one residential home on the street.

It was a fairly small, modest building, squeezed between two larger concrete structures. She hurried up his front steps. She had lifted her coat over her head like a tent, but the rain had soaked through the fabric and was running down into her hair.

She rang the doorbell and waited. After a moment, the door opened. Warm light spilled out into the night and Tom was standing there wearing a bathrobe and slippers.

"Who's there?" he called out. She stepped into the light. He looked at once concerned and confused, "Jeanette?" "I had to come. I have information." He grabbed her shoulder and pulled her inside quickly. Then he poked his head out to make sure nobody was watching. Once the door was closed and locked, he showed her into his living room and took her wet coat. She sat down on a recliner and he sat down on a couch across from her. His home was filled with stacks of files and documents.

Various firearms were on display in a glass case on the wall. He looked stern. "You're not following instructions. You were to wait until we contacted you. You could have put the whole operation in jeopardy." She leaned forward, her soaked clothing made a wet sound as she moved. The white fabric of her blouse clung to her skin. "I had to speak with you. I haven't heard anything from the Agency in so long, I just needed some kind of sign of support." She looked at him, waiting for him to say something.

When he didn't, she continued, "I have information. I was present for a conversation between Thorwald and some of his associates. His assistant, David and a fat man named Larry. I thought it would be important to inform you right away." She started explaining to him everything she had heard the men saying that night.

At first he just kept looking at her sternly, but gradually became more and more interested in what he was hearing. At one point, he stopped her so he could grab a pen and paper to make notes. He nodded his head enthusiastically as he jotted down all the details. When she had finished, he looked up from his paper. "This is good stuff. This is damned good stuff. You got this while cleaning his office?" She froze and nearly stopped breathing.

The time had come for her to let her superior know what kind wankz big titted old broad gets drilled work she was doing, and she had no idea how to start.

Jeanette sat there with her mouth open for a few seconds, and then finally said, "The Agency had some bad information about the maid position." He looked baffled, "What are you talking about?" "I went to the appointment as we discussed, but when I got there I was informed that they were not hiring women to work as maids." He furrowed his brow, looking from her to his notes and then back again.

"I don't understand. How did you overhear this conversation if you haven't been working for Thorwald?" Jeanette took a deep breath. "I have been working for Thorwald. At my initial job interview they informed me that they were hiring women to work in his personal… brothel.

I was not completely sure how to proceed, but I did not want to sabotage the mission, so I agreed to this different position. For the past two weeks, I have been working there in that capacity. Tonight, Thorwald was present while I was… working." She watched his face as she spoke.

It went from confusion, to horror, to concern and then grew stern again. A heavy silence fell over the room, and he did not meet her eyes.

He seemed to be deep in thought, so she decided not to interrupt him. When he finally looked at her, he spoke very deliberately, "You should have aborted the mission as soon things started to deviate from the plan. We knew that you could pass for a maid, but we had not intended… this." He lapsed back into silence. Jeanette became filled with shame. She should have known better than to have done what she did. She buried her face in her hands, trying to amateur babe fucking with music at party realslutparty hoesparty back tears.

"I've done… things… that I never imagined myself doing. I've made a terrible mistake." She whispered into her palms.

"Yes." He agreed, but he laid a finger on his notepad. "Be that as it may, you've managed to collect some good information." A note of conflict was in his voice. "I should pull you off of this now before things get any more out of hand… And yet, we do need eyes and ears on Thorwald." He put a fatherly hand on her shoulder; his voice was filled with compassion.

"Do you want to continue with this, Jeanette?" She lifted her head. "Yes. I want to finish what I started. I want to make amends for my mistake." He nodded slowly, mulling this over. "And you are… suited… to your duties there?" "How do you mean?" He looked her over. "Are you able to satisfactorily pass yourself off as a. prostitute? Are you… capable?" Having to answer this question made her blush.

She had almost forgotten how to blush over the last couple of weeks, but she was just starting to feel like a secret agent again. "Yes. I am." "Show me." He commanded. Looking at her seriously.

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Jeanette's mouth dropped open. "…What do you mean?" Tom unfastened his robe and honey bounds on lengthy cock girlfriend and homemade it up. He was naked underneath. His body was pale and thin. His small penis was poking up rigidly from a puff of coarse black hair.

It was no more than three inches long, but it was hard and pink with a swollen purple head. "It is the only way I can be sure. You have to show me." She looked at him uncertainly.

The meeting seemed to have suddenly taken a turn for the inappropriate. Over the course of her mission, Jeanette had done many filthy things. But this seemed different. It didn't seem to have anything to do with maintaining her cover. "Tom… I'm not sure I understand." His eyebrows narrowed and he gave her a cold look. "Jeanette, this operation is big.

This is not the kind of thing to be taken lightly. If we had known that you would be posing as a prostitute, we would have tested you to make sure you could adequately play that role. I need to be absolutely certain that you are capable of performing believably. Otherwise you will be putting both yourself and the fate of this mission in grave danger. There is only one way I can be sure…" Her eyes dropped to his throbbing little prick. This didn't feel right to her, but he was her supervisor and it wasn't her place to question his orders.

She supposed that, maybe, what he was saying made some kind of sense. She got up from the recliner and crossed the room to kneel between his legs. She placed her hands on his thighs and looked up at him.

He put a hand on her head and ran his fingers through her wet hair. "This is strictly business, Jeanette.

I have to be certain." He assured her solemnly. She inclined her head forward and parted her lips slightly, letting them descend slowly onto Tom's cock. He was so small that before she knew it, the whole thing was sitting comfortably inside her mouth. Gripping him at the waist, she began to suck, slowly at first and then more quickly. His legs spread and his hand remained on the top of her head, guiding it as she bobbed. The room was silent but for the sound of the rain on the window, and the sucking sounds of her mouth at work.

She lifted her head and looked at him. "Is that enough? Does that prove that I'm capable?" He looked down with disappointment. "This is what you've been doing over there?" There was a little bit of anger in his voice.

He closed his robe. "I'm going to pull you out of there before you get yourself into any trouble. Nobody is going to believe that you're a prostitute. Go home, Jeanette.

I'll call the Agency and let them know that you've messed it up and the mission has to be aborted." "No!" Jeanette cried, frightened that he was about to put an end to her spy career before it had even begun.

She grabbed the flaps of his robe and swung them open again. She dove down onto his cock and began to passionately lick and kiss it. Her tongue moved nimbly, making use of all the skill she had acquired. She sucked him hard and fast and fervently. He began to moan and she knew she was doing a good job.

This encouraged her. She filled her mouth with his hairy balls while jerking him off between two fingers. Tom grabbed her head and lifted her away from his engorged manhood. He grabbed the front of her blouse and tore it open. His hands moved so quickly that he had her bra unhooked before she even realized he had reached behind her.

The bra fell off and her big breasts spilled out. He got to his feet. "Stand up!" He insisted. She did. He grabbed her skirt and panties and yanked them both down around her ankles in a single stroke. His little eyes looked her up and down from behind his thick glasses. He was massaging his little dick as he examined her breasts and her pussy. Then told her to turn around so he could see her ass.

When she turned away from him, Tom placed his hand on her back and pushed her over harshly. With her skirt and panties still tangled around her ankles, she fell hard smalltits college girl masturbation cam show privateshow and livechat landed on all fours. In an instant, she felt his greedy hands on her waist and his little cock pushing its way into her pussy. She pushed back against him, grinding. He grabbed her by the hair and her head snapped back.

She groaned. His thrusts came rough and fast. He was blondie emma hix gets caught and fucked by the arresting cop even louder now as he shook her body back and forth, making her breasts swing like pendulums.

His cock was so small that it wouldn't have given her much discomfort, if not for the relentless pounding she was receiving from him and fact that her body still ached from the party.

There was a loud, wet, repetitious, slapping sound as he ploughed into her. It didn't feel pleasant. In fact, it was quite the opposite. But she knew that she must give a good performance or Tom remove her from the job and send her back to training or worse. Tom's breaths were becoming shorter and she sensed that he was close to finishing. This pleased her, as she was anxious to leave. He pulled out swiftly and shouted "Flip over!". She let her body drop to the floor and rolled over onto her back, so she was looking up at him.

He was stroking himself furiously and had a wild look in his eyes. He stepped over her and sat his hairy ass cheeks right on her breasts, sticking his cock in her face. She opened her mouth to say something, but as she did so, a thick rope of white semen squirted out and landed across her face and lips.

She spat. Then a second rope squirted out. Luckily, Jeanette was able to close her eyes in time, because this one landed right over her lids. She reached up and wiped it away so she could open her eyes. When she did, she saw Tom refastening his robe and looking at her guiltily. He extended his hand to pull her to her feet, and she accepted. Then he left the room. Jeanette pulled up her panties and skirt.

Sitting down on the couch she tried to button up her blouse, but saw that it had been too badly ripped when he tore it off of her. She let it hang open as she searched for her bra. When Tom returned, he had a damp face cloth.

He sat down next to her on the couch and gingerly wiped his seed off her face. He did it so tenderly; it was hard to believe that he had been roughly fucking her seconds earlier. It seemed as though he were back to normal. It was like watching him transform into a werewolf, and then return to human form. "I'm sorry I had to do that." He said bashfully. "I just had to make sure that you were up to job.

You understand?" She wasn't sure that she believed him, but she managed to respond, "Yes. I understand." After he cleaned her up, he bid her goodnight and told her to come back to his home the next week at the same time for another progress report. Jeanette hid her ripped blouse under her coat and walked off into the night. Every other time she had sex with one of those strange men, it had felt like part of the job.

But as Jeanette walked home from Tom's house that night, she felt for the first time that she had truly become a whore.