Dumb cheater punished in a kinky way facial cumshot big nipples

Dumb cheater punished in a kinky way facial cumshot big nipples
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There Can Be Only One Ch 18 Ross's right hand by his side, holding the camera he offered his left to Adele which she reluctantly took. Although she didn't say anything her eyes had the begging look, wide and glazed as if trying to send telepathic messages to him pleading with him not to take this to the next stage.

Releasing her hand he gently grasped the lapel of her saucy blonde minx likes being fucked hard european teen and pulled it away from her body.

A hint of lacy white bra could be seen between the vee of her satin blouse, the top buttons undone and the model of bra designed to maximise what cleavage she had. As soon as Adele started to speak in that very soft French accent, Ross, without releasing the light grip on her jacket raised his left hand slightly with his index finger pointing up.

She understood what he wanted and closed her mouth knowing that appealing to his better nature was going to be futile. He had gone too far to stop now and she only hoped that by giving into his demands she might be able to prevent what she had done from reaching the authorities. She did not want to antagonise him at all. In one fluid movement Ross let go of the lapel and his hand slid to clasp his French teacher's right breast.

The size of a grapefruit her tit seemed to fit perfectly into his hand. He could feel her nipple poking into the palm of his hand as he slowly closed his fingers grasping the whole of the soft flesh. He squeezed the malleable tissue tighter causing Adele to let out a soft squeal before letting go.

"Upstairs". he turned and walked away from Adele. Without hesitation Adele grabbed her bag and walked quickly to catch up with him. She admitted to herself that Ross was not the worst looking guy she had been with even though he was certainly the youngest in age difference she had dated. As she walked up the stairs she watched the tight butt in front of her, fearing, and yet for some reason, strangely looking forward to what was about to come.

She felt her nipples harden and that familiar itch between her legs appear. Adele preferred women, she had been with both sexes but preferred women.

With women she seemed to be more relaxed, climaxes more powerful. She could never tire of the taste of women where she most definitely disliked the taste and texture of semen.

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There was something about Ross. She couldn't find him sexually attractivehe was just a boy, butshe could not put her finger on it. "What the fuck?".

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Ross was surprised to see Susie sitting at his computer. "You fucking bastard, you don't have any sweet fit beauty enjoys sexy time with her trainer of us except on the phone, and I deleted them, now what you going to fucking do?". Susie swung around on the chair to face us with a grin on her face completely oblivious that she was sitting there exposed with her robe wide apart.

"Susie, Susie, Susie."he walked to her big lun xxx of sunny swung her to face the monitor.

Reaching over her shoulder with his arms pinning her to the back of the chair he pressed a few keys on the keyboard. Susie was watching the screen and not paying any real attention to what he typed but watched folder within folder come up. Each folder was named, and within each folder a series of other folders all with characters from books or films.

She recognised, Skywalker and Chewbacca from Star Wars, the next folder Pippin and Legolas from Lord of the Rings .It was just a jumble of folders and names. On the fifth folder he opened, up popped a screen containing all of the pictures she had sent to Nasty. "This, my sweet fuck is only one folder of the pics you sent, I have another one hidden under password protection, and yet another one safely stored with an online internet host" "Bastard, fucking bastard."Susie pushed back with all her might causing Ross's hands to slide upwards from the keyboard and come to stop palms down over Susie's large melons.

His hands automatically clamped down on them. Taken by surprise she did not react immediately as the hands clasping her tits.

Although popped back in her basque her robe wide open offered no protection. Momentarily frozen, she watched the hands knead and mould her full breasts. Coming to her senses she threw her head backwards whilst spinning around at the same time forcing Ross to let go of her magnificent orbs. "Fucking pervert. ". She screamed as she rose from the chair. Adele just stood in the doorway silently watching. Her bag clutched tightly to her chest.

Susie, still cussing, was about to push past Adele when she heard Ross starting to type. She stopped and turned to look at him. She saw lettering flashing across the screen, UPLOADING 30% UPLOADING 37% UPLOADING 44% "What the fuck are you doing?" Ross ignored her and kept focussed on the screen UPLOADING 76% UPLOADING 91% Susie watched open mouth and silent UPLOADED 100% flashed before the screen went blank and then came up with some website that showed various pictures of naked women and men down the side with a list of something she could not read running down the centre.

There was a moments pause before the screen once more went blank then a full sized picture popped up. Susie gasped when she saw a picture she recognised allison in fuckland allison kilgore, her legs straight she was bent over grasping her ankles, the basque stopping just at the waist with her ass pointing directly at the camera, her puckered brown hole and her moist cunt openly displayed, although thankfully her cascading hair hid her face.

Ross minimised the screen and brought up the folder containing Susie's pictures, "hmmm, what one next, ahhh this will do fine" "Nooooo. ". Susie darted across and held Ross's hand preventing him from hitting the upload key that would send a picture of Susie with the neck of a small empty coke bottle inside her gaping gash, there was no mistaking it was her as a full frontal view of her naked body and face were clearly seen as she sat legs wide open on the corner of her bed. "Please Ross, what do you want?".

the tone to her voice was one of accepted defeat. "You, and that pretty little thing."he turned his head to Adele "are mine to own and use" Adele let out a low moan. "But why, she is no one, I mean, we are related for fuck sake, brother and sister, we can't, its wrong?" "Why??? Why??? Because there can be only one." Susie looked puzzled. Ross was not in any mood to explain, he just grinned and pulled his hand free from Susie's grasp.

He swung his chair around and looked at Susie. "Lose the robe" "Ross." He half turned and reached around and hit a key. UPLOAD IMAGE? "NO, no wait.". A small hesitant wait before Susie shrugged the robe off. Ross turned around and looked at Adele, "You, come in, lose the jacket" Adele knew it was pointless in refusing, for she knew the consequences if she did. She stepped into the room and laid her bag on the floor. With her head hung low Adele slipped beautiful sex therapist tricks patients into wild sex lingerie christen jacket off her shoulders and from her body, she held it her hand by her side.

Ross ignored the girl's objections when they saw Ross setting up the camera on a small table tripod. He connected a link between the camera and the computer. The screen filled with what the camera was showing. He keyed in a few commands on the keyboard before minimising the window and turning his attention back to the girls. Ross looked at the petite girl that stood before him, wearing a shortish blue skirt the hem of which was half way up her thighs, a tight fitting white satin blouse, seductively opened at the neck to show traces of her white lacy bra.

"Get over by the bed, you too.". Ross had that arrogant commanding confident air about his tone. Both girls moved and stood side by side at the base of Ross's bed and faced him. "Lose the skirt and blouse" Adele and Susie quickly glanced at each other.

Adele placed her jacket carefully on the bed before raising her hands to unbutton her blouse, her head now stooped looking down at the floor. Susie and Ross just looked as trembling fingers undid the buttons one by slowly one. Easing the blouse out of the top of her skirt she hesitated again before undoing the cuff buttons.

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Two pairs of eyes focussed on the small pert breasts encased in a pretty lace bra which were slightly pushed forward as Adele stretched back her arms to free her body from the blouse.

She laid the blouse neatly upon the jacket, her eyes never once looking up. Adele gave a quick upward glance over to Ross and straight back down again as she reached behind her. The only sound was that of a zip being lowered. Adele shifted her position slightly as she wriggled out of the skirt exposing the tiniest matching pair of panties. Folding it neatly once again she lay that with her other clothes. Ross's cock was getting uncomfortable in his restricting clothing as it grew to its erect state.

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Without any shame he slipped his hand inside his shorts and fished out his hardened meat. Both girls swallowed on seeing the shiny red knob poking out of his fist. He slowly started to stroke it up and down. Gazing upon the alexis monroe bouncy bed farts semi naked girls that stood before him, Adele, defeated and ashamed to look up at him, whilst Susie stared right at him with that arrogant look that said ‘wait I get you back', he was fighting the temptation to get up and fuck one of them, any one as they both looked very inviting, their bodies in total contrast to each other.

Susie the slightly taller of the two, long blond hair cascading down over her shoulders, her huge tits almost over flowing from her basque which may have been a size or two too small her waist drawn in nicely and then her beautiful rounded hips.

Her bush neatly trimmed to just a thin strip. Adele however was petite in every way.

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Her short black hair was neatly cut and not a trace of make up could be seen on her fresh complexion. She looked totally innocent compared to his sister standing next to her, who, didn't actually look like slutty but dressed as she was made it appear she was available.

"Lose the panties". Ross spoke softly and took his hand off his cock, it was becoming way too over sensitive, he wanted this one to last. Adele for the first time made eye contact with Ross, and never broke it as she slid her panties over her ass and down her legs.

She slipped off her heels and stepped out of her panties. Her eyes widened as she saw Ross's hand reach out. She placed the warm panties into his hands, her faced went crimson. Ross closed his hand feeling the soft material with his fingers. Juggling the panties in his hand he opened them up so the crotch lay spread wide in his palm.

He glanced at the slightly darker damp. Now he knew why she turned crimson. Without breaking eye contact with his teacher he raised the panties to cover his nose and mouth, he took a large intake of air, inhaling the sweet lightly perfumed aroma. Whilst Adele's expression was one of surprise, Susie's was one of disgust.

He lowered the hand and draped the soft cloth around his cock and slowly started to stroke up and down. "Sit". he commanded. Both girls as if trained synchronised swimmers took a step backwards and sat down in unison, neither taking their eyes off Ross's cock as he yong blond luscious girl was cruelly fucked with the white lace.

"Spread your legs, let me see what once was yours is now mine.". The authority and confidence in which he spoke sent a shiver up and down Adele's spine.

That same voice only brought a feeling of disgust and contempt in Susie. Adele's legs slid open, her right leg continuing to move wider apart from her left which stopped on coming in contact with Susie's right leg. Susie flinched slightly with that contact. Susie kept her legs tightly together.

Ross said nothing but twisted in his seat and hit a key. UPLOADING 18% UPLOADING 29% Susie's let out a scream."Noooo". She moved slightly across from Adele spreading six sex stories full secoll asitaliya story legs as far apart as she could, her cunt was clearly on view to all. UPLOADING 61% UPLOADING 69% "ROSS, ROSS, STOP THE FUCKING THING". she screamed. UPLOADING 89% UPLOADING 94% "RO." UPLOADED 100%.

The screen followed the same routine as last time until it filled with a picture of a blond with legs wide apart advertising what Coca Cola never would suggest to do with their empty bottles. "Bastard, fucking bastard, I fucking opened them for you." "Well NEXT TIME you might do as you are asked straight away".he accented the next time quite loudly. There was a slight smile to Adele's lips.

"Hook your leg over Susie's Adele". His voice much softer than that a moment ago. Adele once more did as she was asked without question. Both girls felt a slight tingle as their naked flesh came in contact with one another. "Masturbate". The girl's expressions changed to one of shock, three or four quick glances between each other and Ross as if trying to confirm that they heard the command correctly, before eventually their piercing eyes settled on Ross. "You can't be fucking serious". Susie spoke with venom.

Ross's reaction was to twist around and within seconds another picture of Susie came up on the screen, "Wait, wait". Susie screamed out. Ross turned to face the girls but with his right hand still on the mouse.

He smiled when he saw Susie's hand slip down and rest close to her cunt. The smile increased as her fingers extend and come in contact with the puffy outer lips. "Too slow.".

His hand twitched and the screen flashed, UPLOADING UPLOADING 11% Susie let out a guttural moan. Looking directly at Adele, Ross did not have to say anything, for the middle finger of her right hand immediately slipped between her inner lips, the slightly longer inner labia wrapping around it as if carolina abril gets a big raging boner it an all embracing hug.

Ross noted the girl's took quick sly glances at the other as they openly masturbated. Susie was more interested in how Adele played with her pussy whilst Adele's interest was more in the upper half of her cohort.

The speakers beeped making all three pairs of eyes turn to the screen. UPLOADED 100% flashed momentarily, turned blank and the image popped up. Susie let out another groan on seeing the picture she took in full close up of herself staring straight at the camera sucking on the pink dildo.

She wanted to scream abuse at the little pervert, but knew what that might incite the bastard to do. She was surprised that her pussy was starting to respond to her gentle touch, and no wonder the amount of times the poor fucker had been aroused in the past 12 hours only to be let down. Ross turned fully in the computer chair to focus on the ‘floor show', his cock still wrapped in the lacy panties as his hand continued to keep his erection solid.

He could so easily force one of the girls to attend to his needs, but he knew that in his present state of arousal he would not big ass mom patrons daughter spoiled kharlie stone gets her way 30 seconds under their administrations.

"You want to fuck her, don't you?". There was no mistake to who the question was directed as his eyes pointed straight at Adele's Adele turned bright crimson and swallowed hard. She knew she wanted to, she wanted to make love to the big busted blonde after seeing that very first picture sent to Ross, but how the fuck did he know.

She gulped again. "Answer me slut" Adele nodded her head. "You bitch, do you?". his head turning slightly towards his sister. "No, no.". the words that came out did not sound convincing even to herself. She was not gay .she never even thought about making love to a woman, so no she didn't want to, did she?

"You, lose the bra, and you, pull those fucking melons out. ". The voice was definitely getting more excited in its tone. He had seen Susie's tits before so his gaze was focused on Adele. It was Ross's turn to let his jaw drop and sit open mouthed. Adele's breasts were the most perfect he had ever seen. The bronzed skin was flawless showing no tan lines. Topping those delectable orbs were perfectly round dollar areolae with two stiff nipples protruding like miniature torpedoes.

Ross could resist no longer. He rose from the chair and took the few strides forward and stood between Adele's spread legs. He grasped the two extended nubs and rolled them between finger and thumb.

The lace panties hung loosely around his masthead. Adele's eyes closed as the young pair of hands started to tease and toy her breasts, letting out low moans when her sensitive nipples were twisted and tugged.

Susie just looked on, not believing that she was actually so close to her brother as he teased and toyed a woman's tits, she should have been disgusted but she wasn't. Her cunt started to grease her fingers as her own juices started to flow with the sight quite erotic. She should have been more disgusted when her free hand wrapped around her brother's cock and started to use the flimsy panties to jerk him off with out question when Ross ordered to her to wank him.

Ross's plan to fuck or get one of them to suck him off did not quite go to plan. It could have only been a minute before he shuddered, cursing under his breath, as spurt after spurt shot into the soft lacy panties held by the pumping hand of his sister.

Susie, feeling his cock pulsate in her hand, so wanted to whip the panties away and thrust the cock into her willing mouth, taste him, but subconsciously her brain prevented her from doing so being still mindful of whose cock she was holding.

Adele screamed as Ross pulled and pinched her nipples hard as his climax erupted. He eased away, sitting back down clutching the cum soaked panties still wrapped around his sensitive knob. The girls sat just as they were, legs wide apart with Adele's leg still draped over his sister.

Susie felt disgusted with herself. She offered no resistance when she was told to take her brother's cock and toss him off. She was even more disgusted that she got aroused as she wanked that one piece of meat that should have been taboo to her.

But worst of all she was disgusted with the fact that she wanted to wrap her lips around it and suck than man, no, boy, juice out. She quickly removed her hand from her pussy realising that throughout the hand job she continued to masturbate.

Her cunt ached for release. Sitting, staring blankly at Ross, Adele held her breasts gently in her hands trying to ease the throbbing nipples as the blood pumped back into the sensitive tips. She could feel her chest rise and fall as she tried to control her breathing.

Nobody spoke for what must have been a full couple of minutes. The silence was finally broken. "Satisfied pervert, can we go now?" Not moving as he sat slumped in the computer chair peculiar chick was brought in anal asylum for painful treatment took a few seconds to respond.

He noted two things, the girls were still sitting with legs wide apart showing their cunts to him and secondly Susie was asking permission to leave. The girls eyes widened on hearing his softly spoken word, "Masturbate."