Horny lesbians fill up their huge asses with milk and splash it out stretching creampies

Horny lesbians fill up their huge asses with milk and splash it out stretching creampies
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Chapter One It's been nearly six months since Michael had become a slave.

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During that time, his life had literally flipped upside down. His wife had left him, his family has disowned him and even his friends have abandoned him. He was forced to quit his high-paying job and now can barely make ends meet. He lives in a one bedroom, 800 square foot apartment and doesn't even own a car. Instead he rides a bike everywhere, a little pink bike that he pulled out of some random person's trash. His life has been ruined, and he's become nothing more than the pig slave to his Goddess.

He sighs as another cock slides through the hole in the stall wall next to his face. Since his Goddess has taken over his life, She has decided that a normal paying career was too good for him. Now he is forced to work at gay bars, sitting in a bathroom stall all day sucking cocks.

"That's $10 Sir," he says, hoping for what he knows won't come. "Fuck you, just suck my cock bitch," comes the inevitable reply. He sighs again and takes it in his mouth.

He's forbidden from ever turning down a cock, even if the customer is unwilling to pay. His Goddess's rule, and one that keeps him working nearly night and day. Since payment isn't required, Michael makes only pocket change, never enough to pay the rent at his very rundown apartment. Of course, that just means he has to pay his landlord in other ways, and at least once a month he serves as a cumdump at a party, blindfolded and handcuffed, passed from one cock to another for hours on end.

Michael works the cock in his mouth, taking as much as he can. He's gotten better as a cocksucker since becoming a slave, though his Goddess assures him daily that he'll never be good enough. As the cock finally cums down his waiting throat, he hungrily slurps down every drop. His Goddess had taught him that cum from a blowjob should never be wasted, only swallowed. When the cock finally goes soft and pulls out of his mouth, Michael adds another tick mark to his diary.

Every night he works he has to keep track of how many cocks he's served and how much he has made. His quota each shift is 50 cocks at $10 a cock. As usual, however, he is far beneath his quota. Though he's sucked nearly 100 cocks in the five hours since he's been locked in this stall, he's only made $34. Even when they are willing to pay, his 'customers' aren't always willing to pay the full amount. Of course rent is due in four sexy teen blonde milf in backstage photoshoot and interview, and he's no where near made enough.

Looks like another cumdump party for his landlord and his friends. That was probably one of them just now. He never gets to see their faces, but he's gotten kind of good at recognizing voices. After a few minutes he hears the click of the lock on the stall door, and he knows his shift has ended. That is how his jobs work, how his Goddess as set them up. He shows up to work, goes straight to the stall labeled 'cocksucking fuckpig,' climbs onto the 10" dildo that is super glued to the toilet seat and prepares to work.

The owner locks the stall door from the outside and he is forced to service every cock that comes along. Just as he's trained to do, Michael stays impaled on the dildo. He opens his mouth as the owner of the bar walks in and roughly shoves his cock into his mouth. This is another requirement his Goddess has set up, and refusing to obey it means staying locked in the stall all night, handcuffed to the toilet.

The owner quickly cums, and as always Michael gulps down every drop. Once finished, the owner grabs his clothes and throws them on the dirty, piss-covered floor. "Get out of my bar slut," he says and walks away. Michael quietly grabs his clothes and puts them on.

It's the same outfit every night, the only one he's really allowed to wear outside his apartment unless his Goddess says otherwise. It's a pink mini skirt with white stockings and 4" pink heels. The top is a cute little baby blue blouse that barely reaches his belly button. He also has a cute little pink A cup sized bra. As always, Michael blushed as he puts that on. His Goddess didn't just take away his life, She took away his old body as well. Now She controls everything he eats.

She also put him on hormones that gave him A cup breasts and shrunk his already small clit. Turkish subtitles mom son pron it doesn't even measure 3" when fully hard, though with the too-small cage She has him locked in he can't get hard even if he wanted too. He hasn't cum a single time since becoming Her pig, and honestly doesn't even remember what an orgasm feels like.

Standing 5'7" and weighing barely 120 lbs, Michael is nothing like what he used to be. Before he became a slave, he weighed almost 200 lbs and had a fair amount of muscle. He always kept his hair cut short, a requirement of his old job, and worked out quite often. With eyes that changed colors with the light, he was a handsome man. Now his hair hangs a few inches past his shoulders. His eyes no longer change colors, remaining only a shit brown color to reflect his new life. Almost all his muscle is gone, and with his new hair, breasts and tiny clit, no sexy brunette with nice tits fucks her tight pink pussy with dildo would ever want him.

Once dressed, Michael walks away from the stall and leaves the bar, avoiding the employees as much as possible. All they do is glare at him in disgust and call him horrible names.

He's a nobody to them, they probably don't even consider him a human being. He walks to his bike and climbs on, sliding the 12" black dildo attached to the seat into his ass. His Goddess thought it would be good training for him to have his ass filled at all times. He slowly rides home, fucking the dildo with each pedal of the bike. When he finally gets home, he chains the bike to the bike rack outside.

Since he's moved in, most of the other residents have moved out, disgusted with him. This led to a very steep increase in his rent, which in turn guaranteed a cumdump party at least once a month. As he reached his apartment, he notices a letter taped to his door.

He grabs it and reads: Dear disgusting, worthless fuckpig, I'm having Sarah visit you tonight. She just found out her boyfriend has been cheating on her and is beyond furious. You know what that is like, don't you? Didn't the same thing happen to you, except that you were the cheater?

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Isn't that what led to you becoming my pathetic desirable amabella gets fucked in a classroom fuckpig?

Anyway, she needs to vent. I've already laid everything out in your room, she will be arriving within the hour. You better be ready, or I will personally beat you to within an inch of your miserable life. It belongs to me anyway. Well anyway, hope you had a productive day at work! Have you made enough for rent? Probably not. Now get your worthless ass inside and get ready. Your Goddess forever Michael sighs, knowing what is in store for him.

He walks straight to his 'room,' a 25 square foot room with a closet for all his Goddess's toys and gear and a rather small dog cage in the corner. His apartment is pretty dismal. The bathroom is locked from the inside. Instead of using the toilet like a normal human being, Michael uses puppy potty pads in his room. When he does, he's required to keep his mess in his room for at least 48 hours, a reminder that he's nothing more than a worthless animal.

The living room holds a three seater couch and a decent sized, flatscreen TV. He's forbidden from using both, as they are only for for his Goddess and any guests She invites over. The kitchen is almost empty. He's only allowed a couple pieces of bread for breakfast and a salad for dinner.

The only thing he has free access to is the water. He doesn't even have a dining table to eat at. Instead there are two dog bowls on the floor next to the trash, each labeled food and water so he doesn't forget which is which. In his fridge are several sealed containers full of cum. Once a week his Goddess invites all the stray homeless men over and holds her own cumdump party, giving them full reign of Her pig to use and abuse. Her only requirement for them is that they wear specially designed condoms that are unbreakable and reusable.

The cum that is collected is then poured in these containers. Every meal he must mix his food with a cup of lovely lesbians play with a long sex toy cum. At first he could barely stomach the taste, but he quickly learned that his own feelings didn't matter and got over his disgust.

As he enters his room, he realizes he was right. Laid out on the floor is a black hood with a mouth opening, two identical pairs of cuffs, a pig's tail anal plug with a very large insertable length, an extra large ring gag and a 14" strapon dildo.

He also finds a note with extra instructions and immediately sets to work. First he grabs the ring gag and puts it on his mouth, latching it around his head. Next he grabs the cuffs, latching a pair around each wrist.

Once finished he grabs the plug. Squatting, he places the plug at his ass, slowly pushing it inside. He is forbidden from ever using lube, even his own spit. Even after having a dildo in his ass all night, the plug is far too big to go in easily.

After much pain and grunting however, Michael finally succeeds as the last of the plug slides into his ass. He pulls a couple times, knowing it's stuck but checking anyway.

Satisfied that it isn't going anywhere on its own, he grabs the hood and slides it over his head, making sure the opening is over his gaping mouth. Finally finished with his preparations, he carefully bends over his cage, latching each pair of cuff to the sides.

Bound to his cage with his ass plugged and accessible, he waits. Sarah ends up being late, taking nearly three hours to arrive. By the time she finally does, Michael is sore and tired, but he has refused to sleep even for a minute. His Goddess's instructions clearly stated that if she found him asleep, he would be handcuffed to the fence outside just as he is now for three days, naked, plugged and blindfolded. During that time She would invite every friend She has to come have their way with him for the entire neighborhood to see.

Sarah was a fireball. Standing only 5'4", three inches shorter than Michael, she can still easily take him down. She is toned, with far more muscle than Michael has ever had. She was flaming red hair and axel colored eyes, and her face is dotted all over with freckles that make her extremely pretty. If he wasn't in the position in life that he was in now, he would have definitely considered asking her out. But right now all he felt was fear. Just like all of his Goddess's friends, Sarah doesn't say a single word of greeting.

She immediately goes straight for the strapon, and without even taking off her clothes puts it on. Once it's on, she walks over to Michael and plays with the tail, pulling and twisting it. "I bet you wish this was a real pig's tail, don't you piggy?

Do you wish you were a real pig?" she asks cruelly. Ashamed, Michael nods his head in confirmation and acceptance, unable to speak. He knows that he is no more that a pathetic fuckpig, his Goddess is always making him write lines saying as such. "I'm going to fuck your disgusting ass piggy," she declares sadistically. "And afterwards, I'm going to shove this cock down your worthless throat. So you better have a clean ass piggy, because I don't care if there's shit on it or not." Without a very very very bad girl doing, she roughly yanks the plug from his ass.

He cries in pain, knowing that his ass is probably bleeding. Before he has a chance to protest, she buries all 14" inside his gaping boi pussy. It goes in easily, despite the lack of lube, thanks to him being plugged for several hours.

Without hesitation she immediately starts pounding his ass, nearly pulling the entire cock out before slamming it back in. As he grunts and cries with each thrust, she goes faster and harder. Occasionally she slaps his ass cheeks, calling him disgusting names and telling him how worthless he is. This carries on for over an hour, and he accepts every minute of it like the fuckpig he is. By the time she finally tires, his ass is raw and sore and tears are pouring down his face.

Without any comfort or compassion, she roughly pulls the cock from his ass. Immediately she unlocks him from the cuffs. No orders are needed as he gets down on his knees in front of her and takes the blood and shit covered cock down his throat. The taste is rancid, but he forces himself to keep it from showing on his face. She fucks his face for nearly ten minutes, until she's finally satisfied that the cock is clean.

Taking off the strapon, she orders Michael to bend over the cage once more. He obeys without hesitation, and grunts while she forces the plug back inside his ass. She then orders him to strip, and once he's naked makes him crawl inside his cage. Once he's inside, she tells him to hold his wrists above his head, where she handcuffs his hands to the top of the cage behind his back, yo teen is using a big dildo masturbate him from laying down.

"Stay like that until your Goddess arrives in the morning piggy, and think about how worthless and disgusting you are. Maybe if She's in a good mood She'll release you." At that she leaves him to a long night.

Michael knows that his Goddess is in for a delightful sight when and if She really arrives, and hopes that his suffering is enough to please Her.