Striking czech nympho gets seduced in the shopping centre and drilled in pov

Striking czech nympho gets seduced in the shopping centre and drilled in pov
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"So why do I have to go to this will thing?" I asked my step mother, Erika. I was sixteen and my grandfather had just died; I suppose I was sad for the old guy but we had never been close so when she told me that I had to go with her to the reading of his will I wasn't keen. It wasn't going to the will reading that bothered me as such (though sitting in a lawyer's office with my relatives and assorted ancients didn't sound like fun); it was the fact that I had to go with her.

I call her my step mother but she wasn't really any kind of mother and we both knew it; my real mother died about four years ago and a year later my dad married Erika. I could see that she was a manipulative, cold hearted, gold digging bitch but all my dad could see was a twenty six year old blond with firm breasts and a slim waistline. She was ok to me when my dad was around but he travelled allot so most of the time it was just me and her living in a suburban house.

The only other people who came regularly were the cleaner and gardener both of whom were terrified of Erika since she threatened to sack them over trivial things (I did mention that she was a bitch). "Apparently he left you something and you need to be there to pick it up so stop arguing and get in the car," she answered irritably while reapplying her lipstick. Intrigued though still reluctant I got in. The car journey wasn't too bad, forty minutes of girl bands on the radio punctuated by the odd comment wondering how much my granddad had left us wasn't fun but at least she didn't really talk to me.

Finally reaching the lawyer's offices the receptionist directed us to a conference room filled with about twenty or so people. Many of them I knew, allot of family were there of course, others I didn't which wasn't surprising since granddad went through four wives in his time and had six kids between them.

Taking a couple of seats eva addams sis and dad the back we waited for things to begin. After some more late arrivals traipsed in the solicitor who was in charge called everyone to attention and started off with some introduction which he probably gave every time before moving on to the will.

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It was pretty straightforward on the whole, the old man had outlived all of his four wives despite the last one being thirty years his junior so most of his estate was being split equally between his six children including my dad. What I was interested in though were the personal bequests and they didn't come till near the end.

Granddad had been a pretty wealthy man and he had collected allot of strange and exotic things throughout his life; some of them were here, the ones that were too big had been kept in storage and would have to be collected later. When he came to my name I went up to the front, it was a deepthroat training pt black and latina mixed milf box. Slightly disappointed I picked it up and examined it; it was about the size of glasses' case but it was made of some kind of dark wood inlaid with mother of pearl.

It wasn't locked but it was held shut by gold clasps. "What is it?" I asked the solicitor who simply shook his head "I don't know my boy, Mr Jefferson left many things but he did leave this with the box, maybe it will explain." With that he handed me an envelope with my name on it.

As the lawyer was moving on to the next item I returned to my seat and opened the envelope. The letter within was hand written in the sure, strong handwriting of my grandfather, it was very short. 'Andrew my boy I never took the time to get to know you well but of all my grand children you are the only one who will be able to truly get the most out of this. She was one blonde teem with beautiful body in action my most precious possessions as I am sure she will be to you.

Use her well. P.S. Open the box only when you are alone.' It was signed D.F. Jefferson and that was that. More confused and intrigued than ever I resisted the urge to open the box then and there and wait until I was alone like the letter said. Not long after that the will reading was over and we headed back home. Erika showed no interest in the box, in fact I am not sure she even saw it since I had it in my pocket. She was happy since another eighteen thousand pounds was going into her and my dad's joint bank account so the journey was as pleasant as it was ever going to be but I was still eager to get home and see what was in the box.

By the time we got there it was about six O'clock and already getting dark since it was autumn. Leaving Erika to her aerobics (her waist was trim for a reason) I raced upstairs away from the stupidly loud music.

Slamming the door to my room shut I rammed a door stop under there since there wasn't a lock and took out the box. The letter still had me confused as it had for the whole journey, 'She was one of my most precious possessions', I had heard of people calling boats 'she', cars too but I had never heard anyone talk about a box like that.

Besides granddad had never been much of a sentimentalist. Placing the box on my desk I carefully undid the clasps and opened the box "Good evening master." "Jesus!" I yelped and jumped backwards in shock.

Standing in the base of the open box was a tiny woman. She was beautiful but also strange; her skin was pale but with a blue tinge, her hair was a bluish black and her eyes were white, not the milk white of a blind person but blazing and pure.

She was also naked and her body was perfect with high firm breasts and beautiful curves on an otherwise slim figure. Of course all this did not change the fact that she was about eight inches tall "," I shook my head "Who are you? And why are you in that box?" I finally managed hot blonde eurobabe cherry kiss gets drilled in the park coherent sentence after full minute's stunned silence The tiny woman smiled, perhaps at my confusion "I would have thought Dorian would have told you.

My name is Lilith and I am a succubus, a sex daemon. I was bound to this box as a genie three hundred years ago and served all my masters well." Her voice was soft and sultry, even though she was talking in a matter of fact manner it somehow seemed to carry subtle intonations hinting at the very depths of lascivious depravity. Being a teenager even this was making my dick start to harden, this daemon (if daemon she was) was naked and hot even though she was smaller than a Barbie doll.

When I didn't say anything she continued "My last master was Dorian, your grandfather; now it is you master." Shocked and confused I rubbed my head in my hands and sat down on the desk chair "So you're like a. a sex genie, like in Aladdin?" I asked "Yes, a sex genie if you like master." "So I get like three wishes, is that how it works?" she giggled "No master, those are just stories, I will serve you for as long as I am yours but there are limits to my power." "Limits, like what?" I asked intrigued To my surprise she did not answer right away but instead stepped out of the box and began to grow, once on the desk she quickly shot up to over two feet in height and then hopped onto the floor, her sudden growth spurt only stopping when she reached normal height.

Now looking down at me she gave a little curtsy with an impish grin "That's better," she said but all of a sudden her smile turned to a look of abject contrition "Sorry master, I blow job games end with hawt fucking hardcore creampie have asked your permission to grow, please forgive me!" she begged falling to her knees "Err, that's alright, calm down," I said trying to reassure her whilst not being very sure of what was happening myself, Instantly she was all smiles again and climbed back to her feet.

"Thank you master; now my limitations; first and most importantly I can only grant wishes relating to sex, nothing else. Second no one but you may know that I exist, if you tell anyone or show anyone you will forget that I exist yourself and I will simply sit here until someone else picks me up.

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Third I can only influence people I have a connection with or who are close to me, the first time I grant a wish pertaining to another person I have to be in the room and out of the box so that I can make the link. Is there anything else you want to know master?" Obviously this was allot to take in but one thing did spring to mind about her rules "If no one is allowed to see you then how can you be there to put spells on people?

Also don't people realise that something has school sex xxx girl on girl to them and come looking for the reason?" I asked "The answer is simple enough master, they forget. After each wish is granted you must set a limit to it, a trigger or a time limit which when it kicks in will make the person forget why they did what they did and who they did it with. It works the same with longer lasting wishes, I can make someone feel a compulsion to carry on doing something but they will think that it was their own idea.

Is there anything else you wish to know?" This time my question was quicker in coming "Can I fuck you?" that impish grin again "Of course master," her gaze drifted down to the bulge in my trousers "Would you like to fuck me now?" I defy you to find a single straight sixteen year old boy who says no to that question, especially when it is asked by a woman of unutterable beauty, with a lump in my throat I managed to croak a single word "Yes." Smiling that lascivious smile Lilith got back down on her knees, swinging the desk chair around I faced her full on still sitting.

My cock was a stiff rod straining to escape from my clothes. Gently her fingers unbuckled my belt and then slowly pulled my jeans to the floor, unhooking them from my feet and laying them aside. This left only a thin layer of cotton between her and my bulging manhood. "Let's see how big you are master," she crooned as she carefully lifted the material of my underwear over my erection and pulled the pants down to join my trousers.

"Big enough," she said staring hungrily at my six inch cock "I wish it was bigger," I said without thinking, I wasn't quite a virgin but I didn't have much experience either "You wish is my command," she whispered in a sultry tone.

Lowering her head to mine her tongue licked the tip of my penis, lapping up the drops of pre-cum already forming there and making me moan softly. Running her nimble pink tongue down the length of me Lilith started to kiss and caress my cock. After what seemed like an age but could not have been more than a few minutes her lips finally engulfed the head tip of my penis and began to move down.

Her hands played with my balls as her lips worked further down my length. This was my first blowjob so I didn't know what to expect but it felt very odd in a wonderful way. Working ever lower Lilith kept sucking and playing until her lips were almost brushing my balls, she didn't seem to have any trouble taking so much cock down her throat. To my disappointment she did not stay long down there though and far more quickly than she had worked her way down she pulled away until finally my cock sprung up again.

"Is that better master?" she said, it took me a few seconds to realise what she was talking about, looking at my glistening dick I saw that it had grown measurably larger by at least an inch and a half. I had been rock hard before she even started sucking me, this wasn't just lust this was magic.

"Yes, I mean. thank you!" "It was my pleasure master; would you like me to continue sucking your magnificent dick?" I could only nod. This time she did not take quite so long to get down to business and I groaned as opening her mouth wide she engulfed my new enlarged member, swallowing more than half of it at a stroke. Moving her head back she pressed down again taking in more and more until on the fourth stroke she took my entire length. Moving back black hot chick fucked by horny girlfriend with a big dildo more she began fondling my balls and rocking her head back and forth.

Moaning contentedly I entwined my fingers in her hair, more from instinct than anything, and started pulling her in deeper and faster. At this pace and being this horny I could not last long, after less than five minutes I said "Uggghh, I'm going to cum!" her mouth never left my cock, her head never stopped moving but I heard Lilith's sultry voice in my head "Where would you like to cum master?

On my face? In my mouth?" "Ahhh. on your.ahah. on your face!" I moaned The succubus continued to suckle on my groin for another minute or so before pulling away and kneeling down, her mouth was open and she looked up at me with a gaze of slavish adoration. Grasping hold of my cock I pumped a last few strokes and came. My seed splattered onto her face, the first string bathing her forehead, more spurts landed on her cheek and open mouth and even dribbled down onto her neck and breasts.

"Oh thank xxxx paketan sex stories bf story master," she said swallowing the cum that sexy blonde sex tape part full wivescamnet in her mouth and licking her lips contentedly. She looked sexier and dirtier than ever with my cum all over her face but already my cock was softening "Would you like to fuck me now?" she asked "Yes, but I think we will have to wait a while," I said "Not if you do not wish to master," she reminded me, here I was with a genie and worrying about little things like reaction times!

"I wish I was hard again," I said. Reaching out Lilith took hold of my dick at the base and slowly ran her hand up the length of it. As her hand moved so did my cock, swelling under her fingers until it was fully turgid once more. "let's go over to the bed," I suggested, it was pretty clear that she would do whatever I told her too but this was all so new and I didn't want to push it.

Without another word she bobbed a curtsy and walked over to my double bed and lay back on top of the covers. Less impetuous now that I had already come once I followed. Taking off my tee shirt and socks I was left completely naked and enjoyed the look Lilith gave my body (I was not an Olympic athlete or anything but I was in pretty decent shape). The Succubus was propped up on the pillows, her body was just as magnificent stretched out on my bed as it had been when she was in miniature form.

Crawling onto the bed I started at the bottom and kissed her ankles before moving up her leg. Stroking the insides of her soft thighs made my genie shudder delightfully. Now my head was inches away from her pussy, to my disappointment it was not shaven "I wish your cunt was bald," I said "As you command master," she moaned softly, every syllable made me want her more. At once the bluish hair retreated back into her skin leaving me looking down at the glistening folds of her lips.

Eager to taste her I lowered my own lips and kissed her clit. Sticking out my tongue I began to lick her glorious pussy. She tasted so good I did not want to stop. I didn't know much about pussy eating, I had only done it once before and that only to get a class mate wet enough to fuck her. What I lacked in experience though I made up for in enthusiasm and Lilith was so sensitive that it was hard not to please her.

Every movement of my tongue brought further squeals and sighs "Mmmm, suck my clit please master!" she moaned, I was only too happy to oblige finding the little nub and taking it between my lips. Bringing my hands into the equation I slipped two fingers inside her dripping cunt and began to finger fuck her even as I nibbled at her clit.

It was not long after this that she began moaning again and louder than before "Haaaa ahhh, can I come master? Please!" she begged "You may come," I said, lifting my mouth away but stepping up my finger fucking, adding a third strong digit to the pounding. This was all the stimulation she seemed to need and with a final cry she came.

Her juices flooded my hand and dripped down onto the bed clothes while she bucked and moaned. Her orgasm, the first in several months at least and maybe far longer, lasted more than a minute before she finally quieted. Remembering that my step mother was still downstairs I was glad for once that she played her aerobics music so loud. Now it was my turn again, making my sex daemon come had made me readier than ever and I moved up her body stroking and fondling it as I went until my face they have fun on a mattress raf over hers.

It was still covered with cum and although it did make her look dirty I wanted to see her normally again "I wish your face was clean of my seed," I said "Yes master," the semen faded into her skin like oil on a sponge until there was no trace. Positioning my dick in the hole between her legs I pushed forwards. She was tight, three hundred years or not she was bloody tight and as I sank inch after inch into her it felt so good that I could have come then and there.

I didn't though, this was far too good to waste so quickly. Her slick pussy had no problem accommodating my eight inches, with one hand on the headboard and another on the bed I sank further into her until my balls slapped against her arse. Sighing with pleasure Lilith began to move, grinding her pubis upwards and making me groan.

Withdrawing a few inches I began to fuck her, slowly at first then faster as my confidence grew. I had feared that I might not last beyond a couple of thrusts vanity fucks her man with a strapon clearly coming a little while ago was helping my stamina. Plunging in and out of her my breath grew ragged but it was Lilith who provided the sound track.

Moaning like a whore my daemon slave moved with me, her slick cunny travelling up and down my rod faster and faster. Hooking her strong legs around my back Lilith clung on as I continued to fuck her as hard as I could. Groaning she kept latched on as she rolled over, looking down on me with a look of ecstasy on her face my succubus started bouncing on my cock from above, our positions now reversed it was I that thrust upwards.

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Grabbing her thighs and arse I stroked and squeezed them, laying claim to everything that was now mine. It couldn't last forever and finally with a grunt and a moan I shot a thick wad of cum up inside her cunt, Lilith sighed above me as several more strings of sticky man juice pasted her insides.

When I was finally done the genie slid off my softening manhood, my cum leaking down her leg. Kneeling between my legs as I had been kneeling between hers Lilith took my dick in her mouth once again this time simply to clean it of both our fluids. When she was done the genie climbed off my bed and stood by the side of it, curtsying she said "Will that be all master?" still thinking more of the fantastic sex we had just had than of the future I answered "Yes, yes I think so.

For now." With a final bob Lilith walked the short distance back to the desk and shrinking again climbed back into the box. As it closed behind her the gold clasps snapped shut. 'Granddad,' I thought 'thank you,' My world had just gotten a lot brighter, quite aside from having an eager and beautiful woman to fuck whenever I chose I had plans forming, plans that would change my life.