Mom and son key parker vintage classic

Mom and son key parker vintage classic
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For seven years I was a faithful and dedicated wife to my loving husband. This is the story of the one day that became my first step down the path to Slutsville. We had been high school friends and dated for most of his senior year. I went to one local university and he to another.

Always keeping in contact we were back together by my senior year, and engaged not to long after that. We were truly best friends and I was always very much in love with him. I had always had a very strong sex drive. Our sex life was always great, never afraid to try a new position or add some spice into the bedroom.

Some of my girlfriends really didn't like to watch porn. I fucking loved it! I didn't even need to be all that aroused or "trying to get in the mood". I could watch it as a past time, like guys watch sportscenter. I'd always had a very vivid imagination, and when it came to sex it was vivid times two.

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Like I said, i was always good at trying new things during sex, up to a point. There were some thoughts I'd had, like maybe bringing in another girl, that I never really brought up to Mike. I was afraid taking that next step might ruin the connection we had always had.I had never cheated, but ever since puberty I had loved the attention of men, and at times women.

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The looks, the flirting.the trying to fuck me. I liked to tease, I liked to imagine what they would do to me if they ever had the chance. And even heading into my later 20's, my body still got me that attention. I'm about 5-10', very long legs.

Caramel complexion, big round light brown eyes.full but not fat lips.

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I'd been told or asked numerous times that I should be in rap videos, with a big round apple shaped ass like that. Lol sometimes because of my height, I thought my 36D's actually looked smaller.

Until the last year, i'd always had fairly long "good hair"(as its known in the black community lol) but i decided to have it cut short, into a "rihanna" style. It fit me perfect.I'd kept my stomach flat, although not the six pack I had at 19. I was never stuck up or conceited, but I knew the sexual desire I created in some people.

And I loved it. But I had sexual thoughts past that. Those thoughts at some point turned into fantasies. Those fantasies eventually to desires.

And when those desires mutated into full blown needs, I started to realize it was only a matter of time before I had to act on them. My extensive porn watching had exposed me to all kinds of kinks and sexual scenarios over the years. I'd click on a video and it would be something I'd never heard of. And some of those times what I was watching would so arouse me it would get bumped to the top of my "god that would be fuck'n amazing" file in my head.

The feelings of pure lust and animalistic urges I was having built up over years. At one point I anonymously joined a chat site. Role playing, sharing pics of myself, and putting into print All the dirty nasty slutty thoughts inside my head was exhilarating!

I'd cyber tease myself and others for hours until I was so horny I was shaking. Then explode! One of the exciting ideas I came across in the course of my porn and chat exploration was that of the wonderful and amazing "GloryHole".

I had no idea if the small holes in a restroom stall or a porno movie store actually existed anyplace in the real world, but watching "innocent"or "drunk","married" or "spiteful"ladies in the movies expertly orally please a complete unseen stranger?

Mmmmm let's just say they left my mouth watering. So then, when I heard a rumor in the chat rooms that a new, classy adult store was supposed to have very naughty private rooms in the back, my heart began to race. I was shocked how physically excited I got at just the though that it MIGHT be so hirsute twat gets rammed with a bbc interracial creampie by.

On my lunch break that day I fucked myself in my car in our parking lot, asking myself if i had the balls to go check it out. I fought back and forth all afternoon how it was wrong, but how much I wanted to see if it was true.

Buy the end of the day I had butterflies so thick in my belly I felt like a school girl who had just been winked at by the star QB. If the new store hadnt been just off my normal route home, I may never have acted on my whore-ish urges. I drove past twice, checking it out. 4cars were in the lot. I parked my 300 and causally walked inside. A girl, probably 19or20 flashed a pleasant smile from behind the counter.

I smiled back and she seemed to giggle a little. I started to walk slowly through the store, examining the dildos and padded handcuffs.

One middle aged man was looking at movies. I remembered I had unbuttoned two more than needed buttons on my white blouse, a practice I had taken to recently at work to watch men's eyes drift to my cleavage. I wasn't shocked when I noticed the man also taking a peak.

I wondered if he could see any of my red sheer bra. I found myself wondering how big his Italian dick was. It was a more and more common thought that crossed my mind. I smiled at him and continued browsing the store, towards the back. In the very back of the store there was what appeared to be a hallway, the entrance partially covered by a purple lace curtain.

A sign hung above the curtain stating "purchase tokens at front check-out". I stuck just my head through surveying the empty corridor. Taking a deep breathe I slowly eased past the curtain and made my way down the hall. There were three identical doors down each side. The first door on each side had a stick figure of a man, sort of like that on a restroom door.

The second, a stick figure woman. The third, another man. Taking the lead of the elementary signs I tried the handle on the "ladies" door and it eased open. Inside I found a more comfortable than expected room.

Very small, you could touch both walls easily, but painted a deep red.a very weak red lightbulb glowed in a fixture on the ceiling. A padded chair and footstool were positioned in the middle of the room, in front of a flat panel tv. There was an assortment of new looking porn movies in Their cases Next to a DVD player. 3tokens had been left on the DVD stand, I realized they were to turn on the tv and player. My heart racing I deposited all three coins and it booted up.

I set my purse down and plopped onto the chair scolding myself for even being in here. I begin to hear the familiar moans of a porn star coming from the tv, and i ease back into the chair trying aletta ocean anal fucking in cave you gotta see this relax.

I glance around, thinking to myself this is just a jerk-it booth anyway.

As i watch the two big tittied white sluts suck a giant black cock, I feel myself getting turned on. I lick my lips deciding to not waste a perfect opportunity to fuck myself in public.

Pulling up my tight pencil skirt to my waste I start to massage my smooth lips and clit through my red see through thong. Closing my eyes I pull it to the side my fingers finding my swelling clit. My left hand moves up and unbuttons my blouse to the second to last button.

It then cups my full breasts as I pull them out of my bra. My breathes are still deep but much louder as I feel sweat beading up on my forehead. I allow myself a lil moan as I shove 2 fingers into my hairless pussy. I think back to the last gloryhole scence I watched as my hips start to grind on my fingers.

My head falls slowly to the left side, and I feel something hit my ear. It's not immediately obvious as I jump back slightly what the warm object was. But as I turn my head my heart jumps into my throat as I see a nice sized white cock pointing straight at me through a hole which I'd overlooked. At maybe 81/2 inches, it was roughly the same as hubby's white cock, except curved steeply upward. My mouth hangs open in shock and pleasure as my milf tips and tricks on how to keep happy with brandilia starr ram deep into my ever wetter cunt.

My hand tugs at my chocolate nipples hard as I allow myself to moan loud, hoping the dick next door can hear me. His cock quickly disappears back into his room and is quickly replaced by one wide blue eye.

I look directly in it as I go fast n hard. Licking and biting my lip as I nikki sex is the ultimate blowjob milf out the most sexual sounds I've ever made!

The eye bolts upward and is quickly replaced by the slightly upturned throbbing cock. He shoved it so hard back through the wall a loud thud from his pelvis hitting the wall shakes the tv. I smile gleefully as I bound onto the floor on my knees, my hands keeping my head from hitting the wall. I ferociously start to lick his veiny dick from the wall to the head, spit covering it making it shine in the red light. My golden complectedchin is also covered in spit and I realize I'm drooling like a damn dog.

I can faintly here him muttering something and moaning through the wall. I wrap my soft juicy lips around his cock head sucking it momentarily like a pacifier. I'm so fucking exhilarated at finally acting like the slut I wanted to be i realize my legs are spread completely out, my soaked pussy smacking the wall as I hump it!

I shove my head down all the way to the wall taking his whole cock down my throat. He lets out almost a man scream as I suck the shit outta his dick, taking it deep each time, my head twisting and turing around it.

I hear a rhythmic thumping against the wall on his side and realize he's trying to fuck my ebony face through the wall. "Fuck my face!" White tourist passionately fucks stunning african babe with firm booty interracial missionary scream at his faceless ass as I open my mouth letting his dick penetrate in and out of my throat.

Never gagging, only slight gurgling sounds coming out of my neck. I begin to work my ultra sensitive clit with both hands as he pounds against the wall and into my hot wet mouth.

In only a minute or so my body is shaking and I'm convulsing from an overwhelming orgasm ravishing my body. For a second I think I might pass out. I don't, and I grip both my hands around his dick twisting them as I take control back of this cock sucking.

I hear him moaning and openly yelling, calling me a slut, ordering me to suck him dry. I oblige. I feel this strangers cock filling with what I need.

"Give it to me!! Cum in my fucking mouth!" I scream at the the faceless pleasure on the other side of the drywall. This time, it's him that does as he's told. His first, and very large blast of hot cum hits my throat and I squeal in delight, feeling myself cum again, it oozing down the red wall. I keep sucking hard almost begging him for more. After two or three more large blasts of cum I pull out his pulsating cock, jacking it's wet lenghth hard, making it spray my face, relishing in it.

The last small squirts fall down onto my heaving tits blouse and skirt. Finally I reluctantly release his still half hard cock. I'm breathing like I just ran a marathon.

I tear my red thong off and shiver as I use it to clean off my sticky pussy some. He slowly detracts his shrinking cock through the hole.

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I wipe some of his cum off my chest with my panties. I hear a deep voice in a soft tone speaking through the hole. "you're amazing" he says through heavy breathes. I smile and feed my soaked and sticky panties through the hole. Saying nothing i pull myself as together as I can. Walking drunkenly down the hallway, my legs shake a lil from sheer slutty excitement and adrenaline.

As I slowly pass the cute clerk behind the counter she at first looks at me a lil surprised, then she giggles slightly as she motions to the corner of her mouth and chin, telling me I have "something" on mine. I laugh realizing I didn't wipe off my face. I keep with my current and simply slowly lick the corners of mouth.

"hmmmmmmm." I almost moan as I xnxx sanilevani is kadrina kef storys a deep gulp. Her pale white skin turns bright red, and I blow her a kiss smiling devilishly as I exit and fumble in my purse for my keys.

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