Cutie babe fucks her pussy with her fingers and toy

Cutie babe fucks her pussy with her fingers and toy
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Mom Blackmailed This was an idea from a reader so I hope he enjoy. It was summers day and hot even by Texas standards. Tammy had come out in her blue bikini to get some sun and swim before her son got home.

She knew the bus will be at there corner by around four so there was plenty of time as it was only 12:35. Her husband would probably not be home until well after seven, so she took a gulp of her drink and laid down on the lounge. Tammy is 42, five foot two, one hundred fifty pounds. She has 38d breasts her ass sags a bit with auburn hair. The older she gets the horny she becomes so using her 9" dildo is a daily occurrence.

Her husband has lost all interest in her. The phone rang and she did not recognize the number but answered anyway. "Hi big summer lynn gets cum on her face was the response. Before she could say anything the voice said "bet you are thinking about my hard cock in your hole about to shoot a hot load, right"? She decided to play along and answered," Yup". The conversation lasted for another ten minutes and she was wet as the caller hung up.

My god I hope he calls back every day. She was headed for the house when she saw the lawn kid cutting the grass. Stopping in her tracks she turned and went back to the lounge. Laying on the lounge she spread her legs wide and smiled at the kid with an alluring smile. Maybe he interested in fucking me.

"Hi Mrs. P" yelled Jim. "Hi Jim, is it hot enough for you"? "Sure is I could use air today for sure". "Why don't you take a break and come in the back porch, it's under air and I'll join you for a drink". "OK but only for a few minutes as I don't want dick riding by two excited euro gorgeous bitches hardcore and groupsex get in trouble". She knew he was staring at her wet crotch. The phone call had made her very horny and she was thinking about some young hard cock.

"Sit down and I'll get us a drink, beer OK"? "It would be great". She came back from the kitchen and handed him a beer.

She sat across from him and gave him a fuck me spread, which caused him to smile and get a bulge in his short which he was trying to hide.

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"Don't hide it she cooed he looks hot and like he could use some air" walking over to his chair she grabbed the top of his shorts and pulled them down.

A good sized cock sprang out, "Wow nice cock you have there". "Thanks Mrs. P" "Call me Tammy". "Tammy I don't want to loose my job". "No one is going to know about this now come here and give me a good fucking, I need it bad". Jim slipped his cock into her and she moaned with delight, feels great pump slowly I don't want you Cumming to soon I need this now. It took Jim about five or six minutes and he was ready.

Tammy had two orgasms already so when she felt his cock twitch she yelled fuck me baby shoot a big hot load of cum in my pussy. With that encouragement Jim exploded and she felt hot cum shooting way up in her pussy. There is nothing better then hot cum in a pussy to relieve stress and make the day go by.

They both laid there until there breathing had turned to normal, "How about a blow job before you start working"? "I'd love it". I have to tell you I love to suck cock until a guy cums and I get to swallow every drop. It was one of her better blow jobs and she wicked pretty bitch is awarded with ball batter hardcore and blowjob spill a drop.

"Thanks Mrs. P was Jim last words as he went back outside to work". Curious she thought I thought I saw something shinning as we were fucking and later while I was sucking, my imagination probably. The next two day was uneventful, on Thursday at 10 am the doorbell rang. Who the hell can that be as she opened the door?

Standing there were three large black guys in there teens. "Yes can I help you"? "The largest one looked at her "Well we may be able to help each other, could we come in"? With a puzzled look on her face she opened the door wide and in they came. "Ok what' up"? Another of the boys spoke up "do you have a computer or DVD player in here"?

"In the den, why"? The boys headed for the den. "So tell me what's going on here anyway". "Give it another minute and you'll see". The screen came on and there she was legs spread open fucking Jim. The stair on her face said it all they all watched for another five minutes until she jumped up and turned it off. "How did you get this and what are you going to do with it"?

"Well how we got it is obvious Jim set you up?"Secondly what we do with it depends on you". "Would you kindly explain yourself". "Certainly, we want a cum slut, someone who we can fuck every time our nut sacks get full". "Well I have no intention of being your cum slut, now get out". "OK these will be at your son's school by lunch and on the internet before 2"."You are going to be a very popular lady in a day or so and your husband will get a copy at work".

X vidios free first night look of panic, shot across her face, "Wait can't we work this out"?

"Our terms are simple all you need to say is yes I'll be a black cock cum slut and the party will begin'. "I'm too old for you guys", "Wouldn't you prefer someone younger"? "No according to Jim you have a tight pussy that milks every drop of cum out". "He told us it was one of the best blowjobs he's ever had".

"Look Tammy it's 10:30 for the last time what's it going to be"? She just sat there with the deer in the headlights look. If I agree they'll be fucking me more then I've ever been fucked, name of porn story played by jhonny sins and mia khalifa black and I've never felt a black cock much less tasted the cum it gives.

They got up and headed for the door, "Wait I'll be your black cock cum slut" just don't show the video, please". "Good now lets see your bedroom" "Why" "Two reasons one to see what underwear you own and the second to see where we will be fucking you". "All right follow me". Once in the bedroom they started looking through her sexy underwear. Once they had found an outfit they handed it to her and said go put this on.

In the bathroom she stared in the mirror, god the three of them are going to fuck me and this could go on for quite some time. She changed into the thong and bra set, put on makeup and heels. Well here we go and opened the bedroom door. There were three black men with large cocks sitting on her bed joking. "How do I look"? "Very fuckable too be sure". The smallest guy got up and walked over to her.

"I'm Howie, that ugly mother is Wayne and the big guy is JC". "Well it's nice to put a name to a cock". Let's get you on the bed, "OK". Once on the bed they started kissing her tits and rubbing her pussy. Wayne undid her bra clasp and they took it off her. Now Howie and Wayne sucked her nipples while JC rubbed the pussy. It didn't take long before he nipples were standing straight out and she had a good size wet spot forming.

"If you get your panties off you'll get fucked Tammy", she looking at Wayne "did you guys bring condoms"?

All three stopped JC laughed "Tammy just for the record every ounce of cum in our balls is going in you". "The destination is pussy or belly but for sure it's all in you". "I could get pregnant"? "Not my worry, now the panties"? Tammy pulled her panties off and laid down on the bed, she felt the head of a very large cock moving up and down on her pussy lips. A slight pressure and in went the head.

He pushed in and out with a slow rhythm until she felt his pubic hair pushing on her mound. My god the whole thing is in me and it feels great. JC kept pushing and his pace was beginning to quicken. The burning between her legs was causing her to move her ass in slow circles and start to moan then she started pushing up on his every down stroke.

Howie and Wayne each had a nipple in the mouth and the feels she was experiencing were wonderful. She grabbed JC ass pulled him down and "Screamed cum in me baby shoot that load in me as deep as you can". Wayne stiffened and spurted, the first rope of cum Shot deep into her waiting pussy.

The force it came out of his cock was fantastic, her pussy kept milking the cock until the flow of cum stopped and it started to get soft. JC rolled off and Wayne got between her legs, his cock slipped in her czech babe aubrey rose gets pounded good for some cash soggy pussy easily.

She felt the same rhythm as before and smiled and enjoyed the feeling. JC took his wet cock and pushed it in her mouth she was tasting cum and pussy juice. Wayne pace he quicken and she knew he would be ready soon, pushing her hips up as hard as she could she pulled him close. "Honey I want you to empty your nut sack in my pussy". He had a large smile on his face, his eyes rolled and she felt the familiar feeling of cum spurting into her pussy. At that moment she another screaming orgasm.

She pulled his ass tight to her and her pussy milked every drop out. Wayne rolled off and Howie had his cock all the way in before her breathing had returned to normal. He pumped her for quite a while she had two orgasms before she felt him stiffen.

Her pussy was milking his cock as best it could considering she had been fucked twice and had very large cum deposits already in her. "Yes baby blow a load for me". His cock erupted and cum started flowing out as she had another orgasm.

Howie rolled off and smiled at her. "Well Tammy how is being a cum slut so far"? "Look JC since I have no choice what can I say". "Good now roll over", "Why"? "Tammy roll over"! She rolled hot lovely babe takes hard cock in face hole and he got behind her, "No please I've never had a cock in me there before".

"Well get use to it as it is going to be a regular occurrence". The large cock pushed into her tight ass, even allowing for him putting a considerable amount of lube on both her ass and his cock she felt filled.

She was crying as he pushed deeper. My god went through her mind Then she had Wayne's cock down her throat while howie messaged her tits.

They had a rhythm going as her mouth and ass were both being fucked at the same time. She thought she heard a camera shooting pictures but she wasn't sure. Wayne grabbed her head and pushed his cock deep down her throat, she felt a large glob of cum shoot out of his cock, it hit the back of her throat and she swallowed quickly as she knew there was plenty more to come. After she had swallowed twice more JC grabbed her hips shoved his cock balls deep and spurted cum in her bowels.

She shrived and had a slight climax. My god he made me cum using my ass. JC moved off and Howie replace him with his cock in her ass, she was crying and yet excited as he was in no hurry and pounded her for five minutes before adding another load of cum to her bowels. She felt that slight shiver of a small climax again. Out plopped his cock and they all sat on the bed.

"JC is your nut sack empty"? "Yeah for now no more cum left Wayne, yours empty"? "To be sure I'm done for now". "Tammy you have a great tight ass and pussy", "My pussy isn't to tight at the moment and is very sloppy thanks to you guys". "Well get use to it". They started to get dressed Wayne looked at her, "You certainly know how to suck a great cock". "Thank you, could I ask that as long as I'm big black x com sex stories to be fucked constantly by you guys if I buy you condoms to use".

Tammy I told you every drop of cum in our balls goes in you, period"! "OK JC if that's what you want. I just didn't want to take the chance of getting pregnant. The guys left her sitting on the bed in her panties; she heard the front door close. Well It could have been worse she thought. There was a noise coming out of her son Brad's room. She walked down the hall and opened the door. There he sat cock in had stoking it while apparently watching a porno.

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Covering her breasts she turned to leave and heard him yell. "Mom get in her, turning back she entered the room, "Come in this is great". She Watched in horror as she saw herself being fucked by her three new friends. "They were filming me"? "No I was filming you" "Oh now what"? Well first get in here and suck me dry then well discuss my plans for you".