Horny teen gives blowjob nothing complicated in this scene just dr mercies extracting a

Horny teen gives blowjob nothing complicated in this scene just dr mercies extracting a
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My bosses always ask me, Walter how do you do it? How do you do those 7+ hour flights with such a short staff? I always say, "Time flies when you're having fun" and people funny evilmadness cartoon porn movies laugh and move on, not wanting to talk me out of my cheap labor.

I'm 45 years old, average looking, 6 foot but with a little "heft" to me, not quite fat, but not bothering to be in shape, single, and have been a pilot for over 10 years. Around the 5 year mark I hit my stride and had a system going with a fast and easy flight stewardess where we'd bang in-between flights.

But eventually I got moved to the big game flights, the long hauls and waiting until the aircraft landed for 7-12 hours for a quick fuck wasn't cutting it. My stewardess didn't have the stamina for what I needed and wanted out, but black mail is a bitch and not wanting her boss to know she'd been fucking the indispensable pilot she kept her mouth shut.

So I'd take her in the cockpit while my long time co-pilot, Henry, would take an extended "bathroom break" and I'd slip him a 50 when I was done. About a year ago things changed. Grabbing my Stewardess's arm after Henry left she put her arms up and said frantically, "Wait!" "For what? I've been waiting 3 hours for you to do your damn food run, I'm tired of waiting." I jerked her closer and she braved herself, whimpering slightly, then blurted out, "I can get you someone else!

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Someone better!" I stopped, intrigued, my dick rock hard in my pants, I'd been nursing the hard on for hours and I didn't want her to trick me and not come back.

"Who?" I demanded, grabbing her hair and pulling back to show her I meant business. Beautiful sister and brother sex xxx flinched and then spoke, stuttering a little. "The UM, she's pretty, gorgeous really, I'm in charge of her till we hit Russia. I'll bring her to you!" I stood there stunned for a moment, The Unaccompanied Minor?

I racked my brain trying to remember if I'd seen her, the passengers entering was a total blur. I eyed my Stewardess, "How old? I'm no babysitter." "She's 16. She's quiet, she's upset because she's being sent her her grandparent's for the summer and has never been to Russia.

Her Parents made her a UM because they were afraid she'd run off." I looked over the woman before me, the uniform was hot, but she looked used and suddenly trashy, hell she was used and trashy, I'd been the one using her.

I let her go. "Bring her. I'll make a call over the speaker announcing a lucky passenger getting to visit the pilot in 5. If you don't come back with her, I'll beat you and leave you in Russia." She quickly fled the cock pit, closing the door behind her. I checked to make sure all my gauges were in place and the altitude was set on the auto pilot.

Checking the time, it was 18:00 hours meaning we still had 6 hours before landing in St. Petersburg. In case the girl wasn't what I wanted I decided to start out friendly, and zipped up my pants and buckled my belt.

Looking around I tried to find something in case there was noise, normally I had black mail on my side when I took a reluctant partner, now I'd daughter caught spying bathing dad and masturbating to prepare a game plan. Finding one of the more heavy duty oxygen mask (you wont find one of these bad boys in coach) I set it to the side so I had it on hand and picked up the mic to make my announcement.

"Attention flyers, my lovely flight attendant will be choosing a lucky flyer to come join the pilot up front for the duration of this flight to get a direct look at how a plane flies!" I waited impatiently until I heard clapping as the door opened and my attendant led a confused and blushing girl onto the flight deck.

She was gorgeous. About 5 foot with black hair cascading down to the middle of her back. You could tell she had Russian lineage. She was dressed comfortably for the flight in jean shorts that showed off her tanned legs, lean like a runner of some sort.

Her whole body had an athletic build to it, her breasts were a full and perky B cup under a plain cotton T shirt. Her biggest turn on however had to be her lips. pouty and full, they were set in a slight frown either at being brought up here in front of everyone, or at her current summer plans. Regardless, I didn't much care, she'd more than do for my needs.

"Hey sweet heart, " I said warmly, beckoning her forward into the cramped room. "What's your name?" She looked at me uncertainly, but not untrusting and responded "Sasha" Her voice was as soft as her name, and I gave a pointed look at the Stewardess to leave. She did, and quickly. Making an excuse about grabbing more beverages.

Sasha looked backed, dismayed as the woman left, but in seconds the door was shut and it was just the two of us. "Well Sasha, why don't you come here and I'll show you how the controls work." She came forward tentatively, looking curiously at all the flashing lights and knobs. I gestured towards the blinking lights "Pretty cool huh?" She nodded, looking at all of it, becoming more at ease. The only view in front of us was a never ending valley of clouds, the cockpit itself was set to night mode for the evening, making the colors of the buttons reflect on her sexy pouty face.

This would be a lot easier if she compliant, so staying seated, I put my hand on her back and said. "would you like to drive it?" Surprise lit her features as she looked at me. "Me?" "Sure, you can be my co-pilot while henry is gone." She nodded and started towards the empty seat next to me. I put up a hand to stop her. "Oops.

not that one. Unfortunately we could get a big time law suit if you sit in a seat alone," I patted my lap. "Come take a seat right here, and I'll guide you." She looked nervously at my lap, but then slowly came forward, I could tell she felt silly as she lightly sat on my knee, her soft ass barely hovering over my right thigh. Arms around her, I pulled her back against me, keeping one arm around her waist while the other grabbed for the thruster.

"See this here, this is what moves the aircraft." I put her hand on it.

Tilting her back a little to say, "Now go ahead, just a little." She lightly pushed on the throttle and as the plane gave the smallest bit of a shutter she gasps, pulling back. I took this moment to pull her all the way back on my lap. Causing her ass to me pressed against my hard cock.

She seemed to notice and fidget a little, the movement causing my dick to twitch rapidly beneath me, keeping a firm hand around her waist I whispered, "good, good. you did nice. it's ok, you're doing great princess." She took in a little bit of breath, her body tense on my lap, butt clenched. "What's that?" She asked, pointing noti amerika xxx story full h d a random blinking knob.

"Those are the gear flaps. we cant mess with those, but go ahead and press a little on the thrusters again." She set her hand back on the thruster and I timed it so as she pushed it forward, jolting us a little, I was able to grind into her, giving a little thrust of my own.

She whimpered a little at the movement and squirmed a little in my arms, trying to re-situate herself on my lap. I held firm, cooing in her ear, petting her long thick black hair, so soft under my finger tips, "Shh, shh shh- you're doing great.

Just keep still for me princess." "I don't like this anymore." She whined. "I want to go back to my seat." "Soon princess, soon. You just got to help me up here a little longer and then you can go back." "No!" She said, sounding more frantic, I want to go back now!" The jig up, I started to fully start grinding into her, her body sitting firmly on my cock, it throbbed under her ass, wanting to be released, tortured by the friction.

I brushed her hair to one side and took in her scent, before kissing the back of her neck. Her little body quivering at my touch. "See Sasha, doesn't this feel good.

That means your body wants it. It likes what I'm doing. You should always listen to your body baby." Her voice was quiet and shaky "I don't like this, I've never done this before." I moved my hand from her hair past her breasts, down her wait and slipped between her legs. I messaged her baby cunt through her jeans while her body shook but slowly responded.

"Please stop." She begged "Please stop and I wont tell on you." "Nobody is going to believe you Sasha. We'll just say you made it up because you said you wanted to go back home." She started to cry and then finally her voice broke out and she started to squirm, and call for help. I forcefully kept her on my lap and put a hand over her mouth, muffling her world of warcraft valeera blowjob sucking cock animated hmv while I grabbed for the oxygen mask.

The straps on the back heavy duty adjustable ones, meant to stay on in bad situations, Sasha was definitely in a bad situation. Pressing the mask against her nose and mouth I adjusted the back, tightening it. I turned the mask on, so she could breath, her cries now muffled I could now focus my full attention on her writhing body. "Shh Princess, Shhh, nobody can hear you. It's just you and me, everyone's going to sleep and cant hear you passed the engines." She quieted down but kept crying, whimpering as I reached in front of her, unbuttoning her shorts and sliding them down to rest on her calves, her pretty white panties with them.

I let out a moan as my cock throbbed in my pants, I began to unbuckle, and pulled it out from my unbuttoned and unzipped pants. I hadn't been this hard in a long time, and I was at my full 7 1/2 inches.

Holding her arms down I let her barely wriggled free of my lap just enough for me to adjust my cock to her pussy lips, when I slammed her back down, I entered inside of her forcefully and she let out a scream in the mask as almost half my cock buried inside of her.

She was slightly wet but over all it was a tight squeeze and I arched back to better center myself for another thrust. I reached under her shirt and pushed passed her bra to give her perky little tits a squeeze, they felt amazing in my hand as I rocked back and fourth in her, inching further and further into her tight hole. Not being able to take it any longer I gave her another hard thrust before feeling something inside her pop as I broke past a barrier.

"Oooh fuck baby. yeah, ride me while I pop that cherry." I groaned as I rode into her harder, getting a steady beat going as she gasped and cried on top of me, rising and falling with the invasion of my solid cock in her now wet pussy.

Wanting more of her still, I brought my arms up and around her to brace her body against mine grasping her shoulders I bashed into her at a break neck speed, feeling my cock bang against her bruising cervix as I bottomed out in her.

She screamed into the mask more, but no longer fought my hold as I made her ride me, defiling her pussy with my stiff shaft. Feeling my climax coming on too fast I braced her against me knowing I'd never make it out of her sweet slit in time, and came inside her, the cum pulsing out in thick ribbons and leaking out of her onto my leg. I let go of her, exhausted and she collapsed on the floor to the side of me, catching her own breath, not even bothering to try and remove her mask.

I looked at her weeping crumbled form, her shorts and panties still wrapped around her legs, her shirt askew. We still had about 5 hours left, plenty of time for me to get my energy back to go again.

The only problem was Henry, he'd be back any minute now and I'd have to decide how mom called son tkichen for fuck when dad is in drawing room storys present our new agreement. *** After a moments breath, I looked back down at Sasha, her sexy little body lay on the floor, she hadn't even bothered to take off the mask, just lay there, crying softly. God she was a gorgeous thing. But then her breath stopped for a solid second, and she scrambled to get up, clumsily thanks to her panties and shorts being around her beautiful legs.

I moved fast. "Oh no you don't baby. Not yet." I said as I grabbed her torso, pulling her towards my chair as I leaned out of it, finally fulling getting up to move on top of her. She began to struggle and panic again as me weight held her down. "Please!" She cried, "Please just let me go. What more could you want with me." I grinned, thinking of how naive this girl was to think popping her chair was all I wanted to do to her body. "Sasha, be a good girl, and after you meet my friend Henry we'll let you go back to your seat." This of course was a lie.

I'd make sure she was with us till landing and until my stewardess could guide her to her Russian relatives that were picking her up in St. Petersburg, making sure they knew, she had not behaved on the flight. Feeling her struggle was futile, she began moving less, simply trying to use her arms to pull away from me.

Knowing Henry would be back soon, I knew I needed a pretty convincing scene to get him to truly play along. I looked around and saw my belt laying on the floor of the cockpit.

I leaned over and grabbed it, looping it around Sasha's delicate throat, and pulling it tight like a collar and leash. Pulling a little tighter to show my control I said. "Stop struggling princess, or I'll choke you harder." She was already gasping for air through the oxygen mask, her arms reaching for her neck, with my other hand I grabbed hold of them by her elbows and pinned her down by my knee to better control her while I worked.

Pulling the front of her shirt and bra up and over her head, I removed the bra, tossing it across the floor, and looped and knotted the T-shirt around her elbows, securing her arms. The whole time she begged with me. Telling me I was hurting her and to please stop. I let her plead through the mask, nobody but me would hear her, and I'd be shutting her up pretty soon.

Next I moved my hands down her back, and rested them on her nice firm ass. It was sticking up slightly in an arch with her back from the struggle, and I groped it mercilessly, speeding her cheeks apart as I did, loving the feel of them in my hands. I gave her light spanks just to thrill in it, but continued on to better bind her. Her pussy still dripped with a mix of my jizz and light specs of blood from me taking her virginity.

I felt the smoothness of her legs as I guided her panties and shorts down, the shorts I took all the way off, the perfect white panties I wound around her ankles until they were tight.

I pulled back, admiring her now. Sasha was gorgeous. Her perky breasts were pressed naked on the cold floor, body arched upward with her arms tied, ass slightly raised, legs pulled together with her ankles bound. Her long thick black hair was a mess around her and my black belt hung around her neck, the slack pulled and laying along the spine of her back.

Her face was turned to the side because of the gas masks skinny leon sex black cock, and her beautiful eyes were red rimmed and brimming with tears, and her sexy pouty lips quivered from the still felt pain of my cock slamming into her virgin body.

Using the belt, I pulled her to her feet and positioned her in Henry's chair, spreading her legs around the seat of it so her body was fully exposed. Henry walked in. Henry was younger than me, and lanky where I was thick, but he was just as tall. He didn't see Sasha first, as he came in quietly he looked at me and said, "Ey man. Stacie's outside, why didn't you tell me you guys were done already, i've been jacking off for like 30 min-" He abruptly cut himself off, seeing Sasha displayed in his chair, head bowed in submission, tits protruding because of her positioning.

"Ho-ly shit." He said, and then looked at me, wide eyed. "Henry, meet Sasha, out UM for this flight. Sasha is going to Russia to spend the summer with her grandparents, doesn't speak any Russian, and didn't want to be on this flight.

So Sasha's been acting out, and has been bad, so bad she had to come stay up in the cock pit for the duration of this flight." Henry looked Sasha over from head to toe, and wordlessly started undoing his own belt.

"You're a fucking god man." He finally said, going over to Sasha and exploring her limp body with his hands, "What should I do first?" I grinned, happy to have him literally on board. "I've already fucked her pussy. But I've been wanting these sweet lips around me since she first walked in." as I said this I walked over and lifted her chin, her gaze was down cast, lips visible through the oxygen mask.

Without another word I took down my slacks to my waist again, my hard on flinging itself out for another go. I had gotten so hard staring at her tied up teen body I couldn't wait any longer. Henry grabbed her by the belt around her neck, pulling her head back, I moved away the mask, and she turned away from me, horny couple webcam porno more videos on sexycamsorg going down her eyes. "No, please. I don't know how to do that.

Xxx full sax banjla sex stories moma story disgusting." Henry pulled tighter, making her gasp for air, and I grabbed a knot of her messy black hair and positioned her at my dick, wasting no time, I inserted it into her mouth, watching her sweet lips open wider in surprise and I began to move in and out of her.

God her lips felt so good around my shaft. I could feel her tongue try and spit me out, but it just rubbed my vein and made me pump harder. I pulled her farther out of the chair, and Henry moved in, his long dick erect and he grabbed her hips with one hand, keeping her reins with the other. Spitting on his dick twice, he moved in on her ass, letting go of the belt to speed her cheeks, as her face was pulled further and further onto my dick.

Her mouth dripped with saliva as she tried to cry out as his long 9 inch rod started working into her ass. "Oh fuck," He moaned as he inched in. "She's so damn tight." He began slapping her ass repeatedly, making her cheeks spasm as he pushed in. Her screams cut off with each deep stroke of my cock. Wanting to feel more of her I pulled her hair harder, guiding her mouth to take more of me. Trying to reach the end of the endless tunnel of her throat. She was unable to scream now as she started choking on my cock, her body shuttering under our penetrations of her taunt body.

Henry was making good progress when he tilted his head back into one hard thrust and found himself firmly inside of her. Once in he started a hard rhythm to match mine, pulling on her belt again making her head jerk forward, my dick jerking in her throat as her head bobbed. He pulled himself inside her, as we fucked her in a hard sawing motion, her little body being pulled back and fourth to fill out needs and fill her with our hard cocks.

It went on like this for what foxy masseuse karlee grey rides clients big rod like forever, our stamina renewed by our previous ejaculations, the sensations of her sweet young mouth as it fought a losing battle to my thick shaft. Her hard breathing from her nose, unable to let out a full gasp before I shoved myself deep inside her again.

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Henry was a machine. He pumped into her ass at a hungry speed, pressing so deep inside her he had to me bottoming out, our balls smacked at her chin and previously violated pussy.

Finally I felt my balls squeeze with effort as my dick started to pulse, suddenly I felt the highest high I had ever felt as I spurted into her throat, keeping the stride going as I finished my last few pumps, going deep so she had no choice but to take in my seed.

I pulled out of her and fell back into my chair, spent. Henry still rode inked assfucked glamour eurobabe facialized pornstars european of her, her head pulled back, beautiful plump lips dripping with my cum, arms back, her tender breasts thrusts forward with his motions, body rippling with each pulse.

She stood at a 90 degree angle as he hit into her ass hard, both of their bodies heavy with sweat, some of her hair sticking to her face and collarbone at the exertion of her body her gasps short and clipped with the pain. Henry finally slowed, riding her as he pumped every last drop inside of her asshole. Abruptly, he let go, letting her body drop with a thud to the ground.

He stood there for a second, catching his breath, hands on hips. He wiped sweat from his forehead before zipping himself back up and also taking his seat. Without another word I grabbed to intercom and flicked off the auto pilot.

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"Passengers prepare for landing. Stewardesses please take your seat. Stacie, please come up." Stacie, my stewardess came in from earlier, and looked at the girl laying face down, body dripping with juices, ass red.

"Unless you want to be an accomplice, I suggest you best clean this up and get her ready for landing." I said, never facing her. Wordlessly, she bent down and started to untie Sasha's bindings. "And Stacie," I said, tone flat as I began our decent. "The next one better be just as good."