Hardcore milf strapon some creepy fellow named brick wont stop liking commenting and

Hardcore milf strapon some creepy fellow named brick wont stop liking commenting and
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Where to begin? I guess I will start with the obligatory I love my wife, the sex is great, and she has the body of a goddess. While all of this is true it adds nothing to this story except a familiar place to begin it.

So now that you are all comfortably settled in let me really begin. The trip had started with promise but so far it's reality had gone from bad to worse through an almost unbelievable series of events. Canceled flights, delays, and now the storm delay. I won't bore you with all of the details. Suffice it to say that it was christmas eve and late enough that the airport was down to only a few travelers and employees who either had no life or drew the short straw. The incoming plane for my flight was delayed and so I sat in relative silence and continued reviewing the latest sales data on the screen of my laptop.

It was also not good news and my thoughts drifted off to last year's christmas eve. It had been pretty amazing and with that thought I flipped over from the spreadsheet and looked at a picture or two. My favorite was first and it still impressed me. The size of that cock and her shaved pussy lips wrapped around it stretching outward as if to prevent it from pulling out for another stroke.

The beads of moisture on her swollen clit which was doing more than just a little peeking out of its hood. The look of total pleasure on her face. I was going to miss the fun this year if my luck didn't change very soon. My own cock, hot and horny stepfamily rides well hung masseur hard was trapped in an uncomfortable position so I made an adjustment just as I heard the footsteps.

They were the footfalls of a woman. I am not sure how to describe the difference but sometimes you can just tell. These sounded sexy with just the right amount of delay to indicate that seductive sway of hip some women have and the right amount of volume to indicate high heels on a slim but tall body. I had just been adjusting my cock and being a bit self self conscious of that I waited a few moments until I couldn't take it anymore and looked up.

I have at times been disappointed with what I expect to see verses what I actually see, this time I wasn't. This woman was instant erection in a dress, no little pill required.

Still some distance away, I stared, her stiletto heels were bright red and her feet made that little inward sweep with each step that makes the hips swing. I didn't look at those yet, I was still working my way up her legs. They were long, tan and smooth. When I finally encountered her skirt maybe half way above her knees it was also red and wrapped ebony new xxx story 2019 her, tight enough to show her curves, but not so tight as to shorten her stride.

Her shirt was white and while not exactly see through it was close enough that my imagination could just make a navel out of the darker smear just above her skirt. Fully entranced now my eyes continued upward.

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I was only slightly disappointed when they encountered the red of her bra instead of the dark areola circles which I had been hoping for. There were pleasant bumps where her nipples pushed out her shirt and they were bouncing in time to her footsteps.

Her shirt was cut in an open V and low enough that her exposed cleavage drew the eyes and didn't let them go without a fight. She had on a long black jacket with matching red trim and liner which was open and trailing behind her.

Her neck had those pleasing little cords that stick out at the base but aside from that was smooth and as tanned as her legs.

Her face framed by long loose hair which was that color of silver that only comes deliberately from a bottle gave her that mysterious finishing touch. Her lips were full and red beneath her slender nose. I looked at her eyes, then later I decided that might have been a mistake. They were the deepest green, the color of pine tree's against a background of snow and I found that sex siren pippa blonde screws hung taxi driver were staring into mine.

It took what seemed like several minutes before I gained enough control over my eyes to command them to look away, only to find them betraying me again when they assumed away meant they should go back to staring at her tits. By now it was too late she was right beside me. When she spoke it was with one of those sultry voices you only get in the movies and with a hard accent to place.

Dan would you mind terribly keeping an eye on my luggage, I have a couple of shops to visit before they close. Before I could reply she said, I will make it worth your while. Oh that's nice she said with a wink, pointing at my screen. Then her footsteps were headed across the hall, that dam jacket I thought as I watched her walk away. I flipped down my screen and looked back up when I heard her stop just in time to catch her jacket which she had tossed at my head. It smelled like her with hints of jasmine, and sugar cookies.

Her ass swayed into the shop and disappeared around a corner. While I was putting away my laptop I noticed that my tag was open and my name was clearly visible. Well one mystery solved. I heard her footsteps again but was able to keep from looking up. They were headed down the hall, away from me, so I risked it and glanced up, took in that swaying tight ass, and once again got busted as she looked back over her shoulder. She smiled and kept going.

A few minutes later I caught sight of her talking to a waiter and for just a moment had a twinge of what I decided was jealousy, when she gave him a hug and peck on the cheek. Then she looked up, waved and headed my way. I figured what the hell, twice busted and she hadn't left yet. She was smiling when I finally looked up from watching her tits bounce to a stop not all that far from horny big tit brunette slut finger fucks wet tight pussy outdoors face.

She handed me a large cup, settled herself in the chair across from me, crossed her legs a bit open, and stared at me, expectantly. I took a sip of the drink she had offered.

When I didn't say anything her eyes gave me that once over, paused at my crotch, twinkled and the looked back at me. Well what do you think she said? I stammered for a bit and she "helped" me by saying, about the drink silly. I can see what you think about me as she nodded at my serious pant condition.

The drink is good I managed to say between coughs. The cup finding its way too my crotch to cover up my bulge. Oh don't do that she said, I amateur teen facialized after her striptease masturbation and doggystyle the attention.

My hubby is always busy and well, I wish he had more time. Was that your wife you were looking at earlier? It was a nice picture but I don't think you were in it. Did you take it or were you watching? Can I see some more? She spoke so openly and was so friendly I answered her questions before really thinking about it.

Yes it was her and yes I was watching. Do you like watching or did you want to jump in and have some to? Yes but it was a surprise and I didn't want to spoil it. I got mine later.

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Ah so sloppy seconds then? Did you like that? Yes I said, I liked it a lot. We talked for a few more minutes while her skirt kept creeping higher every time she moved. My traitorous eyes kept trying to see what color her panties were but it was not quite possible yet. They are red silk she said matter of factly. What? I asked her left tit conversationally.

My panties, they are red silk. I like wearing red its my favorite color. I like a woman in red. It is sexy and attention grabbing and makes a hot woman even hotter I agreed.

The heels are a nice touch but the jacket is too long I said with a wink. She rewarded me with a quick peek up her skirt where I found she was indeed wearing red silk thongs. The front looked a bit damp. I said those are thongs not panties. Well it's just that people look at you weird when you say you are wearing a thong in the middle of winter. You look hot enough despite it being winter I said. She nodded gravely at this, yes it is sometimes to hot. I prefer the cold, me to I said to her erect nipples.

Other people were beginning to arrive, she sighed, stood, adjusted her skirt, picked up her jacket and then sat down beside me. This way we can keep talking without bothering these other people. Her jacket found its way into my lap and a little while later her hand found its way there to. Have you ever had your cock thoroughly stroked from the tip to your balls in public?

It is pretty fucking hard to sit still, keep a straight face, and not be able to do anything in return. I was with a great deal of effort, able to keep from exploding and embarrassing myself.

My thoughts were a different matter. By the time the incoming plane had arrived I had mentally screwed her in every position I could imagine. When the people started filing off of the plane she stopped abruptly. She had not yet made me cum in my pants but had brought they let their lust take over as they play before the camera to the edge so many times I had lost count.

My ball's were soaked with precum and they wanted more. You should finish that she said. To my look of dismay she said oh not that, I will take care of that, your drink silly. It will give you extra stamina. Your going to need it, now drink up. I just nodded and drained the cup as she looked on. When she was satisfied it was gone, she added it has a few other side effects as well.

Curious I asked her what they were. Well she said, your going to need a short nap pretty soon, it will give you a lot of stamina after you wake up. Oh and it will make you, hmm, let's say more pliable but that wears off pretty fast. Ok was all I said. Once it was time to board she stood and headed toward the plane, only looking back briefly to make sure I was bringing her bag.

I was of course along with my own. I fumbled for my boarding pass while not taking my eyes off of her ass so I didn't notice at first that she had handed the agent two passes. Welcome Sandy he said and Dan almost as an afterthought the entire time not taking his eyes off her chest.

She stopped in first class and indicated the bin she wanted her luggage in. Oh great I thought she is going to be up here and I will be back there with the rest of the poor slobs in coach. I don't know how I thought it would be any different but then she patted the seat beside her.

Your here my dear. I looked at the ticket she had handed me and sure enough it was the one she had indicated. Wow I said the best upgrade ever. She just winked and said you have no idea. She went to the restroom and when she returned she handed me something in her closed hand. It was a bit wet and had that faint musky scent of pussy. I opened my hand to look at the small red thong. You can keep that I won't need it anymore. I just grinned. The stewardess brought us sweeties screw fellas anal with huge strapons and squirt charge couple of blankets mertua perkosa menantu lagi ngepel pillows, got us a drink and then left us alone.

Once we were settled in and pushing back from the gate she wasted no time. This time she had my pants open and my pecker in her hand in a flash. She stroked it loosely for a bit as if to gage its size then leaned over told me to relax, I did of course I guess this was part of the pliability she had mentioned. Again she didn't make me cum but when I was close she tightened her grip and pulled pretty hard.

It was almost painful but she just said relax your going to love this. It was about this time that I actually noticed that her bra was gone and I could see down her shirt and her areola were exactly how I had imagined them.

They were mesmerizing, large, and dark, she continued to squeeze and tug at my cock in unusual ways, it was not unpleasant, but wasn't getting me off either. Then she had my aching balls in her hand, she was gentle but insistent as she pulled my sack as far as it would go and then a little bit further.

This actually hurt and I squirmed in my seat. There she said quietly that will do I think. When she stopped, the end of the pain on my balls relaxed me. I hadn't realized how tense I had become. She pulled her blanket up over her chest, looked over at me and said what are you waiting for. I snaked my hand under her blanket and finally got a handful of those D sized boobs. They felt better than I imagined. I rubbed her nipples and circled around the edge of her areola feeling those fun little bumps around the outer edges.

My hand slid down until it found her navel, it didn't stay there long and soon I was playing with the folds of her cunt and rubbing the bump of her swollen clit. From there two fingers were quickly inside her exploring the surfaces until I found her spongy patch, when I rubbed her g spot she quivered at first, then thrust out against my fingers. I pushed harder and rubbed faster until she rewarded me with a small squirt that soaked my palm.

I moved my hand to my face smelling her first then licking the juices from my palm. Oh yes she said this is going to work out very well. But right now Good morning lets fuck in the ass expect you need a nap. I started to argue with her but then yawned and passed out.

I have no idea how long I slept but when I awoke it was with one of those disorienting jerks. I had no idea where I was, how I had got there, or who was sitting in the chair next to the very large bed I was in. The room was dimly lit but I watched as the girl stood and silently left the room. I checked myself, everything was fine except I was completely naked and my clothes were nowhere in sight. I was about to get up and look for them when Sandy opened the door and walked in.

Oh good your awake she said. She turned the light up just a bit, slowly unbuttoned her shirt and let her tits fall out. Making sure I was watching she turned slowly until I was staring at her perfect ass. She unbuttoned her skirt then bent over and pulled it down slowly. As she did this I was treated to that special view from behind.

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Her rounded ass cheeks at first then the darkening crack of her ass followed by her puckered ass hole which soon gave way to her bald pussy. Her pussy had a little drop of dew glistening between its lips preparing to fall to the floor and it would just be visible in the gap between her thighs on it's way to the floor. Time slowed and I watched the drop leave her lips and tumble downward. I was still seeing after images of that drop when I felt her weight on the bed.

Before I could move the pressure of her thighs on my cheeks and the sweet smell of her pussy had my tongue out and ready just in time for her to spread her pussy lips around it. Now she said let's make sure your as good with your tongue as you are with your fingers. I love eating pussy. I love everything about it. I love the taste, the smell, the intense orgasms I can give my partner and I love this position the most. It is easier to catch all of the pussy juice, your hands are free to play with tits which are in just the right place or fondle her ass in any combination I want.

I also like that it gives her control over what I am licking and for how long. If you do it just right you can use your nose to rub her clit. When she cums you can hold her from pulling away until you get every last drop. My tongue explored every fold of her lips as I sucked them in between my teeth. I teased her this way for awhile before I stabbed my tongue into her impatiently waiting cunt. She groaned and slid closer letting my tongue explore her depths.

Before she came she rocked forward willing my tongue to probe her as deep as possible. I did this catching just the edge of the spot I had found earlier with my fingers. I pulled my tongue back as I could feel her tense, I was not ready for her to cum yet. She sighed but lifted her ass enough that my tongue rimmed its hole. She pulled back again just a little and I found myself licking that in between place. My wife likes that spot too so I kept at it until she moved her cunt back into position.

I lapped at the drops it provided before plunging back into its depths. My hands had a will of their own but could not decide if they preferred playing with her round firm tits or her round ass cheeks.

Finally one of them found their way and my thumb joined my tongue while a finger pushed into her ass. It wasn't much longer before she was bucking and screaming that she was cumming which she did. I caught this squirt in my open mouth and savored it before swallowing. Oh that was very naughty of you she said. You made me cum before I was ready.

I chuckled and said you seemed pretty ready to me. She said well now you are going to have to wait a few minutes before you get anymore. Oh come here I said and pulled her back down on the bed. Wait she said I need to tell you a few things first. Ok I said expecting the monologue about how much she loved her husband and he could never know blah blah blah. Instead she asked do you love your wife?

Yes. What do you think she is doing right now? I said in a tone I hoped she would take as a joke, it's christmas eve so I imagine she is waiting up for him hoping he will fuck her this year. And by him you mean the guy in the picture? Well she wants to fuck Santa but I'm sure she wouldn't mind another crack at that guy as well, I said with a laugh.

She paused for a minute as if listening. He is with her right now you know. Who is. My husband and his friends. Wait I said, your married to Santa not able to quite say your mrs.

Claus. And I suppose his friends are elves? Yes she said simply. And then continued on with and we need your help. What making or delivering toys or are you short on cookies. No no none of that she said distractedly. Here drink this you will need it. Eyeing her suspiciously she just said it will help and no it will not make you sleep. Pliable I asked? Now it was her turn to giggle, no that part is already taken care of.

It was necessary to make this all work and to get you here. Where is here by the way, the north pole? Yes at my house. The pliable part is a one time permanent effect and is my gift to you and your wife. Wait how can being pliable be a gift? Oh your not pliable anymore, oh I see, you haven't looked down yet have you? I didn't answer but slowly looked down. My cock was now a good deal longer with a large purple head on the end. It's girth was a little bigger with more veins running up its length.

I of course wanted to try it out immediately and started to move towards her. Wait, there is more. Do you believe in magic? Like a spell or potion I asked? Yes. Well, looking back down im starting to. Good enough she said.

Ok this magic is a little tricky because the timing is very important. For it to work properly you and I need to cum together and at the same time as your wife and my hubby. And oh yes you need to cum in my pussy and he in hers. Does this get you both pregnant or something.

No it doesn't. It starts the spell which will be completed she paused for he helps gf masturbate by plugging her tight butt moment as if thinking what to say next will be completed when you cum in your wife again. And how does this help you? She winked and said besides having a good fucking ride, it doesn't, at least not directly. So what does the spell do then I asked.

It helps the elves? The elves I said? Yes it is part of their reproductive cycle, they can't do it on their own. This part is difficult to explain. You both have to agree to this voluntarily or the spell won't work. Ok I said admiring her boobs and already wondering how it was going to feel sliding my new enhanced cock into her tasty cunt.

Look I said I don't really care what else I have to do as long as I get to fuck you. She smiled almost sadly it isn't just you, she has to do her part to. Which is, I asked?

She has to fuck as many aubrey with her knee socks lured her guy into hard sex hardcore brunette as she can before the sun comes up.

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I imagine if they are like the one from last year she will be willing but I can't guarantee how many, they are big and it is probably getting late. Well as I said the drinks help. She waited a few minutes letting my hands roam as they pleased. She finally smiled and said, good all is ready. Then she has also drilling enjoyable honeys twat pornstar and hardcore Yes.

With that she pushed me down on the bed and while I watched slowly impaled herself on my throbbing cock. It was a perfect fit with just the right amount of resistance. My hands fondled her tits as my cock disappeared into her. I watched as she lifted up and her pussy lips made that same stretching motion as they gripped my shaft on its way out. She hadn't bottomed out on my shaft but I could feel it running out of room in the depths of her body. That was a first for me and Huge boobs pornstars chasing that big d after jogging wanted it all the way inside her but try as I might it always ended up with an inch or more left.

We changed positions and now she was riding me backwards. It gave me the best view yet of her perfect ass and puckered ass hole. We moved to the edge of the bed and I plunged back into her with her legs over my shoulders. She really seemed to like this position and she encouraged me to greater speed. My sack which now hung down further was slapping her ass as my cock finally went all in. It is almost time. Cum in me, cum now.

I was about to tell her I couldn't cum on command like that when her pussy gripped my shaft like a vice. A couple of strokes latin slut monica asis enjoys the mechanics cock that added pressure and one loud moan and I was pumping squirt after squirt of cum in her fuck hole. I collapsed on her and sucked on one of her nipples. Feeling my cum ooze out around my shrinking shaft and run down my balls.

We lay like that for a minute or two. She paused again as if listening and then said oh my you have to get ready she is already ready for more.

So it worked then I take it? Oh yes she did great, and so did you she said with a wink. Now get up there on the bed and relax. The elves will be with you shortly. Where are you going I asked. Oh I will be here to. Somebody has to keep an eye on you and keep things moving. I must pretty legal age teenager hotty stands doggy fashion nodded off again but I woke as soon as the door opened.

Not knowing what to expect I found I was pleasantly surprised as the first elf walked in. She was a bit short of stature but well proportioned and curvy with lovely small breasts, black hair above and below. She smiled shyly at me as she climbed on the bed. My boner was jumping with each beat of my heart as she came closer. She rewarded it with a kiss but kept coming until her thighs were warming my cheeks and her pussy hair was tickling my lips. I started in slow enjoying her faster breathing as my tongue worked its way into her tight cunt.

Her pussy smelled a bit minty and tasted of mint as well. My hands roamed across her small tits as she wriggled on my face. I froze for a minute as a hand grabbed my cock and after a couple of strokes to spread my precum down the shaft unceremoniously guided it into what I was pretty sure was one of the tightest pussies I misty stone gets a good mouthing fucking ever entered.

I tried to peak around the elf sitting on my chest but sandy said simply don't do that. Some of the elves do not wish to be seen, trust me they all have the elvish glamour and you would like what you saw.

She leaned over me then, dangling those amazing tits over my eyes and said now enjoy yourself the chance of success is always better when both surrogates are having a good time.

Mindy here as she patted her shoulders is not so shy but does not yet have a mate. She wants more than your tongue but that is not allowed. She will be helping me keep things in sequence and moving.

She and a few others like her will take care of ensuring your pleasure. With a smile she said, after that maybe we can have another go. I have to admit I did an excellent job with your modifications it fit perfectly she said as my balls emptied and I shuddered with a groan. Ah so far so good she said as the cunt that had been riding me pushed private casting x blonde with a fucking temper cock out into the cool air.

She sat back down beside the bed just as a hand wrapped itself around my still hard pole. I think I might have moaned then as a tongue flicked across the slit on the end. Next I was in the mouth of this mystery elf feeling the sensation of her taste buds as they swirled around the head. Sandy said something then, I didn't catch it as Mindy was covering my ears with her thighs and moaning loudly. My cock came free for only a second and then entered the warm wet softness of a very wet pussy.

I felt bad just a little but she didn't get much of a ride before my rope of cum shot into her. She had felt too damm good I couldn't stop it. My balls got that tingly feeling they sometimes get when the are ready to go, and my cock stayed hard. She tried to pretend I had not cum yet and carried on for a stroke or two before Mindy turned and barked at her. They exchanged a few words in a language I didn't understand while the elf was sliding slowly one last time off my rod.

Mindy nodded and held up her hand, closed her eyes shuddered and showered my mouth with a fresh sample of horny pussy juice. She looked down at me looking a bit unhappy I thought and then traded places with the elf standing beside the bed. When this new elf was seated on my chest she slid her pussy towards my mouth, I could see cum leaking from her pussy.

I dove right in cleaning her lips with my tongue before feeding my tongue into her waiting hole. I was surprised at this point when Sandy climbed on the bed and within moments drained me once again down her beautiful throat. There she said back on track. Mindy watched on from a chair on the side of the bed opposite of sandy who was also watching on.

I was so intrigued by the thought of three naked women this close that I closed my eyes stretched my hands out to either side palms open then realized my cock had another customer taking it for a test drive. Ok I thought four naked women just as my open hands were rewarded, my right with Sandy's bald pussy wanting to be fingered my left with Mindy's small tit with a very hard nipple.

The tit was replaced quickly with its twin and shortly after that with a pussy. I concentrate hard on what each of them was doing shifting my focus from one to the other. They were all getting close, almost there myself I thought, a few more seconds just a few more seconds. It was a one man orgy. All five of us cumming at almost the exact same time.

What the hell do I do for an encore after that I thought. Turns out Sandy decided it was time for a little break. She brought me another drink and watched until I finished it. Mindy, she said seems quite taken with you. Is it all right if she stays. It is unusual but I am certain she will make it worth your while besides I could use her help keeping things on track. On track I asked? Oh yes you didn't need to hear all the details.

Well essentially you and your wife are the transference portals. She receives, sends to you, and you deliver. Somewhere in the middle of all that, we are not certain where the sperm is activated. So the order of who is doing what to whom and the timing of when must all be carefully coordinated or unfortunate things happen.

Oh yes it is also much more effective ellen saint and vanessa got together for this threesome you cum together with your partner and as quickly as possible after your wife and her partner do the same.

Wait I said counting in my head, and not finding the number, she has done this as many times as I have tonight with different men. Oh yes although they prefer the term elf. I gulped are they all as big as the one from last year? She chuckled, elves unlike humans are umm pliable. They can become what their partner wishes them to be if they choose. They also have better control over the timing of their partner than humans although it is imperfect as you have already demonstrated.

Sometimes they tune themselves to closely to your desires with unfortunately quick results, or we have to help speed things along if the miss is in the other direction. Sometimes there is time to let the misses have another attempt sometimes they have to wait for the next cycle. It is your wife who sets the pace now through her willingness to receive again. Her willingness to get fucked again you mean. Well yes that is the meat of it she said with a devilish grin. She is not aware she sets the pace, that is a bit of information has proved to distracting in the past so that will be up to you to tell her if you choose later.

Anyway, right now they are about the same size. Every woman is different though, some have gone bigger as the night progresses some smaller. It is not for me to tell you anything beyond this, your wife may tell you herself which she chose if she wants to. So you have done this before?

Yes this has been going on for centuries she replied. I sat back and thought on what she had just told me. Shortly she clapped her hands and said it is again time to get started. I had more questions but those would need to wait.This time my view was not blocked as several elves entered the room. As varied as snow flakes they were and all were naked and all were pleasant on the eyes. I looked at Sandy as she sat back down. Oh she said.

We have a few elves like Mindy who can not take part in the spell tonight but who still want to err. take part as it were. They are here to help keep you motivated she said and pointedly looked at my semi soft cock. Your last little feat is one we have not encountered before so we added a few more to the room for your benefit.

With that idea now firmly in my little man brain as evidenced by my hard member and slowly seeping into the one on my shoulders I smiled and willed my wife into action. Apparently she already was as I felt my cock being guided like a missile into the next hairy pussy. With so much to look at and so much to touch and lick there was a series of pretty rapid fire cum shots all going deep in a fresh pussy, all the while my tongue, hands, and a couple of times my feet were kept very busy exploring every opening presented to them.

My cock was now being entertained by a very wet and willing pussy. This one got a pretty good ride as it took me quite awhile to shoot my wad but once I did she continued to milk it for several strokes until Mindy said something after which it pulled away almost regretfully. I had lost track of how many pussies my dick had been in and how many my tongue had enjoyed.

I looked up and only Mindy and Sandy were still in the room. You have done well tonight Sandy said with a smile. Wait I said what about the second chancers?

There was only the one and you just took care of her. Oh I said a bit disappointed. Then brightened what about you? Are you up for it, I looked down my dick a bit numb now. It was only half hard and try as I might I couldn't get it any harder this time not even for her. Mindy said something and Sandy nodded.

Mindy once again wrapped her small thighs around my face and began moaning almost immediately. I felt my cock twitch too life and Sandy immediately take advantage of it. This was a slow love making session not the frantic pace the rest of the evening had been. Nothing to keep pace to, just slow enjoyment of each others bodies. Without the transference my balls felt depleted but after some time I was able to cum in Sandy as her own orgasm forced her pussy to clamp on my shaft.

Mindy came again shortly after and immediately began talking to Sandy in that elvish voice of hers. Sandy got a twinkle in her eye and said Mindy insists that I try out your tongue. She says it is better now than it was earlier in the night. I would enjoy that right now she said. Mindy looked at me with a pleading look and a wink. Who was I to refuse? Once she was in position I took my time wanting her to Eventually beg to be released. When she was fully engaged and trying to get my tongue in places I was not ready for it to go yet, I felt a slight movement on the bed.

I peeked between Sandy's legs as she wiggled her pussy around teasing me, to see Mindy very carefully guiding my cock towards her dripping snatch.

She eased onto it slowly and then I felt some resistance. She paused for a minute a look of concentration on her face then pushed herself down firmly until it suddenly gave way and my cock plunged in up to its base.

I got intermittent images of pleasure as she slid up and down my pole. It was so slow it was very erotic. A couple of times she made a shushing sign but never missed a beat after that initial plunge.

Her pussy was amazing and every bit as good a fuck as Sandy, possibly better, and even though I wanted to pound into her I resisted. When I could tell Mindy and I were close and Sandy was begging me to make her cum I relented and brought Sandy to a huge orgasm with my tongue which I burried as far up her cunt as I could get it. Mindy's pussy clamped on in waves as I spasmed out a decent sized wad of cum into her waiting womb.

While Sandy was still recovering, Mindy slowly eased off my cock and then off of the bed just as Sandy turned to look at her.

She didn't notice the cum seeping out and onto the floor or the slight shake of Mindy's head urging me to silence but I did. Well you were right that was worth the delay.

But now I fear we are truly out of time which is saying a lot since time works differently here. Drink this, handing me a glass while giving Mindy what sounded like orders. You will not likely see me again she said leaning down to give me a kiss and letting me fondle her tits one last time. I watched her ass as she left the room my eyes beginning to close. I woke when the wheels touched down with a start.

Again disoriented, the seat beside me empty with the seat belt still neatly folded across it. What a dream I thought. I kept reliving it on the drive home so that once I arrived I was fully hard and ready for our traditional but delayed christmas roll in the hay.

I could tell right away she had not spent the night alone but not really caring I rolled her over and pushed my cock inside her. Still not quite awake she muttered something about why Santa what a big dick you arab anal creampie xxx were not hiring but we have a job for you, and giggled.

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This is the end of part 2. There is a part three in our heads and possibly a part four.

If you enjoyed this, leave a vote and or a note. If not, well let's just say we have an in with the big guy and he takes being naughty very serious. Part one is "a little christmas tale" and while it is written in a different style we hope you enjoy it.