Une salope offerte pour un fan de stephaneprodx

Une salope offerte pour un fan de stephaneprodx
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Now I've never truly been successful with women. Then again I've never truly been successful with people. Certain aspects of social life never truly clicked with me. Now that's not to say I haven't had my fun or any friends. In fact I tend to fear for people who are prone to be my friends. But a guy gets lonely. And out of this loneliness I joined one of those find-a-date sites. My profile appeared somewhat popular, but every time I tried to chat with one of the ladies on it, I got nervous.

It was seriously looking like I'd never get laid again.

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Then I took a gamble. I found a gorgeous woman on the site and started an IM chat with her. And it seemed to go fine. Hell, it seemed like she enjoyed what she heard, enjoyed enough to even invite me over. Practically with a hop to my step I made my way over. I didn't care that it lovely annie has both her holes slammed probably end up being solely a one night stand. Some human interaction, sex in particular, was why I joined that site.

To be having this opportunity was stupendous. After arriving at her place, I practically froze up. Knock or doorbell, would my choice give her the wrong idea? Was the risk of humiliating myself worth coming here? Was she watching and thinking I was a loser? Were her neighbors?

I rang the doorbell.

From inside I heard a gorgeous voice call, "In a minute." Dear God, my pulse was racing. While I stood at the door I tried to calm myself, taking deep breathes. It didn't help when that door opened. Standing before me, framed by a wall of light, was an angel. Her pictures on the site showed a tanned woman with shoulder length brown hair, and hazel eyes a man could get lost in.

The person before me needed a new camera. Her skin looked absolutely delicious; I simply wanted to taste her right then and there.

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Her hair shimmered in the light, and I didn't just get lost in her eyes, I drowned. Her skirt was cut so low I could nearly see her underwear, while her top revealed so much cleavage I could instantly tell she didn't have a bra on. "Helloooo?" she said trying to grab my attention.

"You downandirty789?" "Y-y-yes," I stuttered like an idiot. "I-I-I am." I mentally slapped myself because of the way she looked at me. I could tell "He's just another loser" was running through her mind. Doing my best to compose myself I said, "Yes, I am downandirty789.

Sorry, I'm a little new to this." "Well come on in, no need to be so nervous." As she was closing the door behind me, I heard her mumble under her breath, "such an unattractive quality." I don't know why, but something inside me snapped. "How unfortunate to hear," I replied. "Well, as long as you're a good fu-," she gasped as I came from behind her, tightly wrapping her within my arms and biting her earlobe between my teeth.

She moaned lightly as I nibbled her ear and my hands begun to lightly explore her body. As my hand slid between her thighs she practically growled with wanting.

I turned her around and pinned her body to the door with my own. I nuzzled my face into her neck, licking, kissing, and nibbling to the sound of her wanting as my hands reached up and pulled her shirt down, exposing her breasts step brother wakes up sister by vaginacing her trubsex me. They were gorgeous; round and large, and just as tanned as the rest of her.

She had these cute half dollar sized areolas with nipples standing at attention, looking absolutely delicious. Seeing them, I couldn't resist. I dove in, toying with her nipple in my mouth, licking and nibbling to the sound of her pleasure. I left a hand upon it, massaging and squeezing it, holding it in place as I nibbled upon the whole tit, taking it into my mouth. My other hand dove down to grasp ass, eliciting a breath of pleasure out of her.

"No more, no more teasing," she gasped heavily. "Fuck me, fuck me now!" Raising my head, I growl into her ear, "No." As she opened her mouth to argue, I dove in with my tongue, effectively silencing her. As our tongues wrestled between our mouths, I shifted my hand from her ass to her crotch, pinching and rolling her clit between my fingers.

With the pleasure rolling through her she put more effort into fighting my tongue, even taking to sucking on it. As her hips started to buck heavily with need, I took my middle finger and drove it deep inside of her. She squealed into my mouth as her walls squeezed tightly around my finger. I continued to finger fuck her, massaging her clit with my thumb until it happened once more. Imaging that, the squeezing and squealing, happening as I fuck her easily gave me the hardest wood I've had in my life.

Removing my tongue and hand from her, she slumped against her door, gasping heavily for breath. "My God, that was wonderful." A cruel grin slid across my face. "Well it's not over yet." Taking her with my mouth once more, I tossed her upon the floor. As she started to complain I tore her panties out from beneath her skirt and began to lap up some of her sweet nectar.

She quickly took to it, grinding her crotch into my face, covering me with her fluid, as my tongue dove deep inside, and I nibbled lightly upon her clit. The more she ground against me the greater my efforts became. I didn't stop until I felt her halter.

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Right before my eyes she started to shake and practically scream from orgasm. As she slumped forward, gasping for breath, I stood up behind her and removed my pants, releasing my strained cock from its confines.

Kneeling behind her I lifted her ass up and aimed at her pussy's entrance. She cried out in pleasure as I thrust deep inside of her. As I built up a rhythm I slapped her cheeks, eliciting sensual cries of pleasure. As each cheek became red I reached around and started to vigorously rub her clit, causing her to buck and moan like crazy.

It didn't take long before she started to shake again, her pussy strongly squeezing around my cock, trying to milk it for everything it was worth. Under this assault I couldn't hold out, and within seconds started to shoot my seed within her. Exhausted from cumming, both of us lay upon the floor gasping for breath. To the best of her ability she rolled around beneath me, sighing as my cock slid from her pussy. Taking my face in her hands she started to kiss me, her tongue mingling with mine.

"That was wonderful," she sighed, practically glowing from beneath me. "We'll definitely have to rompiendel culvirgen de mi flacha3 that again some time."