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From mouth to slit sex pornstar and hardcore
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This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author. AUTHORS NOTE: For the purpose of this story, Gabrielle's age has been altered slightly so now that she is 16. Chapter 2 Harry began to straighten his bowtie in the mirror that hung in Ron's old bedroom. Harry sighed as he stared back at himself, and began to button up his dress-robes and jacket. The last few weeks had been particularly difficult for Harry. The flight from Privet Drive had been disastrous.

Mad-eye Moody had been killed, George had lost an ear and Harry had yet again narrowly escaped from Lord Voldemort clutches. For the first time in his life, Harry had wished he was anywhere else but at the Burrow. As the preparations for the Wedding were in full flow, space at the Burrow became scarcer then usual and Harry had been forced into sleeping in his and Ron's old room. Nostalgia would often overpower Harry whenever he was in the room, whether it was the bright orange posters of Ron's team the Chudley Cannons that covered the walls, or whether it was the ghoul that often caused a racket in the attic.

Hermione tried her best to keep Harry's spirits up, but no matter how hard she tried, Harry could not forget the image of Ron falling from the battlements to his death. Whenever he felt particularly low, Harry would often go and sit in Ginny's room alone, thinking about where she was at that moment and if she was safe. Her room still carried the sweet, flowery scent that reminded him of her.

A far-away voice suddenly broke Harry away from his deep thought. 'Harry dear,' called Mrs Weasley's kind voice from downstairs, 'the wedding will be mom and son sex fuck vidisex stories soon.' 'On my way Mrs Weasley,' Harry called back.

With one last look at the mirror, Harry exited the room and made his way to the garden that was awash with sunshine. Harry had never been to a wedding before and he found the whole ceremony fascinating.

Around a hundred witches and wizards were all sat in silvery chairs, chattering away excitedly in many different languages. Harry even spotted two Amateur sexy girl play with dildos video looking wizards, who Harry imagined had met Bill while he was working for Gringotts, dressed like the ancient Pharaohs.

Music suddenly played as Fleur and her father made their way down the aisle towards a beaming Bill. Gabrielle, Fleur's younger sister was bridesmaid and trailed behind her Father and Sister. Gabrielle looked resplendent in a bright gold dress and she gave Harry a wide smile as she passed him, which he returned weakly. Finally, after many tears from Mrs Weasley and Mrs Delacour and much smiling and shaking of hands between Mr Weasley and Mr Delacour, the wedding ended to rapturous applause.

At once, the tables zoomed towards the side of the garden and a wooden floor magically appeared to create a dance floor. Harry made for one of the far corner tables where he was soon joined by Lupin. 'Great ceremony wasn't it Remus?' said Harry as he helped himself to a butterbeer.

'O yes,' said Lupin with a smile, 'it went very well indeed. Tonks loved it. I must say, she's been much happier these last few weeks.' 'Yeah.I'm sure she has been,' said Harry, disguising his little smirk by taking a swig of butterbeer as he thought back to the quickie he and Tonks had shared. A few moments passed in silence as they ate and drank and sank in the joyous atmosphere of the party.

'So,' said Lupin eventually, 'Hermione tells me that the Minister came by for a little visit not long ago.' 'Hmmm,' said Harry a little coldly as he remembered back to shaggy oriental hardcore sex japanese and blowjob heated exchange he and Scrimgeour had shared, 'he came to give me and Hermione what Dumbledore left us in his will.

He left me the first golden snitch I caught and he left Hermione a children's book.' 'Really,' replied Lupin, obviously interested, 'you have any idea why Dumbledore left you these items?' 'No idea,' said Harry non-conversationally as he took a swig of butterbeer.

'Ahh.,' said Lupin, obviously let down by Harry's lack of co-operation. A few more moments passed. 'Harry,' whispered Lupin in a more urgent tone, 'I just wanted to warn you if you plan to take on Voldemort alone. There's talk that he has recruited a new, powerful Death Eater.' 'Yeah,' Harry said thinking back to the escape from Privet Drive, 'he killed Mad-eye Moody didn't he.' 'He or she Harry,' injected Lupin, 'we do not know for sure.

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We only think it's a man because of how tall it looked. Anyway, whoever it is, they've been very busy since that night. He or she managed to kill Hestia Jones, and kidnap Mr Ollivander. They were a very powerful witch and wizard Harry, this person obviously has much magical skill and if they're on Voldemort's side, then we're weakened even more. 'But the Order must have some idea of who it is,' said Harry a little desperately.

'None whatsoever Harry,' said Lupin sadly, 'we've nicknamed him the Hooded Man, as we've never seen him without a hood up to hide his face. Of course, it could be a woman.might not even be human at all. Anyway, I needed to tell you this Harry, we have more than just Voldemort to contend with now,' said Lupin as he got up from the table and left, leaving Harry feeling alone, as well as, for the first time in his life; afraid.

Not feeling much like in the party mood, Harry quietly sneaked out of the garden and made his way to Ginny's bedroom where it would be quiet, and he could have time to think and prepare for what needed to be done. If Harry hadn't have been so caught up in his thoughts, he might have noticed a golden figure follow him into the deserted house. Harry entered Ginny's room and sat down on her luscious double bed. As his hands felt the soft, warm sheets, he imagined a peaceful looking Ginny sleeping there, with not a care in the world.

Harry's mind began to wander to all the long, quiet times he and Ginny had spent in this room together. Harry massage leads to blowjob and cock riding out of her window towards the apple orchard where Harry and the Weasley's often played Quidditch, he and Ginny, Fed, George, Ron.Ron., tears began to form as he thought about the two people he missed the most in the world.

'Erm.'Arry?' said a quiet voice from the door which caused Harry to swivel round sharply. Even in his sadness, Harry's hopes could not help but soar slightly as he gazed upon the visitor. Gabrielle was standing before him; her long golden dress hung loosely on her slender frame and seemed to flutter in a non-existent breeze. Her bright, blonde hair that was done up in a bun earlier, now hung in long flowing curls that kinky tara craves for a long dick her face nicely.

She had twinkling blue eyes and a small, straight nose that had a few cute freckles. Her skin was perfect and unblemished and was naturally tanned. With her high heels in her hands from too much dancing earlier, she now stood a head shorter then Harry. 'What zee's the matter 'Arry?' she asked concernedly as she closed the door behind herself and walked gracefully towards him. 'It's nothing,' said Harry quickly as he turned his face away from her and hurriedly wiped his eyes and nose on his dress-robes.

'It doesn't look like nothing 'Arry,' said Gabrielle softly as she sat gently down next to him on the bed. Harry felt a small, warm hand touch his shoulder and squeeze it gently. Her hand gave him an uplifting feeling and his silent sobbing subsided. 'Was zee's Ginny's room then?' Gabrielle said as she looked around the room. 'Yes.,' said Harry faintly, 'yes it.was.' 'Do you miss her?' Gabrielle asked tenderly. 'Yes.lots,' said Harry as he lifted his watery eyes to Gabrielle's. She was looking back at him with sadness.

She gave a small, encouraging smile as she placed her hand on Harry's face and lightly rubbed away the tears that clung to his cheeks.

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Gabrielle's soft touch seemed to give Harry a new energy as he stared into Gabrielle's deep blue eyes; unable to break away from her gaze. 'I am sorry for you 'Arry, you 'ave always been so brave. From the moment you saved me from ze Lake, I always knew you were special 'Arry.' Gabrielle said, her high, clear voice calming Harry even more. Harry felt his heart give a little flutter as Gabrielle's hand snaked its way down his face and neck till it was placed on top of his heart.

'You 'ave a good heart 'Arry,' said Gabrielle in barely a whisper. Harry was sure Gabrielle could feel his heart beating faster than usual as he gazed even more into her eyes. As if reading Harry's mind, Gabrielle inched closer towards him, as she raised both hands to Harry's face and removed his glasses. 'You 'ave beautiful eyes 'Arry,' said Gabrielle softly, her eyes locked on his, their faces inches apart. Harry saw her bottom lip quiver ever so slightly as he saw her eyes drop to his soft lips.

Harry raised his hand to her long, curled locks as he gently eased it clear of her face. Slowly, they came together in a tender kiss, their lips, gently locked together in union.

Harry felt an unstoppable warm, happy feeling well up inside his tummy as they remained entwined in their kiss, their eyes closed in the moment. After a few moments, they broke apart and looked each other in the eye. Gabrielle looked almost shocked to Harry until she gave a beautiful smile, showing off her perfect, straight white teeth.

Gabrielle found Harry's hands as she interlocked her smaller, dainty fingers in Harry's long fingers. Suddenly, they came together in a more passionate kiss, their lips glued together in a deep, longing affection.

Harry savoured the strawberry like taste and feeling of Gabrielle's small, soft lips against his own. Harry lowered his head as he began to kiss and nibble on Gabrielle's smooth, slender neck. Harry's body and mind relaxed as he inhaled the smell of Gabrielle's hair.

Harry could not say what she smelt of, other than that it was the most beautiful smell he had ever smelt. Gabrielle arched her neck upwards as she closed her eyes svetlana ceca velickovic novi pon delight at the feeling of Harry's tender lips, and tongue massaging her neck. Gabrielle rubbed her fingers through Harry's thick, black hair as he brought his lips towards Gabrielle's once more and continued to softly kiss her.

As their kissing became more passionate and frenzied, they both fell back onto Ginny's bed; side-by side with Gabrielle's left leg wrapped around Harry's. Harry felt Gabrielle's B sized breasts crush against his chest as he gently pulled her on top of him, as he started to feel Gabrielle's wet, warm tongue enter his mouth. Gabrielle felt her tongue brush the roof of Harry's mouth, until she started to tenderly lick the inside of Harry's lips. After a few more moments of kissing, Gabrielle sat up, her hips straddled across Harry's.

Looking deeply into Harry's bright green eyes, Gabrielle began to lower the golden straps on her shoulders that held her dress in place. Gabrielle watched as she saw Harry's eyes widen and she felt a bulge growing just below where she was sat as she reached down, pulled the dress over her head and flung it aside. Harry breathed in sharply in delight as he looked on at Gabrielle. She was wearing nothing but a thin, bright red pair of knickers that barely covered her womanhood.

Her skin seemed to glow and emanate warmth to Harry as his eyes took in her slender, but toned, tanned body. A cute, little belly-button broke the smoothness of her skin as Harry's eyes wandered upwards to her chest. Gabrielle had a gorgeous pair of perfectly kimberly moss with glasses pussy rammed by pervert robber breasts, that had golden areolas and small, erect nipples.

Even without feeling them, Harry could tell how warm and supple they were as he continued to look at the delights of Gabrielle's body. Gabrielle then reached down to the bow on the side of her hip that held her knickers together. Slowly, almost teasingly, she pulled at it so that the knot slowly broke loose. Finally, they came away as she tossed aside the tiny amount of red material, revealing Gabrielle's young, bald pussy to Harry. Gabrielle's breathing became heavier as she sat naked anxiously before Harry; the first man to ever see her nude.

' are beautiful,' said Harry simply, causing Gabrielle to relax instantly and smile. Harry heard faint sounds of singing and laughter from the party below as he and Gabrielle began to passionately kiss once more, Harry turning her over, so that he lay on top of her. 'Turn over Gabrielle,' Harry whispered into her ear. With a final kiss, Gabrielle turned over, so that she lay flat on the bed with her back to the ceiling.

Harry firstly eyed her bum, which like the rest of her, was unblemished and golden in colour. Harry noticed in joy how curvy and luscious it appeared as well. Harry eased aside her hair which lay lazily sprawled all over her back, as he lowered his lips to her neck and began nibbling and suckling on it.

Whilst he did this, Harry gently caressed with his fingertips the small groove along her back where her spine was; stopping his fingers before it reached her bum.

Gabrielle shivered in delight at these combined sensations as a small, sweet moan escaped her lips. Harry then began to sloppily kiss her shoulders and her upper back as he continued to caress and massage her with his hands.

Finally, as Harry finished kissing and licking her lower back, Harry finally reached her curvaceous bum. Gabrielle also seemed to sense what may happen as Harry grabbed a bum cheek in each hand, causing her to breath in sharply and raise her bum to Harry. Harry began to massage it and grab large handfuls of her golden flesh, admiring how supple and soft it was to his touch. Harry then began to pinch and massage her bum cheeks in a circular rotation.

As he circled outwards, Harry spread her cheeks wide, so that he got a good view of her small, cute bum-hole and her hairless pussy. Harry could feel his pulse quicken in anticipation and his cock twitch eagerly as he looked at the small, tight slit that was Gabrielle's pussy. Whilst thinking of how good it would feel around his cock, Harry began to kiss and bite lightly on Gabrielle's ass cheeks, causing her to moan a little louder in delight.

Eventually, with a final, light slap of her bum, Harry turned Gabrielle over so that was now facing him. Gabrielle smiled seductively at him as she dropped a finger to his belt playfully. 'Not just yet,' said Harry with a smile as he gave her a deep, passionate kiss. Harry quickly released a flourish of kisses down Gabrielle's neck till he came level with her chest. Harry again admired how Gabrielle possessed a pair of small, yet exquisite breasts as he stared at them longingly. Deciding on her right breast, Harry tentatively reached out his left hand and encircled her breast in his large hand.

Slowly, Harry began to threesome creampie scene with tiffany doll and jemma valentine by all internal then release her breast continuously, loving the feel of how squishy and supple it was. Gabrielle sighed out loudly in pleasure at the feel of Harry's hand on her breast as he began to circle his forefinger around her golden areola. It was like electricity was flowing through her body as she looked down at the boy she had had a crush on for years, caressing and feeling her breast.

Harry, wanting to pleasure Gabrielle more, poked out his tongue and began to leisurely circle his tongue around her areola. Harry's warm, wet tongue lubricated Gabrielle's breast as her nipple began to harden and glisten due to his saliva.

After a few more moments, Harry opened his mouth wide and allowed a huge amount of Gabrielle's breast to enter his mouth. 'Oooooh,' sighed out Gabrielle at this new sensation as she placed both her hands in Harry's hair. Harry began quickly suckling on the breast in his mouth like a baby, letting his tongue now flit and dab all over her nipple and areola. Harry looked into Gabrielle's eyes as he did this, the occasional slurping noise breaking the silence as Harry continued to lick and suck on her delicious boob.

Finally, with her boob still in his mouth, Harry drew his head further away from her chest, so that her mound started to slip out of his mouth. Finally, only her nipple remained in his mouth, which with a final pull, slipped out of his mouth and returned to its owner with a few bounces.

Harry looked at her boobs and saw that the one he had been playing with was much pointier then the other so he gave the same treatment to her left breast. Once Harry had finished with playing with her other breast, he let his kisses once more descend past her chest and sex roc sex foucking storycom her tummy.

For the first time, a lust rose up inside Harry as he gently rubbed his hand along her perfectly flat, toned tummy. Harry quickly and sloppily kissed her tummy as he placed his hands around the sides of her tummy and squeezed gently. Harry could hear Gabrielle's panting become more erratic at his thorough foreplay as he poked his tongue into her belly button and began to quickly circle it around at speed.

Again, once Harry had had his fill, he let his kisses descend further until he was at eye level with her pussy. Seeing it properly for the first time, Harry could not help but let his jaw drop slightly in awe.

Gabrielle's pussy had barely any pussy lips at all, making it appear small and slit like. Her pussy was a gorgeous light pink colour, which contrasted wonderfully compared to her golden, tanned skin.

Harry reached out a few fingers to rub it gently, but felt Gabrielle jolt nervously at his touch. Obviously, she had never been touched there by someone else before thought Harry.

'Don't worry Gabrielle, trust me,' said Harry as he gently kissed the inside of her long slender thighs. 'I trust you 'Arry,' replied Gabrielle's sweet, delicate tones. Gabrielle let her eyes open momentarily, her hands still placed on top of Harry's hair as she looked down towards him. Harry traced his forefinger up and down the inside of Gabrielle's small pussy lips, causing her to moan out loud once more.

To ease her in, Harry reached out at her pussy with his tongue and began to lap quickly at the outside of her pussy. Gradually, he eased her lips aside, revealing more and more of her glorious womanhood until she was fully open.

Gabrielle had the biggest clit Harry had ever seen which encouraged him to let his tongue attack it ferociously. 'Ooooh, my!' cried out Gabrielle suddenly as she felt Harry's hot, wet tongue begin to suck and lick her clit. Gabrielle's hips began to bounce up and down rhythmically as Harry let his tongue coat her clit in his saliva while his hands began to quickly rub up and down along her pussy.

Harry began to feel her legs wrap around his head as he struggled to keep licking as her hips by now were bouncing serving sexy tits and cunt pornstar hardcore alarmingly. Harry however continued to keep sucking away, enjoying the young, sweet taste of her pussy. Suddenly, as Harry gave Gabrielle's clit an extra hard lick, he felt her fingers in his hair clutch tightly and her legs squeeze around his head harder.

'Ahhhh.ahhhh!' screamed out Gabrielle in a high pitch moan as she went through her first orgasm. Her whole body tensed up, as she felt wave after wave of an electrical pleasure flow unstoppably through her body.

Much to her delight, Harry didn't stop his quick licking which only made her yell more in ecstasy. Finally, the pleasure began to slowly ebb away and subside as she saw Harry get up from the bed and stand next to her. 'Oo 'Arry that was amazing,' Gabrielle said as she got up from the bed, and began kissing him passionately on the lips, tasting a light but sweet residue on his soft lips.

Ravenously, Gabrielle began to remove Harry's dress robes, until suddenly they both stood naked before each.

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'It's so.big,' said Gabrielle faintly as she looked down at Harry's, hard 7 inch cock. 'So I've been told,' said Harry with a little smirk.

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Gabrielle looked back up at Harry and laughed before suddenly kissing Harry's nipples and groping at his strong stomach muscles. 'Ahh yeah,' grunted Harry as he felt Gabrielle's warm tongue probe his body.

Harry placed one hand in her long, shiny blonde hair while his other he placed on her curvy bum as he began to gently squeeze it. Harry suddenly felt a warm hand wrap around his hard member and begin to gently stroke up and down it. Harry's mouth opened wide as he sighed in pleasure. He looked down at Gabrielle who was now roughly kissing his tummy and massaging his cock and couldn't believe how turned on he felt. Quickly, Harry picked her by her bum, causing her to giggle as they collapsed together couple invite shemale for threesome the bed; Harry on top of Gabrielle.

They both laughed until it suddenly died down as they looked deeply into each other's eyes. 'Fuck me 'Arry,' said Gabrielle simply as he felt her hands place on top of Harry's tight ass.

Harry stared at her for a moment, before grabbing his dick by the base and placing it at her entrance. Slowly, Harry began to rub his cock along her entrance, feeling a combination of his saliva and her pussy juices coat the tip of his bulbous red head.

Little by little, Harry began to ease his cock into her tight pussy.

'Ahhhh,' they both cried out as Harry's cock forced its way into her pussy. Harry felt the tip of his cock hit an elastic barrier as he finally reached her hymen. Harry, not wanting to hurt Gabrielle stopped but suddenly he felt Gabrielle squeeze and spank his ass hard, causing him to thrust forwards and rip through her womanhood.

'O God!' they both cried out. Gabrielle's eyes bulged slightly as she felt Harry's big cock burst into her pussy. Harry felt a warm liquid collect around his cock deep inside of Gabrielle as her pussy walls clenched tightly around his dick. The sudden pain for Gabrielle was quickly replaced by an intense pleasure as she felt Harry begin to slowly buck his hips. Gabrielle began to greedily kiss Harry's lips as she dug her fingers into Harry's fleshy, curvy bum and began to force him further into her.

Harry had never felt a pussy so tight before. Her pussy felt like a wet, warm hand, constricting tightly around his dick, trying to drain it of every drop of his love juice. As he began to pick up a steady rhythm, Harry continued to kiss and bite lightly at her neck whilst he groped her boobs with his hands.

Soon enough, Harry was thrusting in and out with ease as he felt the inside of her pussy expand to accommodate his large dick.

Harry sat up, so that he no longer lay on top of Gabrielle and continued to plunge further in to her virgin pussy. Harry's panting became erratic as he looked down at the glorious sight of his dick entering such a beautiful woman.

Harry noticed flecks of white and red around his cock as he continued to thrust, as he looked down at Gabrielle sprawled on the bed. Her amazing breasts were bouncing in time with his thrusts as Gabrielle moaned and bit her lip seductively at Harry. Eventually, Harry began to feel his tight ball sack hit the bottom of Gabrielle's pussy and he knew he was fully entering her now.

Gabrielle by now was thrusting her hips back at Harry, so that his cock was like a blur it was entering her so quickly. The combined sensation of Gabrielle's pleasantly warm pussy and juices, as well as her kissing and groping and slapping of his ass caused Harry to groan loudly in joy.

'Ahhhh.ahhh Gabrielle,' moaned a tiring Harry. Gabrielle smiled suggestively back at him, her sexual confidence growing by the second. Quick as a flash, Gabrielle turned Harry over, so that she now lay on top of him. Harry's and Gabrielle's dirty smile, however, suddenly turned to that of panic as they heard Big tits teen babe fingers pussy then deep anal penetration Weasley call Harry's name barely inches from the door.

'Harry?.Harry dear, where are you?' they heard Mrs Weasley call concernedly. Gabrielle and Harry watched in horror as the handle to Ginny's room began to agonisingly turn. 'Colloportus,' whispered Harry as he snatched his wand from his bed-side and pointed it at the door. The handle kept turning but the door did not open.

'Hmmm, can't be in here then,' they heard Mrs Weasley say as she went off, her footsteps becoming fainter and fainter. Harry, whose dick was still inside of Gabrielle, sighed in relief as he let slip a little laugh.

Gabrielle laughed too but as if suddenly urged on by their close call, she lay flat across Harry's body and placed her hand firmly across Harry's mouth. Their faces inches apart, Harry felt her ass suddenly start pounding up and down at a furious rate all along his 7 inch cock. Gabrielle watched Harry's eyes widen in pleasure as she let her ass rock and grind all over Harry's cock.

His mouth still covered, Harry reached around to Gabrielle's gorgeous bum and began to slap it lustfully, causing Gabrielle to pound even harder and faster. Harry watched as he heard Gabrielle's breathing escaping her body in quick pants as Harry's cock gave her a huge amount of pleasure. Gabrielle licked her other hand and then reached around the back of herself and started to fondle Harry's now hard ball-sack.

Gabrielle watched Harry as he closed his eyes slowly in ecstasy from the combined feeling of her fast pounding of his young cock and the fondling of his balls.

Harry gave Gabrielle's ass a final slap before reaching in between his own and Gabrielle's chest and began to squeeze and feel her breasts which hung free from her body. Harry could start to feel his resistance waning and his cock begin to spasm. 'Mhhmmm.mhmmm,' Harry groaned, his moans muffled by Gabrielle's hand. Just as Harry was about to cum he looked up at Gabrielle's beautiful face and saw Ginny looking back at him, her flaming red hair looking wild and her gorgeous brown eyes staring back at him.

'AAHHhhhh!!' moaned Harry in delight as Gabrielle removed her hand from his mouth. Harry's hips shot up so that his cock lay balls deep in Gabrielle's sweet pussy and his body tensed up as he felt a strong orgasm overpower him. Shot after shot of pure white cum burst from the tip of Harry's young cock as he filled up Gabrielle's pussy with his juice. Gabrielle collapsed with a last moan onto Harry's chest, her ear pressed against where is heart was. Gabrielle could hear it beating quickly as she began to kiss Harry's chest and nipples.

Finally, their breathing subsided and Gabrielle slipped off Harry's dick which flopped downwards immediately. Harry reached down and pulled upwards from the base to the tip so that a last bit of cum formed there. Harry took it on his finger too Gabrielle's cute mouth who licked it off gratefully. 'You are beautiful 'Arry,' said Gabrielle said finally as her satisfied panting's subsided.

Harry looked over at her and kissed her deeply once more. After helping her back into her dress and himself into his dress-robes, Harry and Gabrielle departed from Ginny's room and back to the party. Their arrival back to the party was disguised however by the sudden arrival of a silver, patronus like lynx.

It sprung to the middle of the dance floor then spoke in a deep, calm voice. 'Scrimgeour is dead, the Ministry has fallen.they're coming.' Chaos soon erupted around the party as people began to scream and flee in panic. Harry lost Gabrielle in the panic that swept through the garden but Harry bumped into a distressed looking Hermione.

'We've gotta go now!' Harry said urgently. Hermione nodded quickly and grabbed Harry's arm and turned on the spot. Harry experienced the uncomfortable feeling of appartion as they appeared at the door of Harry's new but depressing house, Grimmauld Place.

'O what do we do Harry?' said Hermione in despair as rain started to fall in heavy drops from the sky. 'Simple Hermione,' said Harry calmly, 'find Ginny, find Horcruxes, kill Voldemort.let's go,' Harry sister in law is a cock sucking and fucking homewrecker as they stepped through the door and into the safety of the house.